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All of Mike's books have been banned despite the fact that each one contains world-class analysis.

Mike was banned from the publishing industry upon writing America's Financial Apocalypse (apparently) because the gang who controls the media (and hence the publishing industry) did not want the truth about America to be released, as this would expose other criminal elements this group controls.

As a result, he formed his own publishing company through which this book and others were published.

In 2016, without prior notice or reason, our distributor and printer terminated our account, thereby rendering all of Mike's books out of print.  

If you see any of Mike's books for sell you should not assume the books are legitimate.

And we neither control nor profit from the sales of these after market books, as they are from the resales market. 





         The Wall Street Investment Bible       Book Website











      America's Healthcare Solution: An Investment in Your Future    










America's Financial Apocalypse: How to Profit from the Next Great Depression











                       Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble








“If I submit a manuscript to a publishing house, it is again checked first for references to the Jews, and second, to see if its author is on the Jewish blacklist. In this manner, the Jews prevent any gentile writer from reaching the public if he is known to be indifferent or hostile to their goals, if he has refused to become a member of the shabez goi class. Any publication which rejects Jewish censorship is either driven out of business, or taken over by Jewish financial interests. A book which is published by gentiles who are not of the shabez goi class is ignored by the book review departments of mass publications, and bookstores refuse to stock it, for their stocks are reviewed monthly by traveling ADL agents who enter the store incognito, inspect the stock, and if any publication is found which mentions the Jews, the proprietor is threatened with various weapons, lawsuits, government action or financial revenge.”

Eustace Mullins, The Biological Jew