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Ever since the global financial crisis, it seems like just about everyone has used their audience to voice their views, despite the fact they have no expertise in these matters.

Many have started websites and newsletters, some with paid subscriptions, others asking for donations.

Almost overnight everyone bacame a virtual expert in economics and investments.

Many of these people are from a variety of questionable backgrounds. Some are unemployed. Some refuse to disclose their real identity. Most of them are in the business of selling greed and fear. And they seek to offer you insights. The only problem very few people today have an idea what is going on, including seasoned professionals from the financial and investment community. As you might imagine, it gets exponentially worse once you consider individuals outside of the financial industry who attempt to provide "insight." 

You need to ask yourself if these people have the expertise required to understand the complexity of investments and economics.

Are you tired of wasting your time reading what average Joes have to say about the economy and stock market?

Quite frankly, we are disgusted by people who have turned "financial gurus" overnight in order to profit from the desperation of investors.

Are you tired of the email trading services with bogus claims? 

On this website you are going to learn about these scam artists because we plan to expose them. 

The good news is that AVAIA has recently opened up its top-tier investment analytics and education resources to individuals due to overwhelming requests.

We understand that there are very few resources available that feature unbiased, accurate insights, with no agendas. We believe to be the only firm now available to the investment public that meets all three characteristics.

You will not see us pitching gold or other investments here.  We do not deal in precious metals or securities. You will only get unbiased insights from seasoned experts.   

The overall mission of AVAIA is to create sophisticated investors through education and demonstration. 

Those who come aboard as clients will receive intangible benefits unavailable elsewhere. 

We do not serve as registered investment advisers and will not provide individualized investment advice.