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Trading Assistance

Please email us with your request and we will provide you with an estimate.  

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Please note that we do not post any investment research or educational videos on the website.

All investment research video presentations are stored on different platforms.

We sometimes post results of our research on this website. When this has been done we will disclose it. 

No articles on the website should be construed as research unless we state the content is from our securities or other research. 

All articles published on this website are commentaries and discussions but should not be construed to represent our official research.

We do NOT advocate securities trading as a prudent form of investing. However, we believe that there are times when investors should be more active and thus should know how to trade securities. This involves a deep understanding of many components, from behavioral finance and sentiment to technical and fundamental analysis.

We offer one-on-one trading assistance to all of our clients on an hourly basis. However, the spots for this are extremely limited.

We will help you determine trade setup and exit, discuss trading opportunities, teach you how to trade, etc.

We offer specific investment and trading strategies to institutional clients.

We do not provide personal financial advice to individual investors.