What in the Hell is Marc Faber REALLY Doing in Thailand?

In this 20-page investigation, Mike shows you what a complete joke Marc Faber is, demonstrating that the media is nothing more than a fraudulent organization meant to exploit the sheep who tune in. By the time you are finished reading the report and watching the videos, you will have laughed and cried. Most important, you are not likely to ever pay attention to anything Marc Faber has to say ever again.

Has anyone ever wondered what an old man who holds himself out as some kind of investment and economic expert might be doing hanging out in Thailand?
After all, Thailand isn't exactly the financial capital of the world. 
In this article, I am going to provide you with another side of Marc Faber; a side rarely seen by anyone.
By now you should be aware of Faber's broken clock track record. Although we have created a few videos demonstrating how clueless Faber is, we simply do not have sufficient time to document his decades of terrible calls.
Of course Faber is part of the doomsday media club. Despite his useless track record, he continues to receive daily media coverage. And this provides him with millions of dollars in free promotion. The big problem is that naïve sheep get sucked into his shitty calls causing them to lose their ass.
So why is Faber aired constantly and treated like a God by the media despite his terrible track record?
Well we can ask the same thing of equally useless broken clocks such as Peter Schiff and the rest of the doomsday bozos.
I will leave you with that question to think about for now and will revisit it later in this article.
Once you realize what a complete joke Faber is, you will understand that your investments are in grave danger so long as you pay attention to the financial media because Faber is the epitome of the financial media.
Regardless, whether we are talking about Peter Schiff, Larry Kudlow, Jim Cramer or Marc Faber, it is critical to keep in mind that the financial media is the most destructive force of main street investors.
And if you pay attention to the media, you are going to get your ass handed to you. If you do not see that by now, you probably never will. I have written about the dangers of so-called "free" content in the past. See here.  
Ever since I became consciously aware of the criminality of the media industry I have been exposing the various tactics used by this "weapon of mass manipulation" by focusing on the financial media.
Once the masses come to realize the truly destructive nature of the media they will tune out for good. Thereafter, they will live a more rewarding, more prosperous and better life. But until that time comes, the sheep who continue to tune into the media will remain enslaved by this powerful tool of mind control.
For several years now I have been emphasizing that the media’s job is NOT to provide you with accurate reporting and valuable insight.
The media’s sole mission is to serve the agendas of its financial sponsors or advertisers because they pay for ads. This is certainly not some kind of revelation, but unless you are consciously and continuously aware of this, you are likely to get sucked into the media's vortex of lies and deceptive content.
Advertising revenues are by far the main source of revenues generated by the media. I have reiterated this using numerous examples for many years now. So instead of providing its audience with unbiased insights from leading authorities, the media delivers BS artists who are only experts in sales and marketing.
Rather than paint a more accurate picture of these snake oil salesmen, the media has positioned them as investment experts because they want to demonstrate “value” to their audience in order to boost ratings. And higher ratings translate into more advertisement dollars.
The problem is that without a frame of reference, you will never realize that you are being conned until it is too late. In other words, if you are obtaining your investment insight primarily from the media, you will never realize that you are being had.
Only the most knowledgeable and experienced financial professionals will have a frame of reference that enables them to realize that the financial media is nothing more than a dog-and-pony show.
However, there certainly are no guarantees. You will find many seasoned and knowledgeable financial professionals who have been fooled by the media as well. That does not point to their ignorance. Rather, it really highlights the effectiveness of the mind control tactics utilized by the media. 
At the same time, the media is careful to provide its audience with misguided individuals so that the audience is drawn to the advertisers for assistance. In the case of the financial media, obviously the advertisers are primarily Wall Street, online brokers, mutual fund companies and insurance firms.
Make no mistake. When talking about media deceit, lies and criminal fraud, I am referring to ALL media, including the so-called alternative media. In fact, I could argue that the so-called alternative media is more dangerous and much more obvious in its tactics. But this is a point that really does not matter because whether or not you die from a gunshot would or knife would, you still die so it really does not matter.
If they advertise you can bet that you stand to get screwed because the media has been bought and paid for by those who have bought the ads. 
If the media aired true experts who had no agendas and who were committed to helping the audience, Wall Street and other segments of the financial industry would not be able to justify paying top dollar for advertisements because less business would be generated from quality financial and economic insight. This is why these clowns serve their sheep myths, exaggerations and flat out lies.
Always remember that even the media is protected under the First Amendment. That means the media can create anything it wants and claim it to be factual.
Interestingly, First Amendment Rights afforded to the media industry extend beyond those granted to American citizens because, unlike individuals who can face legal action for things they say or write that are damaging in some way, the media is not held to this standard. 
It is an absolute fact that the media adversely impacts millions of lives and facilitates trillions of dollars in fraud every year, just in the United States alone. And much of this is based on false or misleading statements from the media. Yet, the court system continues to protect this criminal institution much in the same manner as has been afforded to Wall Street.
The recent lawsuit by former Storage Wars star, Dave Hester against the show's producers claiming the show is rigged serves as a prime example of the fact that one cannot sue the media for lying, even when it causes financial damages.
The reason for the media’s ability to evade the law is simple. The media is a monopoly much in the same fashion as Wall Street. Each is controlled by the Jewish Mafia.
Why is it that you think no one from Wall Street has gone to jail for their part in the biggest fraud in world history?
Ironically, the legal system is also controlled by the Jewish Mafia. Of course the Jewish Mafia's control does not end with these three vital segments of society as I have discussed many times in the past. It is for this reason that they never seem to get caught or go to jail. That is entirely a different story which I will not distract you with here.  
The sheer power of the media is unimaginable to most, but the fact is that the vast majority of individuals have lost all conscious control over their thoughts due to the influence of the media.

Now we get to Faber.



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