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In some cases, when specific investment guidance or strategies are requested, it will be necessary for us to know the details about your fund, your investment strategies and other information so we can devise the best strategy that considers all elements of risk. However, we do NOT provide personalized financial advice. We DO provide advice on securities analysis, trade setup and management and of course we also provide custom advice to financial advisers and fund managers.

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Is Mike Available for Speaking Events?

Mike is sometimes available for special group training sessions and speaking events.

If you have an interest in booking Mike to speak at your event, please contact us and inquire about availability and fees.

Under no circumstances will Mike speak for free so please don't ask. If you want a free speaker, contact one of the countless individuals who position themselves as an investment or business "expert" and will speak for free in order to sell his or her books, programs and funds.

If you want a professional speaker who will give you the illusion of value, there is also a very long list to chose from. But if you want your group to be injected with unique insight, business and investment intelligence, feel free to contact us and inquire about rates and availability.

If you would like Mike to be a participant of a group session or serve on a panel, please keep in mind that Mike is very strict about distancing himself from sources of low or questionable credibility, as well as dishonest and/or exploitative individuals.

If your organization would like to schedule Mr. Stathis or another member of the AVAIA team for an event, please inquire about availability and fees. You can hire a professional speaker who will give you feel-good hot air and motivational BS, or you can hire us for critical insight and analysis. You decide.

Below are just a few of the topics Mr. Stathis has presented for groups:

  • Intermediate and Long-term Economic and Stock Market Forecast
  • How to Manage Risk
  • How Wall Street and all business schools inaccurately characterize investment risk
  • Key Ingredients for Successful Investing
  • How to Determine Securities Valuation, OUR WAY
  • How to Determine Valuation of Anything
  • Investing During a Crisis
  • Practical Approaches to Measuring and Managing Risk
  • America's Financial Apocalypse
  • America's Healthcare Crisis
  • The Real Estate Market: Past Present and Future
  • The Truth About Mutual Funds
  • The Truth About Hedge Funds
  • Optimizing Intellectual Property
  • How to Raise Venture Capital
  • Investing in Private Equity