AVAIA Investment Boot Camp Series 3

Led by One of the Top Investment Minds in the World

Now that you've completed Boot Camp Series 1 & 2, you're ready for Series 3. 

Information about Boot Camp Series 1 & Series 2.

If you don't already know why Mike is arguably the world's leading investment analyst, we encourage you to take some time to examine his full investment research track record. 

See here, here, and here for Mike's world-leading track record on the 2008 financial crisis. 

More of Mike's track record can be seen herehereherehereherehere and here.

Netflix (NFLX)

How would you like to have bought Netflix (NFLX) at $3/share?  

Everyone knows what a great company Netflix (NFLX) is today.

Mike recommended NFLX in 2008 at $3 to take over video rentals.

He first recommended NFLX in the Wall Street Investment Bible.

He also predicted Blockbuster Video would go bankrupt. 

And he has recommended it every year since then. 

Nvidia (NVDA)

How would you like to have bought Nvidia (NVDA) at $2.70/share? 1

Everyone realizes how dominant Nvidia (NVDA) is today.

Mike started recommending NVDA  to his research clients in 2009.

He also listed NVDA as his #1 stock for long-term growth in 2009.  

Mike has kept NVDA on this recommended list each year since then.

1 this number had to be reduced from $11 reported in previous documentations of our track record in order to adjust for the recent 5-for-1 stock split.

We have many other examples of amazing calls Mike has made. 

But there's much more to Mike's research than spotting future market leaders early on.

Ever since Mike Stathis accurately forecast the 2008 financial crisis nearly two years in advance,* he has accurately forecast most of the major stock market selloffs and recommended reentering the market at or very close to the bottom, enabling more active investors to add even more gains.   

*See here, here, and here for Mike's world-leading track record on the 2008 financial crisis. 

Mike is also one of the top distressed securities analysts in the world.

And he has the track record to prove it.  

For instance, Mike predicted the following bankruptcies: 

  • Eastman Kodak
  • Enron
  • Bombay Company
  • Circuit City
  • Bon Ton
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Steinmart
  • Radio Shack
  • Sears Holding Company
  • Frontier Communications
  • Winstar Communications
  • SunEdison 
  • JC Penny
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond

There's even a longer list of stocks Mike predicted would avoid bankruptcy after having become distressed. This is where you can make huge money. 

But you need to be very careful because if you're wrong you can lose it all. 

If you're able to get it right just 60% of the time you're doing pretty good. Mike's track record of predicting companies that would rebound from being distressed is thus far 100% (as of February 2024).  

AVAIA Investment Boot Camp Series 3

9 to 12 Live Video Sessions with Analysis and Q&A

(over 30 hours of unique educational content from Mike Stathis)

In addition to the priceless education provided from Boot Camp Series 3, Mike will analyze and discuss several stocks during the case study sessions in order to demonstrate the practicality of his insights.

Boot Camp Series 3: Preliminary List of Topics to be Discussed

  • Below we list the planned (tentative) lectures to be updated throughout 2024.3
  • We believe that each of the lectures individually is worth the price of the entire series.
  • If you are familiar with Mike Stathis and his work, you are likely to agree.

Prelim. Session: Advanced Discussion on Valuation (40 min) 

                                               - Status: Session completed and published on November 1, 2023. 

Session 1: Introduction - Investing Overview (2.5 hours). 

                              - Status: Session completed and published on January 28, 2024. 

Session 2: 20 High-Yield Things You MUST KNOW (2 pts - 4 hours)

                              - This is Mikes’ list; not some generic trash you’ll get elsewhere.

                              - Mike discusses each topic in detail. 

                              - For many investors it will be the single most important session.  

                              - Status: Session completed and published on February 24 & 25, 2024. 


Session 3: Assets & Funds, Sectors & Industries (3 hours)

                              - Mike provides an overview of different assets, funds, sectors and industries.

                              - He then presents the financial, investment and risk dynamics of 15 stocks.

                              - Status: Session to be held live and published in April, 2024. 

Session 4: Economics & Investing: Big Picture (2 pts - est. 4 hrs)

                              - Mike discusses concepts needed to understand the big picture of investing.

                              - Everything will come together once you attend this session. 

                              - Status: Session to be held live and published in March, 2024. 

Session 5: Investment Dynamics of Sectors (2 pts - est. 3 hrs)

                              - Mike discusses important considerations when looking at different sectors.

                              - He will also discuss insights on valuing each sector. 

                              - Status: Session to be held live and published in May, 2024. 

Session 6: Wall Street Research: A Deep Dive (est. 2 hrs)

                              - Learn from a Wall Street insider how research works.

                              - Learn how to utilize Wall Street research and when to avoid it.

                              - Status: Session to be held live and published in June, 2024. 

Session 7: Market Valuation and Forecasting Techniques (est. 2 hrs)

                              - Are they more harmful than helpful?

                              - What’s the best way to utilize them?

                              -How do you find an analyst who can consistently forecast the market?

                              - Learn techniques Mike considers credible as well as ones he doesn't. 

                              - Learn how to properly utilize credible market forecasts.

                              - Status: Session to be held live and published in July, 2024. 

Session 8: Equities Valuation – Misconceptions & Realities (est. 2 hrs)

                               - Some material is based on the Wall Street Investment Bible.

                               - Updated material not contained in the Wall Street Investment Bible.

                               - Status: Session to be held live and published in August, 2024. 

Session 9: Overview of Equities Valuation (est. 2 hrs)

                               - Difference between textbook valuation and methods that get results.

                               - Learn how one of the world’s top analysts values securities.

                               - Status: Session to be held live and published in September, 2024. 

Session 10: Equities Valuation Examples & Case Studies (est. 2 hrs)

                                  - Status: Session to be held live and published in September, 2024. 

Session 11: How to Identify Blockbuster Stocks Early On (est. 2-3 hrs)

                                   - Mike shows things he looks for when trying to find big winners early on.

                                   - Mike discusses how he  spotted NFLX, NVDA and other winners early on.  

                                   - Status: Session to be held live and published in October, 2024. 

Session 12: High-Yield Financial Statement Analysis (est. 2-3 hrs)

                                  - Status: Session to be held live and published in November, 2024. 

Session 13: How to Use Charting Like an Expert (est. 2-3 hrs)

                                  - Mike breaks things down so that everyone can understand charting. 

                                  - He shows how to spot price breakouts and breakdowns.

                                  - He shows how to use basic technicals for asset and risk management. 

                                  - Case studies and (possibly) live examples (depending on scheduling). 

                                  - Status: Session to be held live and published in December, 2024. 


AVAIA Investment Boot Camp[1,2] - Series 3

  • You must have been or currently be enrolled in Boot Camp Series 1&2 to be eligible to enroll in Boot Camp Series 3.
  • This is a preliminary list of lecture topics. Each lecture topic is currently listed as an individual session for Boot Camp Series 3. However, this list should not be relied upon to be the final list. Once the boot camp materials have been prepared in detail, the final list of topics and lectures might merge or be removed. There is also the possibility we might add more topics. We expect the number of lectures to be between 10 to 12. The final list will be determined once the content for each lecture has been created. We expect to broadcast lectures once per month. All lectures will be recorded and available for later review. All recorded lectures will be made available to subscribers to this series for at least two years.
  • Although there is the need to provide some basic or background information, we estimate that the material to be presented in Boot Camp 3 will be approximately 90% unique and original. Thus, we do not anticipate the material will be found anywhere else unless someone plagiarizes us.  Each lecture is intended to focus on high-yield material. Therefore, you should not assume each lecture to be completely comprehensive.

Boot Camp Series 3

  • General Public: $6,995 (currently not available to the general public)
  • Members: $3,995
  • Research Clients: $3,599

  • Rates are subject to change at any time without advance notice. 

Previous Boot Camp Series

AVAIA Investment Boot Camp[1] – Series 1

  • General Public: $3,995
  • Members: $2,795
  • Research Clients: $2,195


AVAIA Investment Boot Camp[1] – Series 2

  • General Public: $3,995
  • Members: $2,795
  • Research Clients: $2,195


AVAIA Investment Boot Camp – Series 1 & 2 (combined)[2]

  • General Public: $6,595
  • Members: $3,995
  • Research Clients: $2,995



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[3] This course is being created and modified throughout 2024, so you should expect changes to be made in regards session topics. Session topics, details and estimated duration of sessions will be updated throughout 2024 based on content that has been published, so you should check back often to inspect any changes. 

* All pricing is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Note this program is strictly intended for educational purposes only. We will not provide personalized financial advice, nor will we provide specific recommendations to individuals regarding how they should invest or trade securities. In the course of the education presentation we may present securities analysis and trading opportunities, as well as entry and exit guidance for illustrative purposes only. This should not be taken as investment recommendations. We may provide fundamental and technical analysis assessments and discuss risk analysis. But it is up to each individual to determine the specifics of how to manage each trade or investments as well as suitability.

More About Our Boot Camp Series

Each presentation was created and delivered by one of the top investment minds in the world. 

We believe the Boot Camp Series to be the best investment education in the world. 

This material is very unique, essential and extremely valuable for furthering your investment education. Perhaps most important, each presentation was created and delivered by one of the top investment minds in the world. 

Having access to the best investment research in the world can only help you so much. If you do not understand how to interpret and utilize the research to suit your own skill level and investment strategy, you might not be able to properly utilize the research.  Remember, real investment research does not advise you to consistently take specific actions. Rather, it provides general guidance with additional considerations which enable you to formulate a decision tree based on your own investment strategy along with any changes that occur once the research has been published.

In short, you must understand what you are doing. You must also have good judgment. This means you need to understand many things about the investment process that you will never learn from reading investment books. In fact, reading investment books is a huge waste of time and is usually even detrimental to becoming a really good investor. So where does one turn for the insight they need to become a great investor?

Unless you're a very experienced and successful investment professional, you're not likely to understand what you need to go at it on your own or even with our research. That's why we've created the AVA Investment Analytics Investment Boot Camp.

If you glance at the topics of discussion you will notice the absence of very generic and basic concepts such as a discussion of P/E ratios and so forth. This was intentional. We want enrollees to get the most for their money so Mike has designed this program to include concepts and insights beyond the very basic material. Basic information can be obtained for free everywhere but is only worth what you pay for it which is nothing.

Most investors are likely to view this material as advanced. If you think this material is advanced, you have set the bar too low for yourself. If so, you most likely get slaughtered in the markets. We believe this material to be the bare minimum of what investors need in order to create a competitive advantage. And if you do not have a sustainable competitive advantage with regards to other investors, you had better have an endless supply of money or else you should expect to get slaughtered. 

While these programs have been designed specifically for retail investors, even experienced financial professionals have told us that these sessions provided priceless insights they had never come across even after several years in the industry. 

And if you are familiar with Mike's investment forecasting track record, the unique insights he has presented in his books, articles and videos, this should come as no surprise because he is clearly one of the world's leading financial minds today.

The material presented in these programs is 100% original and unique. You aren't going to find this material anywhere else in the world because it has been developed by Mike Stathis based on two decades of professional experience and success working in the capital markets as a financial adviser, merchant banker, analyst, hedge fund adviser and venture capitalist.  

Our Boot Camp Series are Not so-called "investing courses," but rather a series of instructional videos which teach essential knowledge, insights and skills required to raise your investment IQ so that you are able to better understand how the capital markets really work, how to analyze stocks, understand risk, and and manage your investments.    

Click here to learn more about Mike Stathis and his investment track record

Mike assists hedge funds, endowments and financial firms as the Chief Investment Strategist of AVA Investment Analytics. He provides clients with proprietary investment strategies, valuation analysis, market forecasting, risk management and distressed securities analysis.

As arguably the only person in the world who predicted the financial apocalypse in detail, Mike was also the only financial professional to have turned bullish at the market bottom.  This spurred the initiation of our first research publication, the Intelligent Investor. 

Mike's amazing insights combined with the accuracy of his investment and economic forecasts has has positioned him as one of America's most astute and creative financial experts.

Prior to forming AVA Investment Analytics, Mike worked at UBS, followed by Bear Stearns, where he focused on asset management and merchant banking. He is also the Managing Principal of Apex Venture Advisors. Mike has served as an adviser to various hedge funds, endowments, pension plans, private equity and venture capital funds.