Jewish Huckster Marc Faber Claims US in Recession in 2016

Have you ever wondered why it is that the media continues to air the same charlatans who have been wrong over and over for years and years?

Aren't you sick and tired of the media trying to mislead you by promoting con men and idiots as "experts"?

If you really think the media continues to promote these idiots and con men by accident, then you are quite naive. It's all meticulously designed in order to rip you off in a variety of ways.

I've been exposing the biggest con artists in the financial media for many years. Marc Faber is among one of the financial con men I have exposed many times in the past.

Once again, I try to focus on those con artists that receive the most media exposure because they are the individuals who are doing the most harm to those who are foolish enough to waste time on the media.

As I have demonstrated for many years with countless written, audio and video publications, the media is a criminal industry run by the Jewish mafia.

And you aren't going to get in the media unless you're Jewish or represent Jewish-run business.

But if you are Jewish, you can be wrong virtually all of the time and your Jewish media tribesmen will lie about your track record and tell everyone what a great investor you are while never mentioning the facts. This façade will not only enable these Jewish hucksters to make millions of dollars selling what are invariably useless books which do much more to cause one to lose money rather than make money, it also empowers large corporate investors of the media, which spend billions of dollars each year on advertisements.

The Jewish media monopoly of lies and fraud leads to a tremendous return on investment for those firms which buy advertisements. Such firms should be considered as business partners of the media.

Almost all of the firms that buy advertisements on financial networks and shows are financial firms or else large corporations which are listed on the stock exchanges. Financial firms receive a tremendous return on investment via advertisements in a variety of ways. The most obvious return on investment comes from the flood of new customers who after having listened to countless “experts” aired by the media, have lost tremendous amounts of money.

Finding themselves in a desperate situation, they turn to one of many financial firms advertised on financial networks. In reality, the firms that fund financial networks via purchase of advertisements are actually enablers of the criminal scam being run by the financial media. Hence, these firms are business partners with the media and are thus engaging in fraud (in addition to the internal fraud these firms are involved with) along with the media.

The media is a completely criminal industry run by Jews for the benefit of Jews, and at the expense of everyone else.

These criminals have preferred victims but they certainly don’t discriminate against source of money. If you are Jewish and opt to pay attention to the financial media, you are all but certain to be taken eventually.

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