Real Estate

Similar to all types of investments, if you want to outperform in real estate you need to position yourself with a sustainable competitive advantage. We position our clients with our proprietary research analysis.  
We are leaders in real estate trend analysis, covering both residential and commercial markets in selected metropolitan areas. We have one of the best track records on real estate forecasting since we began coverage in 2005. Our chief investment strategist, Mike Stathis is uniquely positioned as the only financial professional in the world to have not only accurately forecast the details of the real estate bubble, but its consequences on the US real estate market, US and global economy and capital markets.
Our track record of excellence in real estate is much like the same in other segments of our business; it is unmatched anywhere. For a brief look at some of our previous action-centric real estate research, one need only refer to analysis and conclusions made by Mike Stathis in his landmark investment books.
Remember, only Mike Stathis accurately predicted the details of the worst real estate collapse in U.S. history. And only Mike Stathis predicted the bottom in real estate pricing before the collapse even began. Other so-called real estate experts such as Robert Shiller failed miserably in predicting the bottom in pricing. 
See here for excerpts pertaining to the real estate market.
The vast majority of real estate consulting firms are very limited in that they only follow industry data.  During severe real estate corrections, one must understand the economy and know what to expect. The narrow approach taken by most real estate consulting firms explains why they all missed the current real estate meltdown.
Most real estate consulting firms base forecasts on industry data. We first determine how accurate the data is, then we forecast various aspects of real estate using our understanding of economics and the capital markets.
Our focus in real estate is in the continental USA. However, we also analyze select real estate markets in parts of Europe, Asia and Latin America.
If you would like valuation analysis or if you would like us to assess real estate trends based on our economic forecast, contact us with the details of your project and we will provide you with a quote.