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  • Mike Stathis is the best financial analyst in the world. He is also the most widely banned financial expert in U.S. history. Learn why.

  • ALL MEDIA is controlled by the JEWISH MAFIA, which engages in Massive Fraud

  • The Media Doesn't Want You to Know the Truth 

  • Advertisers Control ALL Media Content

  • The Media's Goal is to Promote Clowns as Experts

    The Media Works With Wall Street to Rip You Off

  • Find Out What the Wall Street and Media Cabal Don't Want You to Know. Learn how to beat them at their own game.

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  • Stathis holds the Best Forecasting Track Record Since 2006.       

    Check his track record [1][2][3][4][5][6

  • Mike Stathis is neither a perma-bear nor perma-bull. He is a real investment analyst.  Perma-bears and perma-bulls are NOT credible.

  • Mike's ability to see what others cannot has enabled those who have had access to his research to make tremendous amounts of money 

  • He has also recommended investments that are up by as much as 100X in only 10 years....that's a gain of 10,000%.  

  • Mike's rise as the World's Greatest Analyst began during his early years working on Wall Street

  • Today, he publishes investment research far superior to anything coming out of Wall Street

  • Skeptical?  Check His Track Record Yourself [1][2][3][4][5][6]

  • Don't Rely on Clowns and Disinformation. If you are not able to think for yourself you will always be a slave to scam artists.   

  • If You Keep Listening to the Media, You Will Keep Losing Money

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  • Mike Stathis' advice and research have been utilized by multi-billion dollar mutual funds, hedge funds & pension plans

  • AVA Investment Analytics is the World's Best investment research firm. Mike Stathis serves as the firm's chief investment strategist

  • Mike Stathis is the world's best securities analyst and market forecaster. These claims are backed by his track record. 



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