When we refer to the Jewish mafia, we are not pointing to religion.  We deem religion in this discussion largely as a contributory although not necessary variable to qualify a Jewish individual as a member of the Jewish mafia. Note that we do not believe practice of Judaism to be a significant factor to qualify one to be a member of the Jewish mafia because the aspects of tribalism that come from Judaism are infused into Jewish youths. As adults many choose to not practice Judaism but all Jews maintain an intense sense of tribalism. When we refer to the Jewish mafia we are referring to the unique form of tribalism practiced by Jewish people. This tribalism is the most extreme in the world and is rooted in both the Jewish culture and Judaism.  

It's important to understand that most Jewish people actually do not practice Judaism. A large percentage of Jewish individuals are either agnostic or atheists, while a significant portion practices Christianity. We have no religious interests whatsoever other than elements that intersect with the cultural aspects of those who practice a given religion. 

We hold the view that all religions were created as a means to control large populations. Thus, we are not concerned with variations of different religions. 

So what is the Jewish mafia? The Jewish mafia primarily comprises Jewish individuals, some of which are religious while others are not. We believe the main objective of the Jewish mafia is to enrich the lives of Jews by any means necessary. In addition to a wide range of criminal activities, the Jewish mafia has been able to create, remove and alter laws that enable them to game the system in a way that makes it difficult for their criminal activities to be discovered. At the same time, the Jewish mafia controls the judicial and legal system of the west enabling tribe members to escape prosecution. Finally, the Jewish mafia invariably behaves in a highly discriminatory manner against all gentiles in matters of business, commerce and finance in order to benefit their own interests as well as that of Jewish people.

A comprehensive definition of the Jewish mafia is beyond the scope of this discussion but we will provide a very brief overview. If a Jewish individual holds a prominent position in an industry that is dominated by the Jewish mafia we consider such individuals as members of the Jewish mafia. The media is a good example of this. In this instance we include only those individuals who work as producers, editors, directors and talking heads of the media.  

However, there are some gentiles that we include as members of the Jewish mafia. In all cases, the gentiles included in the Jewish mafia are very influential and wealthy and are intermingled with Jewish interests through business and finance. Money rules these gentiles which is why they fail to see how they are damaging humanity, or else do not care that their greedy endeavors have created many grave consequences for the world.  Although the most obvious qualification a Jew must possess to be a member of the Jewish mafia is a high status in business, finance, politics or high standing in any other field of influence, we consider any Jewish individual who serves as an apologist or denialist of the facts surrounding the actions and consequences of the Jewish mafia to also be a member. 

"There are two sorts of wealth-getting, as I have said; one is a part of household management, the other is retail trade: the former necessary and honorable, while that which consists in exchange is justly censured; for it is unnatural, and a mode by which men gain from one another. The most hated sort, and with the greatest reason, is usury, which makes a gain out of money itself, and not from the natural object of it. For money was intended to be used in exchange, but not to increase at interest. And this term interest, which means the birth of money from money, is applied to the breeding of money because the offspring resembles the parent. Wherefore of modes of getting wealth this is the most unnatural."

- Politics, Aristotle, 350 B.C.

"The Jew alone regards his race as superior to humanity, and looks forward not to its ultimate union with other races, but to its triumph over them all and to its final ascendancy under the leadership of a tribal Messiah."

- Goldwin Smith, The Jewish Question, October 1881

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

- President Woodrow Wilson 1916

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

- David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

- Henry Ford 

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

- Franklin D. Roosevelt, letter to Col. House, November 21, l933

“One of the least understood strategies of the world revolution now moving rapidly toward its goal is the use of mind control as a major means of obtaining the consent of the people who will be subjects of the New World Order.”

- The National Educator, K.M. Heaton

"We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build."

- Maurice Samuels, You Gentiles, 1924

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

- David Rockefeller 

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

- Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

At every opportunity Jewish shills try to mask the Jewish mafia by spreading disinfo and distractions such as "the Jesuits are behind the New World Order." Of course this is comical.

I'm going to reveal something I've known for many years. The Catholic church has been powerless for several decades. This is a fact. The final blow to the Catholic church occurred when molestation lawsuits began to surface about three decades ago. The church has been in severe financial trouble since then. This is in fact how the Jewish mafia seized the final arm of control over the church, using its banks to finance the enormous financial awards for thousands of cases of sexual deviancy from Catholic priests. 

But let's not forget that the world was a much different place when the Catholic Church actually had real power. Back then there were no banks or mass media. Remember that the Catholic Church was against Usury. But because the Catholic church was powerful prior to the emergence of banks and mass media, it is a well-known fact that the church had already been infiltrated by Jews.  They are referred to as marano Jews.  



How to Think Clearly

"Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." –Mark Twain

If you want to begin to understand and appreciate the work of Mike Stathis, from his market forecasts and securities analysis to his political and economic analysis, you will first need to learn how to think clearly. For many, this will be a cleansing process that could take quite a long time to complete depending on each individual.

The best way to begin to clear your mind is to first move forward with this series of steps:

1. GET RID OF YOUR TV SET (at least cancel your cable)


3. DO NOT USE A "SMART PHONE" (or at least do not use your phone to access the internet)


The cleansing process will take time but you can hasten the process by being proactive in exercising your mind.

You should also be aware of a very common behavior exhibited by humans who have been exposed to the various aspects of modern society. This behavior occurs when an individual overestimates his abilities and knowledge, while underestimating his weaknesses and lack of understanding. This behavior has been coined the "Dunning-Kruger Effect" after to sociologists who described it in a research publication. See here.

Many people today think they are virtual experts on every topic they regard with relevance. The reason for this illusory behavior is because these individuals typically allow themselves to become brainwashed by various media outlets. The more information these individuals obtain on these topics from the media, the more qualified they feel they are in these subjects, without realizing that the media is not a valid source with which to use for understanding something. The media always has bias and can never be relied on to represent the full truth.

A perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect can be seen with many individuals who listen to talk radio shows. These shows are politically biased and consist of individuals who resemble used car salesmen more than intellectuals. These talking heads brainwash their audience with cherry-picked facts, misstatements and lies regarding relevant issues such as healthcare, immigration, Social Security, Medicaid, economics, science, and so forth. They also select guests for interview based on the agendas they wish to fulfill with their advertisers.

Once their audience has been indoctrinated by these propagandists, they feel qualified to discuss these topics on the same level as a real authority, without realizing that they obtained their understanding from individuals who are employed as professional liars and manipulators by the media.  Another good example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect can be seen upon examination of political pundits, stock market and economic analysts on TV.  They talk a good game because they are professional speakers. But once you examine their track record, it is clear that these individuals are largely wrong, but they have developed an inflated sense of expertise and knowledge on topics for which they continuously demonstrate their incompetence.

One of the most insightful analogies created to explain how things are often not what you see was Plato's Allegory of the Cave, from Book 7 of the Republic.

We highly recommend that you study this masterpiece in great detail so that you are better able to use logic and reason.Although we recommend you read and study The Allegory of the Cave, you can get a flavor for its meaning by watching the following video. 

If you can learn how to think like a philosopher, specifically one of the great ancient Greek philosophers, it is highly unlikely that you will ever be fooled by con artists like those who make ridiculous and unfounded claims in order to pump gold and silver, the typical get-rich-quick or multi-level marketing (MLM) crowd.

STOP Being Taken

If you want to do well as an investor then you must first understand how the various forces are all seeking to deceive and steal from you.  Most people understand that Wall Street is looking to take their money, but do they really understand the means why which they achieve their objectives?  Once you understand the various tricks and scams practiced by Wall Street you will be better able to avoid being taken. 

Perhaps an even greater threat to investors is the financial media. The single most important thing all investors must do if they want to hope to become successful investors is to stay clear of all media. The various resources found within this website address these two issues and much more.  You can have access to the best investment research in the world. But without an adequate understanding of how the parasites operate you will ultimately fail as an investor. 

The Jewish mafia runs both Wall Street and the media. This cabal also runs many other industries. It is important to understand how this mob operates so that you can beat them at their own game. We devote a great deal of time and energy towards exposing the Jewish mafia in order to position investors with a higher success rate in achieving their investment goals.

Always remember the following quotes as they apply to the various charlatans positioned by the media as experts and business leaders.   

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

King James Bible - Matthew 7:15

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." –Mark Twain

All Viewpoints Are Not Created Equal Just because something is published in print, online or aired in the broadcast media does not make it accurate.  In fact, more often than not the larger the audience, the more likely the content is either inaccurate or slanted. The next time you read something about economics or investments, you should ask two main questions in order to assess the credibility of the source. Is the source biased in any way?   That is, do they have any agendas which would provide any type of benefit accounting for their views? Most individuals either sell ads on their site or are dealers of precious metals or securities. That means their views are biased and cannot be relied upon.

The following is one of the first questions you should ask before giving any creedance to those who are positioned as experts. 

Is your source is credible?  

Most people associate credibility with name-recognition. But more often than not, name-recognition serves as a predictor of bias if not lack of credibility because the more a name is recognized, the more the individual has been plastered in the media. And every intelligent person knows that individuals who have been provided with media exposure because they are either naive or clueless. The media positions these types of individuals as “credible experts” in order to please its financial sponsors; Wall Street. 

Instead of name-recognition or media celebrity status, you must determine whether your source has relevant experience on Wall Street as opposed to being self-taught. But this is just a basic hurdle that in itself by no means ensures the source is competent or credible. More important, always examine the track record of your source in depth, looking for accuracy and specific forecasts rather than open-ended statements. You must also look for timing since a broken clock is always right once a day.  Finally, make sure they do not cherry-pick their best calls. Always examine their entire track record. 

The above question requires only slight modification for use in determining the credibility of sources that discuss other topics, such as politics, healthcare, etc.We have compiled the most extensive publication exposing hundreds of con men pertaining to the financial publishing and securities industry, although we also cover numerous con men in the media and other front groups since they are all associated in some way with each other. There is perhaps no one else in the world capable of shedding the full light on these con men other than Mike Stathis. Mike has been studying the indistry for well over a decade. Alhough he has published numerous articles and videos addressing this dark side of the industry, the entire collection can be found in our ENCYCLOPEDIA of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes

At AVA Investment Analytics, we don't try to pump gold, silver or equities like many others you see because we are not promoters or marketers. And we do not receive any compensation whatsoever (including from ads) from our content. We provide individual investors, financial advisers, analysts and fund managers with world-class research, education and unique insight.

Media Lies

If you listen to the media, most likely it is costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost money at minimum over the course of your lifetime. The deceit, lies and useless guidance from the financial media certainly is a large contributor of these losses to the sheep you pay attention.

But a good deal of lost wealth comes in the form of excessive consumerism which the media seeks to impose on its audience. You aren’t going to know that you’re being brainwashed or that you have lost $1 million or $2 million over your life time due to the media, but I can guarantee you that with rare exception this is the reality for those who are naïve enough to waste time on the media.

It gets worse. By listening to the media, you are likely to also suffer ill health effects through the lack of timely coverage of toxic prescription drugs or through the ridiculous medical shows, all of which are supportive of the medical-industrial complex.

And if you seek out the so-called "alternative media" you might make the mistake of relying on con men like Kevin Trudeau or Alex Jones. This could be a deadly decision. As bad as traditional media is, the so-called "alternative media" is even worse.

Why Does the Media Air Liars and Con Men?

The goal of the media is NOT to serve its audience because the audience does NOT pay the bills.

The goal of the media is to please its sponsors, or the companies that spend huge dollars buying ads, and in order for companies to justify these expenses, they need the media to represent their cause. The media does this by airing idiots and con men who mislead and confuse their audience.

By engaging in "journalistic fraud," the media steers its audience into the arms of its advertisers because the audience is now misled and confused, so in the case of the financial media, it seeks the assistance of Wall Street brokerage firms, mutual funds, insurance companies, precious metals dealers. This is why advertisers pay big money to be promoted in the financial media.

We see the same thing on a more obvious note in the so-called "alternative media," which is really a remanufactured version of the so-called "mainstream media." Do not be fooled. There is no such thing as the "alternative media." 

In order to be considered "media" you must have content that has widespread channels of distribution. Thus, all "media" is widely distributed and the same powers that control the distribution of the so-called "mainstream media" also control the distribution of the so-called "alternative media."

The claim that there is an "alternative media" is merely a sales pitch designed to capture the audience that has since given up on the "mainstream media."  The tactic is a very common one used by con men.

The same tactic is used by Washington to convince naive voters that there are meaningful differences between the nation's two political parties. In reality, both parties are essentially the same when it comes to issues that matter most (trade policy, healthcare and war). Anyone who tells you anything different simply isn't thinking straight.

On this site, we expose the lies and the liars in the media. We discuss and reveal the motives and track record of the media’s hand-selected charlatans with a focus on the financial media.  


Why Stathis Was Banned

No one has generated a more accurate track record in the investment markets over the past several years than Mike Stathis. Yet, the financial media wants nothing to do with Stathis.

You aren't even going to hear him on the radio being interviewed.

You aren't going to see him mentioned on any websites either.

You won't read or hear of his remarkable track record unless you read about it on this website or read his books.

You should be wondering why this might be. Some of you already know the answer.

The media has banned Mike Stathis because the trick is to air clowns so that the audience will be steered into the hands of the media's financial sponsors - Wall Street and gold dealers.

And as for the radio shows and websites that either don't know about Stathis or don't care to hear what he has to say, the fact is that they are so stupid that they assume those who are plastered in the media are credible. And since they haven't seen or heard Stathis in the media, even if they come across him, they automatically assume he's a nobody in the investment world simply because he has no media exposure.

Well, if media exposure was a testament to knowledge, credibility and excellent track records, Peter Schiff's clients would be a lot happier when they looked at their account balance.

Others only care about pitching what’s deemed as the “hot” topic because this sells ads in terms of more site visits or reads. This is why you come across so many websites based on doom and conspiratorial horse shit run by con artists looking to cash in on ads.

We have donated countless hours and huge sums of money towards the pursuit of exposing the con men, lies and fraud. We continue this mission but we cannot continue it forever without your assistance.

We have been banned by virtually every media platform in the U.S and every website (mainly because we expose the truth about gold and silver).

We have been banned from use of email marketing providers.

The fact is that the Jewish Mafia has declared war on us because we have exposed the realities of the U.S. government, Wall Street and corporate America.

Note that we only began discussing the role of Jews in criminality by 2009, three years AFTER we had been black-listed by the media, so no one can say that our criticism of the Jewish Mafia has led to being black-listed, not that it would even be acceptable.

You can talk about the Italian Mafia, and Jewish Hollywood can make 100s of movies about it...


We rely on you to help spread the word about us. Just remember this. We don’t have to do what we are doing.

We could do as everyone else and focus on making money. We are doing sacrificing everything because in this day and age, unfortunately, the truth is revolutionary. It is also critical in order to prevent the complete enslavement of world citizenry. 


Rules to Remember

On Exposure: No one who has significant exposure can be trusted because those who are responsible for permitting such exposure have allowed it for a very good reason, and that reason does not serve your best interests.

On Spotting Frauds: Whenever you wish to know whether someone can be trusted, always remember this golden rule..."a man is judged by the company he keeps."

This is a very important rule to remember because con men almost always belong to the same network.

You will see the same con artists referencing each other, on blog rolls and so forth.

  • How to Think Clearly
  • STOP Being Taken
  • Media Lies
  • Why Stathis Was Banned
  • Rules to Remember
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Zero Hedge is a Fake News Blog Featuring Jewish Charlatans (90pp ebook)

NOTE: additional links and references will be added at a later date in order to prevent the further delay of release of this publication.

If for some reason you become bored and have nothing better to do and you want to laugh your ass off, you might consider visiting one or more of the virtually endless websites that preach borderline insane claims about how everything is fake, controlled, doomed, etc.

Don't laugh because this type of mental illness is growing by the day.  And we shouldn't laugh at those afflicted with mental illness. 

Fortunately for those interested in seeing how these deranged, low-IQ, conspiracy cult members interact, there are several options aside from visiting Alex Jones' Infowars or Prison Planet websites which provide an equally hilarious rendition of reality (see here, here, here and here).  

For instance, simply spend some time on the BLOG (emphasis on "blog") Zero Hedge and you'll see exactly what I mean; that is, unless you're one of the delusional lunatics who spends much of their day patrolling though hundreds of gold pumping, conspiracy, end of the world websites which (in part) comprise the gold-pumping doomsday crime syndicate. 

Indeed, if you'd like to compile a list of doomsday con artists and broken clock losers, Zero Hedge is a good place to start. Simply check the contributor list. You should also take note which delusional fear-mongering broken clock Jews the blog promotes each day. They all have incredibly terrible track records because they are broken clock salesmen pretending to be investment analysts. 

In the past I have discussed the fact that Zero Hedge is a gold-pumping blog that publishes complete nonsense, baseless conspiracies and delusional conclusions (see here and here).

The apparent intent of the blog is to profit (in the form or advertising revenues) from their misinformed and largely mentally ill audience that spends most of their time reading about conspiracies on and other scam websites. 

The owners and primary contributors of Zero Hedge are Jewish, which explains why the media cites this ridiculously shady conspiracy blog which has even been caught engaging in plagiarism, among other things (possible securities manipulation). 

What's more alarming is that the kosher media (i.e. both mainstream and alternative) cites this trash even though the authors remain anonymous. Furthermore, they have no track record, no credibility, and constantly create conspiracies all while predicting recessions and stock market collapses that never materialize.  

Ask yourself why the media would cite anonymous sources that publish baseless conspiracies when at least one of the contributors has been alleged to have been barred from Wall Street for securities fraud (which could explain why he remains anonymous) the blog has been caught engaging in plagiarism, and not a single contributor to the blog has an ounce of credibility.  

In fact, the blog publishes and promotes fake news in the spirit of Alex Jones and other con artists who make a living feeding the insatiable appetites of mentally deranged conspiracy fanatics. 

Allow me to answer this. The media (both mainstream and alternative) is controlled by the Jewish mafia. And those who understand Jewish group behavior realize that these people have a long history of ganging up against gentiles in order to lie, cheat, steal and defraud them. Anyone who is unaware of this fact simply lacks an accurate picture of history. 

Jewish people perfected the "buddy system" concept when it comes to engaging in deceit. A good example of this can be seen by examining Zero Hedge's blog roll, as well as the blog roll of each blog listed on Zero Hedge's blog roll and you will notice a perpetual loop of idiots, con artists, doomsday pornography junkies, gold pumpers, broken clocks and faux heroes.

Furthermore and most important, the Jewish charlatans that write for this blog have no track record and/or no credibility. Zero Hedge primarily features submissions by Jewish gold-pumping, broken clock, doomsday lunatics (the list of these guys is much too long to list here).

Despite the ridiculous nature of the content, the blog mysteriously receives constantly promotion by a wide variety of sources, not the least of which includes mainstream AND alternative media outlets. Think long and hard about that one. 

At the end of the day, like all content that is ad-based, the Zero Hedge's only goal appears to be focused on convincing its sheep followers that it provides credible information in order to sell ads. As such, it appeals to the pseudo-freedom and liberty crowd, otherwise known as "libertarians."  Many of the truly in-the-know refer to this crowd as the "supreme suckers." 

I like to refer to the followers of libertarian leaders as stooges of corporate fascism. The Libertarian leadership itself consists of Jewish con artists who seek to empower mega corporations at the expense of American workers and consumers.

At the end of the day, Zero Hedge is your typical kosher media scam. For those who truly understand the ramifications of that statement, nothing more needs to be added. For others who are unable to decipher the full meaning of that statement, you have much to learn. 

Does it make any sense that major media firms would promote a BLOG where the contributors are afraid to reveal who they are?

Does it make any sense that major media firms would cite hearsay from a blog, especially when the blog had no credible experts associated with it?

 It all makes perfect sense if you truly understand how the Jewish Mafia operates.

Only a complete fool would pay attention to anyone who does not reveal who they are. Unfortunately there are many fools in the world today. 

In this report, I present the findings of a multi-year effort to uncover Zero Hedge.  By the time you are finished reading this report, you are going to realize that Zero Hedge is a Jewish-run gold-pumping blog that publishes complete nonsense, baseless conspiracies and delusional conclusions, while exploiting its sheep audience.  

In short, Zero Hedge is an online version of Alex Jones' Infowars. Both are Fake News. 

In this detailed article, I intend to prove all of these claims and much more.

In short, am going to provide the reader with an unprecedented analysis of this fake news blog with the hopes that you will be able to use this detailed example as a starting point to spot other media scams.

You're also going to see how Zero Hedge serves as one of the pivot role in what I have previously identified as the gold-pumping crime syndicate. 

Finally, I will also show compelling evidence of what I have known for several years; namely that the liars, idiots and con artists behind Zero Hedge know well who I am and understand that my track record is untouchable.

And given that I am an acclaimed research analyst with no agendas, and given my commitment to uncover fraud and expose con artists (especially within the financial industry and financial media) as you shall soon see, Zero Hedge has intentionally ignored mention of me and my work as a way to keep the gold crowd in the dark.


Several years ago I exposed Zero Hedge as gold-pumping, doom and gloom, fear-mongering blog created specifically for the purpose of taking advantage of confused, misled and unsophisticated sheep who had been previously indoctrinated with a huge variety of lies, myths, inaccurate and delusional gold-pumping rants made by other Jewish charlatans.

Zero Hedge's business model is simple, but by no means unique. Feeding off of the conspiracy nonsense and delusional claims made by the gold-pumping syndicate, the Jewish sleaze balls behind Zero Hedge figured they could easily cash in big from advertising revenues as the blog satisfied the insatiable appetite of individuals who had been brainwashed by the gold-pumping crime syndicate.  

In a nut shell, Zero Hedge was specifically launched in order to profit from the large pool of low IQ chumps who had been primed with an entire universe of horse shit by individuals encompassing the foundation of the doomsday gold-pumping movement. This entire movement has in my opinion amounted to one of the largest, most severe forms of fraud in modern history. Yet, no one is talking about it. 

Similar to the opportunity seized upon by the pump-and-dump precious metals penny stock website known as the National Inflation Association (NIA), Zero Hedge appeared from nowhere AFTER the financial crisis, YET was granted instant credibility despite having no contributors with credentials. 

As you will recall, the NIA was launched by the infamous Jewish shyster John Ledbed in order to leverage the "doomsday, hyperinflation, dollar collapse" movement inspired largely by the likes of Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and other professional marketers promoted by the Jewish mainstream AND alternative media as economic and investment "experts."  

The NIA simply echoed the same lines used by Schiff, Paul and others in order to lure sheep into its database. From there, the NIA would send out alerts making wild claims regarding penny stocks. You can figure out the rest. 

Of course this was by no means the only method used to extract money from those who have been indoctrinated into the doom and gloom movement. As another example, King World News (which we believe to be financed by Eric Sprott) pulled a similar stunt. While pretending to serve as a news portal, the site operates like a stock promotion company.

Rick Rule, Doug Casey, and many others have used similar venues to try and get suckers to push up the price of penny stocks they held positions in.  

If in fact the Jewish-run Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the various scams pertaining to precious metals penny stocks over the past several years I am confident it would lead to some severe penalties for many. 

Of course the problem is that the SEC is run by the same sorts of characters who run Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the precious metals and cryptocurrency industries. You should never expect the masses to be protected from widespread white collar crime when you have a fox guarding the hen house.  

Zero Hedge is essentially playing the same game as Alex Jones, Max Keiser and many other con artists. In essence, Zero Hedge is serving as a previous metals and doom and gloom promotion blog, while claiming to present unbiased news and insight.

When thinking about Zero Hedge, it's very important to remember that despite lacking at least a single credible expert, Zero Hedge was being promoted by both the Jewish-run mainstream and alternative media very early in its infancy. This alone is very strange. 

In fact, the key person behind the blog remains anonymous.

Does it make any sense that major media firms would promote a BLOG where the contributors are afraid to reveal who they are?

Does it make any sense that major media firms would cite hearsay from a blog, especially when the blog had no credible experts associated with it?

 It all makes perfect sense if you truly understand how the Jewish Mafia operates.

Only a complete fool would pay attention to anyone who does not reveal who they are. Unfortunately there are many fools in the world today. 

In this report, I present the findings of a multi-year effort to uncover Zero Hedge.  My aim is to provide the reader with an unprecedented analysis of Zero hedge hoping this analysis can function as a starting point to spot other media scams.

Hopefully by the time you are finished reading this report, you will realize Zero Hedge publishes complete nonsense, baseless conspiracies and delusional conclusions, while exploiting its sheep audience. In short, Zero Hedge is an online version of Alex Jones' Infowars. 

In short, am going to provide the reader with an unprecedented analysis of this fake news blog with the hopes that you will be able to use this detailed example as a starting point to spot other media scams.

You're also going to see how Zero Hedge serves as one of the pivot role in what I have previously identified as the gold-pumping crime syndicate. 

                                               Typical Audience of Zero Hedge, Alex Jones, Peter Schiff and Other Disinfo Sources 

                                                                    This kid fails to realize how foolish he is so he posts videos on You Tube, never aware that people are laughing at him. 

Finally, I will also show compelling evidence of what I have known for several years; namely that the liars, idiots and con artists behind Zero Hedge know well who I am and understand that my track record is untouchable. And given that I am an acclaimed research analyst with no agendas, and given my commitment to uncover fraud, especially within the financial industry and financial media, as you shall soon see, Zero Hedge has intentionally ignored mention of me and my work as a way to keep the gold crowd in the dark.

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, the primary contributors of Zero Hedge are Jewish, which explains why the media cites the ridiculously shady conspiracy blog.

It's no secret that Jews discriminate against gentiles, especially when they hold a dominant position in a corporation or industry. The media, banking and Wall Street serve as excellent examples of this. 

What's more alarming is that the media cites this trash even though the authors are anonymous. And they have no track record, no credibility and constantly create conspiracies all while predicting recessions and stock market collapses month after month that never materialize. This is all done of course in order to make an attractive case for owning gold and silver. 

Don’t you find it strange that the main clown behind Zero Hedge uses a pseudonym? If I was a con artist trying to hide my transgressions, I'd do the same thing. 

As a matter of fact, you should note that several gold-pumping clowns and some shady gold dealers refuse to reveal their real name, or have waited for several years prior to finally revealing their name. 

Why won't they tell you their name? What are they hiding? 

Perhaps they don't want to be hunted down once the sheep realize they've been fleeced with these lies and about gold and silver.

Most of these pseudonymous cowards and scam artists make exaggerated claims as to their past experience so as to promote some sense of credibility. What we have seen is that only after having gained traction within the gold-pumping crime syndicate do these charlatans finally reveal their name, knowing that exposing their past becomes a moot point now they've already gained sufficient traction and support from their naive, mentally impaired gold bug audience.

According to our sources, there's at least one individual associated with Zero Hedge who has been barred from the securities industry due to securities fraud. But we believe there are two or more associated with the blog who have been barred, although we are not 100% certain. Perhaps you should confront the blog for more details. 

Jews invented the term "buddy system" when it comes to engaging in deceit and fraud; a good example of this can be seen by examining Zero Hedge's blog roll, as well as the blog roll of each blog listed on Zero Hedge's blog roll and you will notice a perpetual loop of idiots, con artists, doomsday pornographers, gold pumpers, broken clocks and faux heroes.


You will be hard-pressed to find a single one of these disinformation blogs to be run by anyone other than Jews.

Think about that and ask yourself whether or not it's a mere coincidence.

Then think about who the percentage of Jews who are precious metals dealers and pumpers (99%).


I want to reemphasize that despite the ridiculous nature of the content published by Zero Hedge, the blog mysteriously receives mass promotion by a wide variety of sources, not the least of which includes mainstream AND alternative media outlets. Think long and hard about that one.  You know there's a problem when reporters from the mainstream media are citing the same sources as Alex Jones.  

Rather than some Holy Grail of truth and insight, Zero Hedge serves as a portal of deceit, sensationalism and hypocrisy featuring submissions by Jewish gold-pumping, broken clock, doomsday lunatics and con artists. When the blog isn't posting infomercial-like fear-mongering marketing pieces from broken clock gold con artists, it's committing copyright infringement by posting significant portions of articles from various mainstream media firms, such as Bloomberg. As previously mentioned, the blog has even been caught plagarizing content. 

At the end of the day, like all content that's ad-based, Zero Hedge's only goal is to convince its sheep followers that it provides credible information so they can bring in more page views. Similar to all members of the gold-pumping syndicate, Zero Hedge's fanatical themes appeal to the pseudo-freedom and liberty crowd, otherwise known as "libertarians."  Many of the truly in-the-know refer to this crowd as the "supreme suckers." 

I like to refer to the followers of libertarian leaders as stooges of corporate fascism. The Libertarian leadership itself consists of Jewish con artists who seek to empower mega corporations at the expense of American workers and consumers.

At the end of the day, Zero Hedge is your typical kosher media scam. For those who truly understand the ramifications of that statement, nothing more needs to be added. For others who are unable to decipher the full meaning of that statement, you have much to learn. 

Based on my analyses, Zero Hedge has committed fraud for several years by generating revenues based on misleading and untrue statements, while censoring those whose views are not in alignment with the site's gold-pumping agenda.

The sad reality about media in the USA is that it has the legal right to lie to its audience. In fact, the media has greater First Amendment Rights than individuals. If you are not convinced of that, consider that media firms are legally able to harm individuals due to their First Amendment Rights and not be held liable.

If you want to know how that can be so, ask yourself who runs the media, then ask yourself who runs the legal system, including who most big judges are and who runs practically all major law firms.

Once you've figured out that the answer is JEWS, you can see why things are the way they are.

Zero Hedge is Fake News

Of all the lies, bull shit, delusional and conspiratorial hocus pocus published throughout the Zero Hedge disinfo blog, perhaps the most delusional claim of all is made by the cowardly writers in that the blog is a news site that has access to some kind of "special" or "insider information." 

Zero Hedge is as much of a news site as Alex Jones' Infowars and Prison Planet. Need I say more? As the facts confirm, all three websites contain stories taken out of context in order to sell ads, gold and doomsday survival products.

Because the stooges running Zero Hedge make money from ads and because they are receiving numerous forms of compensation from gold dealers, all while publishing one-sided trash and calling it news, in my opinion Zero Hedge has committed fraud.

But the plot thickens. Similar to most gold-pumping venues, Zero Hedge trashes Wall Street and the banks, all while making money selling bank ads.

How ironic. If you are surprised by this then you simply are unaware of the tactics used by scam artists.


Is Zero Hedge Legit? Are they Really on Your Side?

As I have pointed out in the past, Zero Hedge is a gold-pumping, disinformation blog featuring contributors with either no real track record, or else contributors with some of the worst track records imaginable (Peter Schiff, Harry Dent, Meredith Whitney, Dennis Gartmann, Doug Kass, John Hussman, Kyle Bass, David Rosenberg, Lawrence Kotlikoff, Robert Prechter, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, Grant Williams, Charles Nenner, Jim Rickards, Nomi Prins, David Stockman, and Paul Craig Roberts, to name a few), as well as a longer list of even bigger idiots who do not even sufficiently qualified to attempt to create a track record since they have never worked in the capital markets, and they have no apparent formal training in critical analysis of data, including a rigorous quantitative background (Ron Paul, Porter Stansberry, Mike Maloney, Doug Casey, Martin Weiss, Alex Jones, Max Keiser, as well as numerous bloggers, many of which are anonymous chumps associated with Alex Jones and Max Keiser) but they are promoted because they tow the gold-pumping, doomsday line.

By the way, it's critical to note that nearly every individual listed above is Jewish.

I didn't simply list only Jewish idiots and con artists promoted by Zero Hedge. I listed nearly every doomsday moron Zero Hedge promotes. That should tell you who is running the show.  

And in part, it also explains why Zero Hedge receives a ridiculous amount of promotion from the so-called "mainstream media" (while Zero Hedge is certainly promoted through the so-called "alternative media" this is to be expected since this media venue features wacko stories from shills and con men with poor or no real track records to speak of). 



The number of clowns, con men and broken clock snake oil salesmen promoted by Zero Hedge is too long to list. The site even promotes convicted Ponzi scheme felon and idiot, Martin Armstrong.

For those who don't know anything about Armstrong, allow me to cut to the chase. He's a failed commodities trader who defrauded his investors. Prior to securities fraud, Armstrong was promoted by the Jewish-run media because he too is Jewish.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

If you are Jewish you will be promoted as someone great by the Jewish-run media. This is the modus operandi of the Jewish Mafia. 

Other than being a Jewish idiot or a con artist, can you figure out what each of these guys has in common? 

Hint: I've already mentioned it a few times.

They're all doomsday porn gold-pumpers!





The bottom line is that if you promote the doomsday scenario, you are friends of the Jewish filth known as Zero Hedge and they will promote you.

This is fraud because goods and services (in addition to advertisements) are being sold based on complete lies. Yet, this indirect means of compensation is NOT being openly disclosed. 

Zero Hedge also allows certain amateurs to post propaganda pieces on is boiler room blog, so long as these pieces send one or more of the following messages:

1. Buy gold and silver

2. The stock market is going to crash

3. "Fiat" currencies are going to 0 (yet they promote foreign currency trading to sheep who have no idea it is gambling)

4. The US dollar is going to collapse

5. Hyperinflation is coming (like the rest of the con men, they have been saying this for more than 8 years)

7. Bankers are bad (yet the blog has no problem getting paid to advertise for banks)


Despite promoting the nonsense that all fiat currencies are poised to fail, Zero Hedge promotes foreign currency trading! 

That's right, the Zero Hedge shysters actually have the nerve to promote currency trading, which is considered gambling by all securities regulators (it is referred to as "speculation" which is another word for gambling).

Perhaps you are beginning to see why Zero Hedge has been scaring its sheep out of the stock and bond markets since 2010, when it launched itself as a business.

Unfortunately for those who were brainwashed by the Zero Hedge Fake News Machine, the U.S. stock market has delivered remarkable returns for investors each year Zero Hedge has been in business. That's right. At the same time they have been scaring the living daylights out of the low-IQ crowd that reads their doom porn fake news nonsense, they have actually been promoting currency trading, which is extremely risky and is not considered investing!

In many ways, one can think of Zero Hedge as the counterpart to Jim Cramer's TheStreet. Jewish losers from all walks of life line up to get on board TheStreet contributor list because they can gain huge exposure due to Jim Cramer pumping this boiler room on CNBC. Even many of the amateurs who write for or advertise on Zero Hedge can quickly rake in huge sums of money by pitching their bullshit products and services to the large crowd of Zero Hedge sheep. 

Dozens of websites run by pinheads that did not even exist prior to the financial crisis now have a huge following because they were promoted by the kosher clowns at Zero Hedge despite the fact that the owners and contributors of these websites have little if any real experience, training or knowledge of the capital markets. And every single one of these sites specializes in publishing fake news. 


























Perhaps you have heard of this clown. His name is Martin Armstrong. I had never heard of him before the gold pumping scam peaked around 2011. Armstrong was riding the hyperinflation bandwagon early on but later reversed course once he realized that people were laughing at Peter Schiff and others who were still insisting hyperinflation was imminent .

Armstrong realized he missed out on a huge bull rally in the stock market so by 2013, feeling desperate to be remembered as one of the few who "got it right" after the financial crisis, Armstrong went full nut case and began insisting that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would top 32,000 by 2015.  As you will recall, this was during a period whereby the S&P 500 was reporting several quarters of declining earnings growth. It was not until the fourth quarter of 2016 that the S&P 500 began reporting earnings growth again. Sorry Martin. You are still a moron and loser.

Armstrong was jailed for failing to return huge sums of money under his discretion in a commodities fund he was running. Armstrong sufferred massive losses (by his own admission) which led him to cover up the losses. Somewhere along the way a large sum of money (in the form of physical gold) vanished in addition to the massive sums lost by Armstrong incompetance.

The judge presiding over his case believed Armstrong was keeping this money for himself, so he found Armstrong in contempt of court. After serving a couple of years for contempt, Armstrong pled guilty to several charges, but he never came up with the missing gold.

I believe Armstrong turned somewhat bearish on gold in attempt to convince the feds who are surely watching him that he has no interest in rising gold prices because he doesn't have the gold. 

I have exposed Armstrong in the past and I will get back to him in the future.







In fact, Zero Hedge didn't even exist until after the financial crisis began. Talk about Johnny Come Lately!

Having been such a late comer to the party, why would any sane, reasonably intelligent person grant the blog the slightest amount of credibility? 

They wouldn't. Yet, the so-called "mainstream media" cites the blog.

Don't you find this more than odd? 

The fact is that the stooges who read Zero Hedge's nonsense are unable to fathom the concept of credibility. If they were they wouldn't have fallen for the gold-pumping doomsday con men to begin with.

The poor bastards who pay attention to Zero Hedge are only able to digest conspiracy bull shit supportive of the kinds of rantings from the likes of Alex Jones and Peter Schiff...economic doomsday scenarios, dollar collapse, stock market collapse, buy gold scenarios...because this kind of reinforcement makes the stooges feel better when they are reminded how much money they've lost.

In reality, Zero Hedge has an agenda, as do each and every one of the con artists who post on the blog. And that agenda is in direct opposition with the best interests of the sheep who are foolish enough to waste time on this fake news blog. I use the term "blog" with emphasis to further point out that a blog is an amateur "thingamajiggy" used to post trash as a way to sell ads.

Remember, Zero Hedge is a blog. It isn't a research website and it doesn't reprsent a research firm. Blogs are produced by amateurs seeking to sell ads. Kids have blogs. Grandmas even have blogs. Clowns also have blogs. Industry experts do not have blogs. They have websites. And they don't sell ads on their sites. 

Yet, the sheep who visit the Zero Hedge blog act as if the anonymous cowards who post trash on the blog are credible and/or have respectable track records.  The reason for this ignorant behavior is due to the fact that only ignorant people waste time with Zero Hedge. These are the same people who feared the end of the world nonsense in December 2012. Some of them even consist of people who actually believe the earth is flat. 

Many of the sheep who read Zero Hedge also tune into radio broadcasts led by nut jobs who discuss Big Foot, aliens, the "staged Moon landing" and many other conspiracies that cause people to waste their lives being consumed by things that really don't matter much and can never be proved or disproved.

There is certainly a motive for this nonsense. By keeping their sheep captivated with ridiculous, baseless and often meaningless conspiracies and other claims, they have achieved their goal to distract the sheep from the real problems that those with the money and power do not want the masses to know about, much less spend time thinking about.

At the same time, they can sell ads targeting "solutions" to the "problems" they report on. This is a kosher media scam.

Max Keiser pulls the same stunt, as does Alex Jones and everyone else in the media, mainstream and alternative. Each uses their own brand of spin so as to make you think they are fundamentally different from the rest. Not so. 

In fact, you should note the direct relationship Zero Hedge has formed between Keiser, Jones, and a very long list of other gold-pumping con men.

For several years now I have been exposing the various tactics utilized by the Jewish Mafia's media segment. I have written hundreds of articles and produced nearly as many videos revealing how the media has been utilized by con men to create disinformation in order to defraud the sheep.

Once you come to understand that all ad-based content has been bought off, you will begin to see how the game of life is played. The only question whether you will be played.

If you want to see the state of ignorance and sheer stupidity in today's world, check with the crowd that follows Zero Hedge. 

As I was saying, Zero Hedge is a blog. No one with a blog should ever be taken seriously. However, every day we see media firms citing blogs. The media establishment is of course a large part of the problem because the media avoids checking the credibility of its sources.

Mike Shedlock also has a blog as does Barry Ritholtz and other clowns like his business partner, Josh "boiler room" Brown.

[For those who are unaware, Brown is the latest Jewish loser who is now featured on CNBC as some investment guru despite the fact that he worked for a boiler room which was shut down during the financial crisis; then he claimed to be a reformed broker. In reality, Brown's future as a series 7 licensed broker was pretty much finished, so he created some BS story and his tribesmen gave him a spot on CBC after Barry Ritholtz pulled some strings).]

Ask yourself if any of these "bloggers" has any credibility. Ask yourself if they even have a decent track record. The answer should be obvious. They are clowns.

The list of clowns who have blogs (who expect you to take them seriously) is endless. 

In the past I have laid out a few golden rules to remember if you want an easy and high-yield (although not completely fail-proof) way to detect con men and liars.

The first rule is to note the company a suspected con man or shill keeps.

These guys tend to hang together in order to magnify their BS message, knowing that these days most people tend to believe things the more they are repeated, especially if different individuals repeat the same message; it's the sheep effect at its best.

Keep in mind that the sheep who believe the lies and insane delusions pumped out from Zero Hedge never venture over to other sources. They stay locked in the syndicate of BS. They remain in the BS network.

This is why all of these con men pat each other on the back, attend the same conferences and give interviews to their con men counterparts making it look as if their views are worthy of an interview, and appearing on all of the same blog rolls.

Like all cult leadrs, the Zero Hedge cabal tries to keep its sheep in a state of "mental lockdown" by promoting only like-minded con men on its blog, from its blog roll, to the contributing writers. In this manner, the sheep become brainwashed after hearing the same narrative over and over again preached to them by thousands of con men. 

The second golden rule serving as an invaluable guide in the detection of con men and liars is also simple.

If they have media exposure you can bet they have been bought off.

Those who control media exposure sure as hell aren't about to allow anyone who wants to and is capable of helping YOU get aired because it's a war between YOU and the media crime bosses and their colleagues.

Another golden rule everyone should abide by if they want to minimize being lied to and screwed is to avoid anyone who writes under a fictitious name or pseudonym. One would have to be quite foolish to spend any amount of time reading what such a coward has to write. They always hide for a very good reason. And of course Zero Hedge has many anonymous contributors. Why are they hiding? 

Similar to every other blog or website that sells advertisements, the only goal of the con men who run Zero Hedge is to convince its sheep followers that it provides credible information. This draws in a large audience with which to sell ads and promote snake oil salesmen, most of which are also gold pumpers.

In reality, Zero Hedge is running one of the biggest scams in the media today.

Despite having expanded the contributors to the blog to include external sources, Zero Hedge publishes very little credible information. As a desperate attempt to come off as relevant and credible, Zero Hedge has stolen copyright-protected material created by others because they appear to be incapable of creating valuable content.

I have previously shown that Mike Shedlock uses a similar tactic, that is, copyright infringement, in order to generate content by which ads are sold. It should be noted that Shedlock does this daily.

The hilarious hypocrisy behind this is that Zero Hedge always bashes Wall Street firms, yet they use their research. They even sell ads for Wall Street firms and banks, all while telling its sheep audience how evil the banks are! 

As one example, as an attempt to create the impression that the dog-and-pony show at Zero hedge had a clue as to what was going on, the site STOLE research content from Morgan Stanley and published it as their own.

Once Morgan Stanley found out and discussed legal actions, the clowns at Zero Hedge were desperate to find content to replace what they had been stealing. This is about as fraudulent as one can get. Shocking how the sheep still trust these scum bags after that stunt.

What was their solution? 

To fill in the gap, Zero Hedge opened the door to publish complete BS propaganda written by doomsday gold pumpers, some of which remain anonymous (I wonder why) and others lacking credibility. The best of their sources had abysmal track records.

Finally, in addition to engaging in plagiarism and copyright infringement, serving as paid gold pumpers while bashing the US dollar and stock market, while getting paid to promote the very risky activity of foreign currency trading, Zero Hedge has also faced numerous allegations of backing pump-and-dump stock schemes.

You shouldn't be surprised by any of these illegal, hypocritical and unethical behaviors by Zero Hedge considering the fact that the clown who started the web site was allegedly kicked out of the securities industry for insider trading.

Perhaps that's why he's so pissed off at Wall Street. I guess when you can no longer rip people off on Wall Street, you suddenly cry foul and find new ways to rip people off, huh.

And let's not forget that the pinheads at Zero Hedge insist that the stock market is going to crash (and have insisted so since it was since it bottomed in 2009), yet they actually advocate (and get paid to) promote currency trading.

It is a fact that currency trading is considered SPECULATION (GAMBLING) BY THE SEC.

So let's pause and review some of the key points.

First, Zero Hedge lies in order to sell ads.

Second, they get paid by gold and silver dealers for lying.

Third, they've scared their sheep audience out of the greatest bull market in US stocks in decades, all while getting them to gamble in foreign currencies, gold and silver.

Fourth, no one that works for or contributes to the blog has any credibility.

Let's look into this second claim a little more closely. You see, the cowards and liars at Zero Hedge were not always pumping gold and silver. In fact, they only started pumping it once the ad dollars came rolling in.

I have determined that Zero Hedge only really started pumping gold once they moved to their new website from their WordPress generic blog in 2011 (it seems these con men used the .org domain as a way to scam people into thinking it was some non-profit so they had to 86 it for a dotcom domain since Zero Hedge is a business. And they sell ads in exchange for making up BS).



If we look more closely we can see that Zero Hedge's gold and silver pumping activities peaked out right around mid-2012 and held through early 2013 before trailing down a bit.

What that means is that virtually everyone who listened to Zero Hedge's advice to buy gold and silver is down BIG TIME.

This is especially true considering the audience growth and intensity of gold and silver pumping peaked AFTER gold and silver peaked in price.



Third, Zero Hedge trashes the banks, Wall Street and Jim Cramer, but they don't mind selling ads for them.

Next, they kept their sheep audience out of the greatest bull market in decades, all while creating all kinds of BS propaganda to get people to buy gold and silver above $1300 and $35, respectively.  



Before I continue to break down this hypocritical doomsday, con man-endorsing, gold-pumping propaganda website, I will give you a brief summary of just a few of the clowns the site features so you will realize that it is a gold-pumping site that promotes clowns.

As you scan through this brief list, remember the golden rule...birds of a feather flock together:


Mike Maloney (previously exposed)

Robert Kiyosaki (previously exposed)

Marc Faber (previously exposed)

Peter Schiff (previously exposed)

Max Keiser (previously exposed)

Alex Jones (previously exposed)

Bob Chapman (previously exposed)

Harry Dent (previously exposed)

John Williams (previously exposed)

David Weidemer (previously exposed)

Jim Rickards (previously exposed)

Eric Sprott (previously exposed)

Bill Bonner and the clowns at Agora Financial (previously exposed)

Porter Stansberry (previously exposed)

Robert Prechter (previously exposed)

Gerald Celente (previously exposed)

Doug Casey and his clowns (previously exposed)

Jeff Clark (previously exposed)

Kyle Bass (previously exposed)

Martin Armstrong (previously exposed)

Chris Martenson (previously exposed)

Mike Shedlock (previously exposed)

Martin Armstrong (previous exposed)

Robert Pretcher (previously exposed)

Ron Paul (previously exposed)

David Stockman (previously exposed)

Paul Craig Roberts (previously exposed)

Various clowns (some who remain anonymous) who post fake news on Alex Jones' websites


Of course this list is nowhere near comprehensive. Zero Hedge promotes countless snake oil salesmen and several anonymous idiots.

Only a complete idiot would ever pay the slightest attention to anyone who writes anonymously. They are hiding for a damn good reason, and it's not because they have some "high up position" and they don't want their "elite" friends to find out for fear of backlash. Chances are if someone is writing content anonymously it's because they want to avoid legal prosecution, they have a criminal record or something else that would cause their readers to run away if they knew. 

And I have not even included any of the amateur bloggers that contribute ridiculous delusional propaganda to the Zero Hedge blog.

As you can imagine, these clowns either get their ideas from listening to Alex Jones and Max Keiser or else they craft doomsday BS in order to appeal to the doomsday theme presented by Alex Jones and Max Keiser as a way for their blogs to get a huge audience because their goal is to generate ad revenues.

Basically everyone who listens to and falls for Alex Jones' and Max Keiser's BS, everyone who pumps the "evil Fed" and "freedom and liberty = gold" simpleton tactic is promoted on this scam site, irrespective of their credibility, agendas or lack of track record.

Wait a second.

What about Jeff Rense? Isn't he in the same category as Alex Jones and Max Keiser? 

Sorta, kinda. While Rense likes to air clowns as a way to maintain control over his propaganda, he also likes to make money by bashing his own tribe. You see, Rense (he is Jewish) attacks Jewish criminals and Jewish organizations not because he stands for the truth, but because he wants to make money.

So given that Zero Hedge is completely run by Jewish filth, you can imagine why Rense doesn't make the cut.

You see, first of all the Jewish con men at Zero Hedge want to protect their Jewish Mafia tribesmen, so there will be no mention of Jews as the cause of the problems around the world.

Second, because Zero Hedge is your typical Jewish Mafia media scam, the site wants to get as much money from ads as possible so it abides by the Jewish-engineering political correctness, anti-freedom mode of behavior by banning anyone who points to the fact that the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, corporate America, the media and the US government are completely run by the Jewish Mafia. 

But don't think this makes Rense less evil. He is just as much of a filthy liar and profiteer as Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Zero Hedge and the rest of the clowns.

FYI, you should take note that a very large proportion of clowns Rense interviews are Jewish. These are the "truthers" and so-called experts he interviews. They almost always seem to be Jewish. Remember, this is from a guy (Rense) who comes across as a major Jew-hater.

As well, very few of these "experts" has any credibility. It would appear as if Rense seeks to not only promote clowns from his own tribe, but to also make sure these clowns lack any real credibility in order to side track all arguments that counter those disseminated by the mainstream media.  The term for this is basically controlled opposition.

Clearly, Rense's BS conspiracy-based, explicit Jew-hating program functions as the gravy train for Jews like Rense and his virtually all-Jewish guest list who want to make money trashing other Jews. This could be the most despicable behavior exhibited by the entire charlatan network.

Once again, it's all about Jews promoting Jews. The Jewish Mafia utilizes a variety of strategies by which to achieve its objectives.

Don't you find it more than odd how its always Jewish critics and Jewish problem solvers, as well as Jewish regulators and who are supposed to be protecting you from the white collar crooks, most of which are usually Jewish ? 

That folks, is what you call controlled opposition. Some might refer to this mechanism of control as the "fox guarding the hen house" depending on how you choose to look at it.

Irrespective of the subtle differences between Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Max Keiser, Glenn Beck or every other delusional nut job and lying scum bag, they are all true to their colors in that they are for sale to the highest bidder.

Zero Hedge is no different. The ONLY thing the con men at Zero Hedge care about is whoring for gold companies, banks, CNBC and anyone else who wants to sell ad space on their website.



Like all media outlets, the last thing these lying bastards care about is the truth. 

If Zero Hedge cared about the truth, it would have revealed from day one the names of each of the contributing writers.

If Zero Hedge cared about the truth it certainly would be writing about me and my track record.

If Zero Hedge cared about the truth it would not be posting delusional hog wash from wackos.
















Zero Hedge shares other common features with your typical internet con man. Not only does the blog publish the same baseless conspiratorial garbage that every other gold-pumping site publishes, it also sell ads while asking for donations.

So what is the purpose of these donations? To help them "fight for cause"?

The only problem is that their "cause" equates to promoting complete horse shit as a way to draw in the low-IQ wackos who listen to Alex Jones and think the government wants to kill everyone. This ridiculous drama is used as a way to sell advertisements.

The fact that they are asking for donations alone should raise a red flag, but of course for most people it doesn't because let's face it, most people have been so dumbed down they believe anything that is flashed across their face, especially if they keep hearing the same song and dance by others.

RULE TO LIVE BY: If you (for some reason) feel the need to give a donation, always make sure the website has an independent app that lists the total donations so that everyone can see how much these con men are raking in.

And as we continue to point out, this doomsday, gold-pumping network is huge, and everyone within this collection of propaganda says the same thing. Little do these sheep realize that it is very common for con men to operate in huge networks so they can better spread and reinforce their propaganda.

It's really a bit sad how these sheep fail to realize that they keep reading, hearing and seeing the same individuals over and over from website to website, conference to conference, and so forth. It is as if they have become zombies.  

Irrespective of the exact nature of the lies, misinformation, censorship and other tactics utilized by the filth at Zero Hedge, at the end of the day, their strategy does not differ much from that used by Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and others.

It's complete manipulation utilizing misinformation, fear and a repetition.

Similar to every other con man and sensationalist blog that has popped up AFTER the financial crisis, Zero Hedge was launched in 2009, AFTER the founder was barred from the securities industry for insider trading.

Newsflash to those who don't have an ounce of common sense: guys who start blogs and pop up on the scene during or after the financial crisis have NO BASIS and NO CREDIBILITY. They are merely exploiting an opportunity. Wake up dummies!

As is always the case with all advertisement-based websites, the main objective of Zero Hedge is to pump out an excessive number of sensationalist stories with high frequency so as to generate a buzz and get as many visitors to the site as possible as frequently as possible, regardless of the validity of the content since the traffic generates advertisement revenues.

These sites know that virtually no one checks into what is presented. They assume it must be true, which is why there is so much dumb money out there. I can tell you that it has never been easier to make money than over the past few years due to all of the stupid money which has been made dumber by the rhetoric preached by Zero Hedge and their Jewish doomsday douche bag buddies.

The "secret sauce" behind Zero Hedge's "claim to fame" is that they make ridiculous and baseless statements and they claim to have access to "inside knowledge" about the financial industry. This of course is a complete lie.

If in fact Zero Hedge is a financial news and information website that is committed to detecting and exposing fraud and promoting sound investment ideas, you might want to ask these clowns why they have NEVER asked to interview me.

Let's examine this statement more closely. 

First, recall that I exposed the massive fraud behind Washington Mutual. No one else in the world spotted this massive fraud. See here.

This was well-documented and Zero Hedge knows about it because I have received numerous emails from individuals stating that they informed Zero Hedge about me, my track record and the WaMu work I did, asking to interview me and these individuals told me they heard nothing.

But I know for a fact that Zero Hedge has known about me since 2008 because I was the most popular author on a financial site where Zero Hedge was writing.I was also writing on a much smaller site where Zero Hedge later joined (Greenfaucet, which I previously exposed in the Encyclopedia of Bozos).

Next, I was the ONLY person in the world to have recognized that Bank of America's buyout of Merrill Lynch was really a bailout that was essentially ordered by Washington.

Only after Ken Lewis faced significant heat in Washington some two years later did he echo what I had immediately stated. See here.

Next, I was the first person and the only person to keep stressing that quantitative easing has resulted in the biggest banking bailout.

And of course, my track record over the past several years is unmatched.

So why would Zero Hedge want to stay away from me? 

The fact is that Zero Hedge should be considered as a disinfo agent for the establishment because they are ignoring real experts who have exposed massive fraud. But if people never find out about me, the fraud never really happened, right?

Keep in mind that this is a website that constantly posts articles about the collapse of the dollar, soaring gold prices, and other doomsday porn.

It's obvious. They realize that I am legit and cannot be bought off and have no agendas. 

Why would Zero Hedge constantly pump guys with NO or POOR track records, agendas and lousy of any credentials?

When your audience is unintelligent and easy to deceive, it makes it a simple matter to get away with this con game.

Similar to the rest of the con artists out there (all of which hang in the same circles), Zero Hedge realizes that I would immediately and completely put an end to its source of revenue since its audience base would collapse once they realized they are being lied to about the dollar, about hyperinflation, about gold and silver and about the US stock market.

The one thing about all of these charlatans out there is that they all fear a credible expert who tells it like it is and has no agendas. They fear such individuals because they fear they will be exposed for the frauds they are. This is the reality.

Specifically I am speaking of the fact that Zero Hedge is a major gold-pumping site. And if you are not a gold pumper, the only other thing that will get you mentioned there is if you are Jewish or if you are generally a doomsday con man (since this is equated with the "gold rescue plan").

Unfortunately, the site has duped a large number of people much in the same way as has Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Mike Maloney, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and several others posing as patriots but who are in reality profiteers, sources of disinfo and/or sell-outs, all with miserable track records. They are all salesmen, claiming to be investment experts.

Once again, it is important to remember that at least one of the main contributors to Zero Hedge...the MAIN guy... was barred from the securities industry for insider trading (our sources have confirmed that at least two individuals associated with Zero Hedge have been barred from the securities industry).

That means those who swallow the shit published on that site are taking the word of the lowest form of filth.

To be barred from the securities industry is about as low as it gets.

Remember that the securities industry harbors some of the biggest, sleazest criminals and scum bags in the world.

In addition, at least one other claims to run a hedge fund which is a complete lie that has been created as an attempt to make this individual not seem like the moronic chump that he is.



And remember that you are judged by the company you keep. Accordingly, Zero Hedge is connected to Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Peter Schiff, Harry Dent, Jim Rickards, John Williams, Mike Maloney, Eric Sprott, Marc Faber and other disinfo agents and disengenuous profiteers who exploit the anger and frustration of their audience in order to suck money from them in a variety of ways.

Zero Hedge will sell out to anyone who pays them for ad placement.

Have a look at just one of the charlatans Zero Hedge posts ads for...David Weidemer and his band of doomsday charlatans.






FYI, we have exposed Weidemer as a liar and typical money-grubbing parasite seeking to exploit the fear and panic that has been so pervasive in order to cash in by creating BS, exaggerating and so forth.

You can find much more on David Weidemer and dozens of other charlatans can be found at our massive and constantly expanding Encyclopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes.

Zero Hedge is just another group of faux heroes who have duped their sheep audience using the same tactic as other profiteers; promote and intensify fear, anger and desperation within your target audience  --> market yourself as a critic of the villains --> once you have sucked in the fish, time to reel them in --> promote clowns with newsletters (get paid in some way for promos) --> pump gold and sell gold ads.

Again, we see the obvious con artist sign of selling ads and asking for donations.


For instance, one of the Zero Hedge clowns has a gold pumping (small) hedge fund, Paul Brodsky.

Make no mistake. Brodsky is a big clown. I would place him in the same category as Mike Shedlock.

And he uses Zero Hedge as a portal to dupe the sheep into buying gold in order to help the performance of his fund.






Next, we have Barry Ritholtz pimping Brodsky.

Hopefully by now you realize that Ritholtz himself is a total clown.


Note that this clown was marketing his "fund" BEFORE the recent laws passed which reversed the ban on advertising hedge funds. 


Barry Ritholtz is another CLOWN who has been inducted into the media club simply because he is Jewish.

This is a guy who writes trivial posts on his blog all day, YET claims to be an investment strategist. 



Remember, birds of a feather...

I've already exposed the "CEO of Ritholtz Capital" (laughs) Josh "boiler room" Brown.

Please understand this critical fact. All of these clowns...hundreds if not thousands hang in the same circles, always promoting each other and patting each other on the back because they have the same goal - to pump gold.

You can find much more on Ritholtz and dozens of other charlatans can be found at our massive and constantly expanding Encyclopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes.

Wait a minute. The rabbit hole is even deeper. Brodsky was a paid writer for Chris Martenson's global warming, gold pumping BS website!

Remember, birds of a feather...



If you have a real fund, you don't spend your time writing articles to reach an audience of a few thousand mostly broke delusional chumps.

With no surprise, Brodsky has even teamed up with David Weidemer! I couldn't ever make this shit up in my wildest dreams! Amazing! 

Now if you ever thought the CFA society had an ounce of credibility, this serves as proof positive that it doesn't. Remember, birds of a feather...



But if you have a tiny fund and are looking to lure in suckers, this is precisely what you do.

You can find much more on Brodsky and dozens of other charlatans can be found at our massive and constantly expanding Encyclopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes.

Zero Hedge even promotes Mike Shedlock, who is clearly one of the biggest idiots in the financial industry. And he is without a doubt desperate to gain media exposure despite being a complete nobody blogger.

The reason is because Shedlock is desperately trying to lure suckers into his 3-man shop RIA firm which charges you money for missing out on the huge gains in the stock market.


















Zero Hedge uses the typical strategy of criticizing the Federal Reserve and Wall Street and CNBC. And they do this because everyone knows these are criminal organizations.

So by criticizing the obvious, they get their sheep audience to think that they are on their side. This brings them a huge amount of money in advertisement sales.

Some of the Zero Hedge sheeple even buy Zero Hedge shirts, etc., as if they are heroes of some sort. They began selling this shit within months of launching their fraudulent disinfo blog.



But like all of these faux heroes, they never tell the full truth and nothing but the full truth. They never criticize the Jewish Mafia because they are Jewish!

Zero Hedge's main priority is SELLING ADS. Zero hedge is basically the Glenn Beck of the internet; complete BS in order to sell ads.

And let's not forget that Zero Hedge is promoted by the media despite having engaged in copyright infringement and plagarism, while lacking a track record. If Zero Hedge was on your side, do you really think the media would promote them?  If you believe that then you probably believe that Wikileaks and Julian Assange are legit.  

The fact is that Zero Hedge gets promoted by the media even though it offers no value or unique insight or any semblance of what the hell is going on other than what the cowards there read elsewhere. 

Zero Hedge wants your money.

And they are willing to steer you into the doomsday propaganda gutter in order to cash in.

They are not satisfied with the huge sums of advertisement revenues from gold dealers, banks and other crooks.

They also want you to donate to their cause (which is sitting on their ass pumping gold instead of getting a real job) and through buying their self-promoting merchandise.

Who in the hell are they to think they have achieved anything to sell merchandise showing their stupid website name?

These idiots and con artists have done nothing other than to promote other con artists.

Similar to all gold pumpers, they spread delusions of hyperinflation in the U.S. (which as we have shown in impossible) and claim that gold hedges against inflation (which again is not true).

Just like the other GOLD-PUMPING CON ARTISTS, Zero Hedge NEVER posts any views that oppose their delusional, gold-pumping fantasies.

They do NOT want to encourage debate, but wish only to steer their brainless followers into the gutter all while getting paid to do so. 

They ask for donations AND post advertisements AND sell hats and mugs and shirts as though they were celebrities, all while promoting con artists and pumping gold; tightly connected to 100s of con artists.

Their blog roll serves as a good list of sites and people to avoid, as they are all sophomoric clowns and profiteers with no track record to speak of.

We cannot emphasize enough how deceitful these individuals are.

Remember, Zero Hedge did NOT exist prior to the financial crisis and now they have come in to herd the sheep.

That is what you call the epitome of opportunism.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for some guy who refuses to disclose his name, has no track record and no known credentials to start a blog during the financial crisis and get mass promotion almost overnight, while I can't even get noticed despite my detailed predictions in books I wrote two years prior to the financial crisis detailing virtually everything?  

It's obvious what has gone on here.

Anytime you see something like this that doesn't make sense, you can bet the guy is Jewish and is using the Jewish buddy system to get media exposure.

As you can see, the charlatans at Zero Hedge will host ads from any source, regardless whether or not they are scam artists. 

And while the Zero Hedge hucksters criticize Jim Cramer as a way to convince their low-IQ audience that they are on the side of Main Street, they have no problem taking his money through ads. Again, this points to their real agenda. MONEY.




One of the more revealing developments to come from the con men at Zero Hedge is the fact that one of its lying pinheads, Bob English (Jewish) was somehow able to get a show on the boiler room faux news channel, RT. 






English uses his airtime to promote ridiculous conspiracies, make delusional statements and complete lies, all for the purpose of advancing the gold-pumping, doomsday agendas of Zero Hedge. 



In fact, we have reason to believe that English has received under the table cash payments from Mike Maloney in exchange for giving him airtime (as a way for Maloney to claim he has some type of credibility in having been on RT), as well pushing his latest scams.



Still not convinced?

Thanks to a loyal reader, we have some email exchanges between him and Zero Hedge a few years ago (apprximately 2012).

Have a look and you will see what scum they are. 

Notice how he evades the issues and basically says "pay us and we will interview Stathis. Meanwhile, the Zero Hedge blog roll looks like a Who's Who of idiots, many of which cahrge for content.

Email to “Tyler Durden” from (name withheld)

"The fact that you guys are always promoting con artists with no credibility (the list is too long to post here, not to mention your blog roll, which is filled with amateurs and more gold shills) and terrible track records, while not one mention of the leading expert in the world on the collapse, Mike Stathis of AVA Investment Analytics and author of the 2006 book that predicted this depression, proves that you guys are gold shills and con artists."


From: Tyler Durden <>
Subject: RE: Hot Tip

"Here’s the thing. Neither we, nor the people we “promote”, charge for their content. The “leading expert” does. As such, us promoting him would be equivalent to advertising. Certainly if Mr. Stathis wishes to advertise on Zero Hedge he is welcome to do so. He should promptly send an email to

We look forward to doing business with him. That is of course if Mr Stathis wishes to be promoted by 'gold shills and con artists'”


NOTE: Zero Hedge does in fact promote numerous clowns who charge for content such as Harry Dent, Marc Faber, Chris Martenson, Doug Casey and several others.  In addition, we provided all of our content at no charge for many years, yet Zeron Hedge was not interested in publishing it. Finally, don't you think a website that claims to present news would at least make mention of my amazing track record and perhaps seek to interview me?  Zero Hedge is a typical kosher scam. 

Reply from (name withheld)

"Thanks for your response, but actually, that's not exactly true. I've followed him for a good while now and he started restricting Some of his articles only because he has been banned everywhere. He only started restricting some content a few months ago. Also, there are two ways to charge people for content. The most misleading way thats always attached with motives is to give it away and sell advertisements on the site. Stathis has 0 ads. AVA is a investment research firm. Content is their means of business. The second way is to charge for content if it's valuable enough that people will pay for it. Stathis' content is the later. If you host ads, your content is ultimately dictated by advertisers. At my investment firm, we give away our research using it as a bonus because it's usually useless. We make money selling asset management and trading services.

Also, I've seen you talk about or interview guys who charge crazy prices for their "content/subscriptions" and they arent even pros or have a real record of excellence. And I've seen you guys on ZH mention fund managers who missed the collapse. So the question is, given his record, it seems odd that there has never been mention of Stathis, his accurate forecasts or his spectacularlt detailed book packed with accurate predictions, or even an interview. But I've seen you guys interview some real used car salesmen. Could it be because you guys are gold pumpers and only want gold pumpers around? I bet that racks up the gold ad bucks.

Even though he has been warning against gold purchases now, and has always advised trading gold to capture volatility (instead of physical gold) Stathis recommended gold in his 2006 book and forecast it to at least $1400 and "possibly $2000/$2200. I haven't seen him miss a beat on anything.

And as I recall, he was publishing blockbuster pieces long before you guys launched, so surely you know who he is and are familiar with his content. I saw 2 sites where you both wrote for before so you must have come across him.

It seems to me that under any circumstances you would wanna hear from Stathis unless being right isnt your real goal. He only started restricting Only Some articles a few months ago because he got upset about being banned and only want people who recognized the value in his content to have access. And the access is very inexpensive considering his record. But none of that even matters. The guy is has been at the top of the pack and has no agendas, so, what gives?

Oh and if you doubt his record (since you used the quotes "leading expert") why don't submit your own entry to his $100,000 challenge? That would mean you would need to learn his record. It also means you'd need to know the record of guys like Peter Schiff and Harry Dent which I'm sure you are clever enough to realize are really bad. Stathis knows when to shift gears and he's not biased and he doesn't spend all his time marketing like these other guys. My business and performance have soared since I started following his forecasts and advice so I know who's who out there. And I can tell you that these guys on CNBC like Schiff, Ritholtz, Dent, etc. are laughed at in the institutional world. Thanks in advance for your reply."


After several days and no response, (name withheld) sent another email:

"Yea that's what I thought "Tyler." You come across someone in the industry who lays down the facts versus your version, and you run because you're not used to dealing with people who know what's up. Youre used to pitching lies and con artists to your sheep followers and taking money for doing it. Oh and i noticed one of the guys you follow on your blog list charges for access to his material and he no track record, knows nothing about investments or economics, has never worked on Wall St, but he gets paid to pump gold to pigeons like you - Chris Martenson.

Your blog list looks like a side show of extremists and amateurs all pumping gold. Funny how you guys diss the banks but you get paid money selling bank and investment ads!"


Response a few days later from “Tyler Durden”

"As we said, we would be delighted to advertise the gentlemen you referred us to. He can contact us at"


And the response from (name withheld):

"Yea, you won't respond to my points because you can't.

You guys are full of it. You hold yourselves out to be for the truth, but that's only a front. You get paid to pump gold and mention all sorts of gold pumpers, then you not only ask for donations and you also accept money for advertisements for banks and Wall Street. Then, you expect the man with the top record on the collapse to pay you to advertise on your site? Are you nuts? Go ask Stathis. I'm sure he'll tell you the same thing.

Why would anyone with the kind of record Stathis has spend one dime advertising? Your site is supposed to deliver guys like him, isn't it? Looks like speaking the truth gets you banned by scam sites. But as long as you pump gold and blame the "evil banks and federal reserve" instead of uncovering the big picture (the Jewish Mafia) youll fit right with ZH, Alex Jones, Max Keiser and the rest of that crowd.

If your site stood for the truth you'd be begging Mr. Stathis to give you a few minutes of his time which I doubt he'd agree to. But instead of that you feature guys like Barry Ritholtz who is a CNBC and Wall Street shill who didnt predict jack and has no record, Robert Pretcher who told everyone to short the Dow by 200% leverage in 2010 and is the worst market forecaster ever, dozens of amateur bloggers and con men like JS Kim, who wants you to pay him $8000 a year in return for telling you to buy gold (lol). You even post articles about Gerald Celente whose gotta be the biggest con man of all-time, right up there with Harry Dent, which you guys also promote! Too funny. When are you guys gonna team up with Alex Jones, Kevin Trudeau, Peter Schiff, Harry Dent and JS Kim? You're all in the same business so it should be a nice fit.

Just three questions. How long do you think you'll be able to keep the scam going? Do you think your buddy at ZH that runs a small hedge fund will flee before he gets taken down for front running? How many of you guys (besides you) were banned from the securities industry?"



A big thanks to D.C. from Fort Worth, TX for calling out the lying garbage at Zero Brains.
Can you say smack down? 
Well done my friend.
By the way, D.C. was awarded free membership for one year for his efforts, knowledge and fortitude.
Zero Hedge claimed that since I charge for my research, they will not mention me but I can advertise on their site?? (laughs his ass off). I don't advertise. Scam artists with shit content do.
But let's back up for a minute.
If Zero Hedge's reasoning for not mentioning me is because I charge for my research, why does Zero Hedge constantly promote individuals who run businesses and charge for publications, like Mike Maloney, Harry Dent, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Chris Martenson and so on? 
At least I am a legitimate researcher, not to mention my track record.
The reason folks is because Zero Hedge consists of a bunch of filthy Jewish parasites who pump gold, lie, deceive their audience and support their parasitic tribesmen.
The really sad thing is that the cult members who waste time reading the nonsense and lies posted on that site by idiots and con men are never going to know about me and my track record.
That means they are not likely to ever have a chance in hell to navigate things or know the full truth as to what has happened and what is likely to happen.
Remember folks. At the end of the day, you must blame the source that publishes and broadcasts the broken clock con men.
If it weren't for blogs like Zero Hedge and the rest of the Jewish media, the con men positioned as experts would never get a chance to cause Main Street to lose their ass. 
This, folks is why most people get taken. Ban all media unless you want to get screwed.
As you can see, Zero Hedge is completely deceiving its naive audience because they are misrepresenting themselves while earning revenues. This qualifies as fraud.
They are in fact paid gold pumpers. Yet, they claim to be out for the truth.
One has to be extremely naive not to see what these con men are up to. It's obvious.
Folks, it's extremely important for you to first realize that Zero Hedge is all that we claim. Next, you need to stay away from these con men.
Every time you go their site you are sending them money. Remember, ad-based content is always shit and you will always get screwed if you tune into content that places its priority on those who pay for ad space versus the audience who views the content for free. Wake up.
People need to start spreading our message of the dangers of ad-based content so that this toxic shit will be banned and it will self-destruct.
Now I'm willing to bet I can predict the response of these con men when called out. The most common response is to ignore me and everyone else who brings this article to their attention.
Ignoring someone who exposes you for what you are is the best way to keep your sheep indoctrinated sheep, especially when the one who exposes you is a top world authority.
If they get enough people posting this article on their site and emailing them links to the article, they will distract or make up rubbish. They will lie, try to distract from the issues you raise by calling me an anti-Semite, they will ignore you or they will try to distract from the issue using some attempt at "clever sarcasm."
But they won't dare try to attack my track record because it is a fact that I continue to hold the best track record in the world. And they will never answer the criticisms I have made.
There is enormous price to pay for those who are fed lies from media sources. Most people never realize that. They just don't make the link. They don't realize that they lost their retirement savings because they listened to Jim Cramer. And they forget that it was CNBC that aired Cramer. This is why Cramer and CNBC are still around. The same can be said about websites like Zero Hedge. 
In contrast, causing harm is the one notable exception to the First Amendment Rights of individuals.

Remember, if gold is such a great investment...

...if gold is headed to the moon as all the gold dealers insist...

...why in the hell are they spending HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS trying to convince you to buy it from them?  


Why don't these gold dealers just hoard gold and wait for it to soar??

"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled"




You can find much more on Zero Hedge and dozens of other profiteers and masters of deception at our massive and constantly expanding Encyclopedia of Bozos, Hacks, Snake Oil Salesmen and Faux Heroes.

Harry Dent. Economist, Futurist & Contrarian Indicator

A Look At Harry Dent's Track Record

Harry Dent The Fund Manager

Proof That Zero Hedge Cannot Be Trusted

He's Back! Harry Dent the Clown Making More Ridiculous Predictions



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So why does the media continue to BAN Stathis? 



Why does the media constantly air con men who have lousy track records?

These are critical questions to be answered.

You need to confront the media with these questions. 

Watch the following videos and you will learn the answer to these questions:

You Will Lose Your Ass If You Listen To The Media



Mike Stathis holds the best investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006.

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This is the chapter that shows where Mike recommended shorting Fannie, Freddie, sub-primes, homebuilders, GM, GE, etc.


Check here also  Stathis Nails The Dec 2014 Market Selloff With Stunning Accuracy








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In the video below, we take a closer look at the doomsday douche bag, Chris Martenson, along with the doomsday publication called Money Map, which is a production of Agora Financial. Agora Financ...

JC Parets: The New Investment Expert in the Media

Meet Josh Brown's former colleague and close friend, who he is continuously promoting.                         Birds of the...

Peter Schiff Wants More of Your Money

In 2007 Peter Schiff "wrote" a book that was apparently geared to win the approval of an unsophisticated and rather gullible audience. In addition to mentioning his disastrous brokerage...

EXPOSED: Doug Casey (Part 1)

In my opinion Doug Casey is a great contrarian indicator and a huge charlatan. And anyone who does not realize this is simply a damn fool. Furthermore, keep in mind that the apple never falls far...

Mike Stathis' Message to Jim Rogers - "You're a Dumbass"

WARNING: The following video contains excessive use of mild profanity. Do not watch this video if you are easily offended by cursing.   We decided to make this video public access becau......

Lady Gives Peter Schiff Lesson in Econ 101

Schiff is rarely matched up against anyone other than a yes man. There have been a few times when he has been put in his place. This is one of them. Mike provides some critical commentary in this vide...

Mike Stathis Offers to Bet Peter Schiff Money that Hyperinflation Will Not Occur

We recently ran across this excerpt from an interview given by Mike in June 2012, discussing the Rape of Greece by the Jewish bankers. You sure aren't going to hear this from the Kosher media because...

Peter Schiff Was Wrong: Taper Edition

For the most comprehensive list and details regarding investment con men, gold pumpers, idiots, trash media, fake “truthers” and more, check out the ENCYCLOPEDIA Of Bozos, Hacks, Snake......

CNBC's Josh Brown and Stephanie Link Exposed as Idiots

If you think Peter Schiff is a moronic, motor-mouthed hypocrite, meet Josh Brown; a kid who has positioned himself as someone on your side. He is "reformed" after all; or is he?   While B...

Peter Schiff Is Too Stupid to Realize He Kept People Out of the Bull Market

Note: the original release of this video contained a minor error. It showed the Dow Jones as 14,300 as of March 24, 2014. This was a typo. It should have read 16,300. We spotted this error and co......

CNBC Pinhead Asks Thailand Resident if the Nasdaq is in a Bubble

Ask yourself if you would want to hear what some guy living in a village in Thailand has to say about the Nasdaq. For the most comprehensive list and details regarding investment con men, gold pumpe......

Peter Schiff Using Amateur Bloggers to Write His Gold Propaganda

Last year I exposed the chumps at Casey Research, utilizing Jeff Clark as a prime example of the kinds of clowns you see in the financial publishing industry. Clark is the firm's chief prec...

Is Peter Schiff Any Different than Porter Stansberry or the NIA?

Today, we learn of even more clowns looking to duplicate Porter Stansberry’s fear-mongering tactics to lure unsophisticated people into his...

Comments on Fannie Mae, Bitcoin, Doug Casey, Jeff Berwick and Real Estate Scams

Here, Mike releases a 30-minute piece where he ties in many learning points.

Even the Mentally Challenged Realize Peter Schiff is Clueless

Folks, if you are going to listen to individuals for your investment decisions, you had better damn well make sure they have an excellent track record and no bias.  Needless to say, Peter Schi...

Mike Stathis Schools Peter Schiff on the Bankruptcy of Detroit

Today, Detroit's emergency manager announced a plan for the city to emerge out of bankruptcy. Throughout Detroit's solvency crisis, investment pundits and other hacks and lackeys have spread rumors an...

Marc Faber Shares His Expertise on Nightlife and "Happy Stuff"

  Mike Stathis remains the lone voice of reason and wisdom for Main Street.     Special Promotion For New Members And Membership Renewals         In the......

Peter Schiff Was Wrong

The definitive video that shows just how wrong Schiff has been.

What in the Hell is Marc Faber REALLY Doing in Thailand?

In this 20-page investigation, Mike shows you what a complete joke Marc Faber is, demonstrating that the media is nothing more than a fraudulent organization meant to exploit the sheep who tune in. By...

A Customer of Mike Maloney Warns the Public

Listen as this average Joe tells his story about Mike Maloney. Unfortunately, his situation is representative of millions of others just like him who have been fed a bag of lies by gold and silver dea...

EXPOSED: Chris Martenson

Who is Chris Martenson?  Is He Legit?  And is He on Your Side?   In this 3-year investigation of Martenson, we lay out the details of how this snake has elbowed his way into the gol...

Peter Schiff's Valcambi Gold Destroys Customers' Purchasing Power

Making terrible predictions, recommending stocks that collapse, being wrong up to 95% of the time on economics, while continuing to demonstrate very little if any value as a financial adviser may not...

Clueless Chris Martenson is Selling Fear (Part 2)

Anyone can pretend to be some kind of economic or investment expert in the media. After all, the standards used by the media are extremely low. Basically, if you tell the media you're qualified they...

Clueless Chris Martenson is Selling Fear (Part 1)

Anyone can pretend to be some kind of economic or investment expert in the media. After all, the standards used by the media are extremely low. Basically, if you tell the media you're qualified they...

Mike Stathis Offers Advice to Peter Schiff's Clients and Points Out His Ridiculous Statements

In the video, Mike educates Peter Schiff on the economics and risks in China, the realities about Social Security, and advises clients of Euro Pacific Capital to pull their funds ASAP because Schiff...

Peter Schiff Continues to Prove He is CLUELESS

The more I hear Schiff's delusional and ridiculous sale pitch, the more I am becoming convinced that he has lost his marbles, but that might well represent the best of all scenarios. The altern...

Mike Stathis Schools Marc Faber and Exposes More Clowns

Sit back, take notes as you watch, listen, learn and even laugh.

Peter Schiff Exposed and the Truth About Gold

The video below says it all...well, not really. There are many other videos required to counter all of the inaccurate promotion of him by the media criminals, but for now this should do.

Marketing Disguised as News: Meredith Whitney and Peter Schiff Exposed

Today, Mike points to a couple of examples of your typical media and marketing BS, compliments of Meredith Whitney and Peter Schiff.

Peter Schiff Embarrasses Himself AGAIN With His Dog and Pony Rant and Horrendous Forecasts

What more do we need to say other than what has been said in the headline? You won't want to miss this video.


Anyone who has a decent grasp on the economy and who also bothers to pay close attention to what Peter Schiff says should be able to see how he has no idea what he is talking about. Sit back and...

VIDEO: Peter Schiff Calls Himself a Buy-and-Hold Value Investor. I am Laughing My Ass Off

Schiff claims to be a value investor.  The funny thing about that is he recommends something that has no real value - GOLD!  In addition, unlike model value investors, Schiff does not seem...

VIDEO: Is Gold a Ponzi Scheme? Listen to Marc Faber's Answer

Just another video showing you that ALL of these media idiots are CLUELESS salesmen with agendas and shitty track records.

VIDEO: Marc Faber Prefers Asian Equities

Just another example of how these media clowns flip-flop. They are all contrarian indicators! 

VIDEO: Casey Research: A Prime Example of Idiots in the Financial Publishing Business

You aren't going to want to miss this video. I was directed to the Casey Research website after following the trail of one of the doomsday videos that have been plastered by countless hucksters t...

VIDEO: More "Gold is Money" Brainwashing from Peter Schiff

After you watch this video, you will get a better idea why Peter Schiff fears going up head to head with Mike Stathis on a neutral platform. The two are on completely different levels. One is a clow...

VIDEO: Is Peter Schiff Finally Backing Away from His Extremist Claims?

Well, I'll let you decide for yourself. Watch the video, listen and learn the subtle art of sidestepping compliments of Peter Schiff.

VIDEO: Peter Schiff is a Salesman, Nothing More, Nothing Less

The video below says it all, well not really. There are many other videos required to counter all of the inaccurate promotion of him by the media criminals, but for now this should do. Feel free to do...

VIDEO: Stathis Schools Peter Schiff in Economics

Hell, someone had to do it.

He's Back! Harry Dent the Clown Making More Ridiculous Predictions

UPDATED info on Harry "Doomsday" Dent and his SHITTY track record (20014 - 2015): EXPOSED: More Doomsday Charlatans (Agora Financial Pt 1) Harry Dent, Wall Street Investment Bible an...

How Does Peter Schiff Spend His Time?

Everywhere you turn, it seems as if the media is feeding you with “experts” who have the next great call to make. Whether from the print or broadcast media, they always position their hand...

The Truth about Jim Cramer and CNBC (Part 1)

As I have discussed in the past, the financial media constantly portrays the impression that it provides its audience with valuable content from "experts." However, as the facts indicate, this is rare...

Mutual Fund Disasters: David Tice and his Prudent Bear Fund

Want to save tens of thousands of dollars? In this article, I tie in numerous aspects of erroneous and deceptive marketing by the mutual fund industry, executed primarily through the business arrang...

Snake Oil Alert: Chris Martenson and Zero Hedge

We recently released a detailed article (18 pages) dissecting the methods and tactics of a new scam artist. See here. But we are by no means finished. We plan to continue discussing this guy and oth...

Exposed: Texe Marrs & Obama, Alex Jones & Ron Paul

In the past, I have written some pieces on Obama, Alex Jones and Ron Paul. Because I cover so many things, from investment and economic analysis, to healthcare and politics, my time continues to beco...

Is Peter Schiff REALLY Still Pimping the Euro?

As time moves forward, while my own forecasts and recommendations continue to serve as a crystal ball, many of those made by Peter Schiff of Europacific Capital continue to form an emba...

Peter Schiff Exposes Porter Stansberry's False Claims to Make You Think He is Different

In the past, I have discussed that Porter Stansberry made numerous false claims in his snake oil video, The End of America. The video is so full of crap that I cannot watch it to remi...

Did You Get Fleeced by Max Keiser, Alex Jones and the Rest of the Stooges?

Several months ago I warned about the silver pump-and-dump being orchestrated by Max Keiser and Alex Jones. I recommend you refresh your memory here. First, let me say this. If you are naiv...

Mutual Fund Disasters: Harry Dent the Fund Manager

Seizing upon his media “celebrity,” (which essentially means you have sheep lining up for your perceived expertise, created solely by being seen on television) Dent formed an ETF in 2009 c...

A Look at Harry Dent's Track Record

Update on Dent (April 25, 2015): Check out this new video on Dent, showing his terrible track record Broken Clock Moron Of The Month: Harry Dent   Update on Dent May 3, 2015: M...

Harry Dent. Economist, Futurist & Contrarian Indicator

UPDATED info on Harry "Doomsday" Dent and his SHITTY track record (20014 - 2015): EXPOSED: More Doomsday Charlatans (Agora Financial Pt 1) Harry Dent, Wall Street Investment Bible an...

Max Keiser, Alex Jones and their Lackeys Scamming People AGAIN

(Updated on December 14, 2010) I hate to waste time on useless scumbag liars and profiteers. However, if you want to be a great investor, you have to be able to recognize trash in order to avoid it....

The Nonsense from Schiff Continues

Today, I’m going to show you just how misguided Peter Schiff remains. As expected, Schiff continues to cling onto his one-way investment approach, which is focused on extremes.  I am convi...

An Important Message from Peter Schiff

I just ran across this plea from Peter Schiff in my mail box and I had to make a comment. This is a man who took his 5-man brokerage firm and turned it into a staff of over 100 in less than 3 ye...

More Misguided "Forecasts" from Peter Schiff

In the past, I have addressed the errors made by Peter Schiff's analysis of the economy and healthcare.  For those of you who are still behind the curve and actually think Schiff...

What Alex Jones Doesn't Want You to Know

A few months ago, I wrote a brief piece on how Alex Jones has brainwashed so many people. Well, actually, I only discussed a tiny portion of it. I have not had the time to write more...

Peter Schiff: Wrong on the Economy, Wrong on Healthcare (Part 3)

From what I can tell, the ONLY thing Mr. Schiff understands about healthcare is the poor design of private medical insurance. The current system does not provide real insurance. It’s nothing mor...

Peter Schiff: Wrong on the Economy, Wrong on Healthcare (Part 2)

Lesson #5: Extremists are Always Useless and Often Dangerous Certainly, President Obama is not going about things in a manner I would advise. But Peter, you cannot use his extremist approach (or I...

Peter Schiff: Wrong on the Economy, Wrong on Healthcare (Part 1)

I normally don’t bother myself with reading personal views pumped out throughout the Internet. But I came across one of Peter Schiff’s pitches demonstrating just how off the mark he remain...

Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer's Staged Theatrics

I won’t go into any type colorful description of the “showdown” between Jon Stewart and CNBC’s Kim Cramer. If you’re reading this you already know about it.  What I...

Another Pubilicity Stunt from the White House

It’s been endless. Ever since Obama has entered office, he has continued to fool Americans by expressing his “outrage” and “shamefulness” of these ridiculous taxpayer-fun...

Don't Bet on Hyperinflation

For several months now, I’ve heard all of this talk of hyperinflation. I’m sure you have too. I’ve seen that word so many times over the past year that I might have even used it w...