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Our Monthly Research Publications

Please make certain you understand what each research publication provides before you subscribe. A great way to obtain better insight as to whether our research publications are for you is to become a Member of the website so you can have access to a huge source of content, some of which highlights portions of old research.

In particular, a Premium Membership entitles you to have access to older Market Forecasting video presentations.

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We do not provide an "alert" or "trading service," whereby we send emails telling you when to buy and sell securities.

We consider such activity gambling.

And we consider such services as pure scams, run by scam artists.  

We provide subjective forward-looking professional unbiased research that is meant to be used as a resource to assist each investor's investment strategies, and/or to be used for educational purposes. 

In addition, we also provide numerous points of learning, with the intent of helping each subscriber to become more independent over time.

We do not sell securities, precious metals, or advertisements, nor do we have any business relationship with any such providers.

You should be very wary of firms that offer research or analysis while selling securities, precious metals, or advertisements. 

Because we are a leading investment research firm offering world-class research, we do NOT offer "trials."  

You don't ask a legitimate investment research firm for a "trial" subscription to their research, especially if they have a published track record that can be inspected.

Read Mike Stathis books, his previous articles, check his track record posted on this website.

That is the only "trial" intelligent investors will ever need.

The problem is that most investors are so accustomed to useless "research" that comes with "trials" they think this is an acceptable request.

The fact is that 99.9% of so-called investment newsletters are copywriting trash published by marketing experts and con men who have no professional experience or credentials in the financial industry.

Thus, it is insulting to ask us for "trials" when our research is overseen by a Wall Street insider and one of the best investment analysts in the world.

Thus, asking us for a "trial" demonstrates you have not spent sufficient time and effort examining our track record.

We do not want to sell  research subscriptions to lazy, greedy, or impulsive individuals because these types of individuals are not likely to do well with legitimate research. 

Trial memberships are offered by scam artists who have no track record or a terrible track record, so they want to assure you that you can get a refund after you lose your life savings listening to them, but they won't refund the money you lost from listening to their misguided recommendations.

Trial memberships are also sought by those who either are not aware of the track record of the research firm or else by those who are unsure that they will be able to utilize the research. We cannot determine the latter issue. Only each individual can determine this.

But we can point to our track record.

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When are the newsletters released?

Each investment newsletter is published on a MONTHLY basis.

On occassion we do issue a report between issues if there is a major change that we are able to identify, report and publish in a timely manner.

However, this is usually a rare event that should not be expected during the course of an annual subscription term.

Subscribers are expected to commit sufficient time and effort needed to utilize the research because we only provide forecasts and generic guidance, which must be adjusted with new data and events in between monthly publications.

Remember, one of the objectives of subscribing to our investment research is to provide subscribers with a guide. We do not feel it is prudent to "hold the hand" of subscribers.

By keeping our research restricted to a monthly publication, it forces subscribers to become less dependent on daily knee-jerk reactions and encourages them to focus more on high-yield developments.

However, we understand that there are an endless number of investor types and objectives. Thus, those who are seeking more frequent analysis should look into our live call-in sessions.

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All prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notification. Current pricing may not necessary be reflected by the banners below. All current pricing is taken as that which is listed in the Paypal payment area (upper right-hand banners on the home page).


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The Market Forecaster is intended for investors who want to exploit the tremendous benefits of market timing.
Some will use this publication as a guide to determine when to add or reduce their mutual fund holdings.
Others will use it in conjunction with other investment resources to determine how they should optimize their other resources. For instance, some investors may subscribe to newsletters that provide stock or options alerts. But if you do not have an idea where the market is headed, these alerts could result in losing trades. 
It is a great publication for investors who focus on trading market index ETFs or index funds.
It is also valuable for investors who want to avoid huge market corrections, as well as take advantage of large rallies or bull runs.
Because up to 90% of the direction of most stocks is determined by the movement of the overall stock market, if you can detect most of the big market movements you can easily outperform most investors.
The bottom line is that timing the market is extremely important. If done so with consistency, it can lead to tremendous investment gains even one has no idea about anything else. Thus, this newsletter is an absolute must for every investor, even investors who take a passive approach. 
Hopefully by now you can appreciate just how important it is to know how to forecast the stock market. We hold one of the best market forecasting track records in the nation.
Market forecasting is arguably the most difficult task in the investment process. This is why very few firms even offer this service. And most that do offer market forecasting do not yield good results.
Our results have been spectacular, beginning from Mike’s forecast of the stock market collapse down to the low 6000s (Dow Jones Industrial Average), his recommendation to begin buying at 6500, and his continued forecasts and recommendations to remain in the market for about 90% of the time since then (as of April 2011).
This publication provides monthly market analysis and forecasting for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian stock markets (through analysis of the large cap ETFs).
On occasion and at our discretion, we will also cover small and mid cap or specialty ETFs from these and other emerging markets. It is the same material published in the market forecasting sections of the Intelligent Investor newsletter.


Dividend Gems is meant for readers who focus on dividend-bearing securities, and who want to take a more active approach to managing their dividend investments.
  • Each security is tracked monthly and issued a rating based on several factors such as dividend safety, dividend growth, business stability, long-term grow prospects, new catalysts, and other variables.
  • We also alert readers on dividend capture strategies and other methods that can be used to collect income and exploit the relative volatility from these investments.
  • We also provide an analysis of trading opportunities when we spot them in advance so that investors can actively manage their positions.
  • Like all of our newsletters, Dividend Gems will also provide educational material from current or recent security activity in order to help readers become more skilled investment managers.


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NOTE: Our publications are not available for purchase by any individual or company that provides research. All of our research publications are protected by copyright and trade secret.

We will AGRESSIVELY pursue all violations of our intellectual property rights through our legal counsel, Kenyon & Kenyon.

If you want to utilize our research for your own clients and commercial publications, you must contact us and we will quote you a price.


Mike Stathis has the BEST track record in the world
on the economic collapse. 
In fact, Mike has backed up this claim by offering $100,000 to the first person who can prove that another financial professional can match his track record. See here.
This offer has been active for over two years now, yet we have not received a single submission.
Why?  Because no one can come close to matching his track record
Let's take a brief look at Mike's track record over the past few years:
  • He predicted Dow ~6500, gold to at least $1400 (possibly to $2000/$2100), silver to at least $30, oil to pass $100 (America's Financial Apocalypse)
  • He advised readers to short Fannie, Freddie, several other mortgage stocks, the banks, and homebuilders in his 2007 book, Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble.
  • He also warned that Countrywide was in a dangerous position (Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble).
  • He predicted the collapse of General Motors and General Electric (America's Financial Apocalypse and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble)
  • He predicted the bailout of Fannie and Freddie in America's Financial Apocalypse (2006)
  • He advised investors to hold a large cash position and wait for the market to collapse
  • He predicted the commodity correction and advised this would be the time to buy commodities and Chinese equities (America's Financial Apocalypse)
  • He advised readers to buy gold and silver, oil trusts and healthcare and stay out of everything else until after the mess subsided (America's Financial Apocalypse)
  • He predicted a collapse in real estate prices down to 30% to 35% nationwide, with certain areas to fall by 50% to 55% (America's Financial Apocalypse)
  • He predicted up to 14 million foreclosures due to the bursting of the real estate bubble (America's Financial Apocalypse)
  • He predicted a massive sell-off in stock markets around the globe once the MBS market collapsed (America's Financial Apocalypse)
  • He warned that Washington Mutual would be bought out just weeks before JPMorgan purchased it for pennies on the dollar (online article, public domain)
  • He uncovered the fraud and insider trading activities behind Washington Mutual (online article, SEC complaint released into the public domain)
  • He exposed the back room dealings behind Bank of America's purchase of Merrill Lynch the next day after the buy-out was announced (online article released into the public domain)
  • He predicted the stock market crash down to almost the exact bottom IN ADVANCE (America's Financial Apocalypse followed up with several online articles released into the public domain in August and November 2008)
  • He predicted WHEN it would happen, IN ADVANCE (online article released into the public domain in August 2008)
  • He advised investors to buy EXACTLY at the bottom (online article released into the public domain in early March 2009)
  • He has advised investors to remain in the stock market all the way up since reaching the March 2009 lows (for 95% of the time; newsletter issues)
His securities recommendations have blown way past the market returns
So what are you waiting for?  More investment recommendations from the clowns and con artists positioned as investment experts by the media?  Good luck.
Research their track records and you will see why the media floods you with these so-called "experts."  
NEVER Forget this fact. The financial media works exclusively for Wall Street because they receive the majority of their revenues from Wall Street. 
The is similar with all of the media and its cozy relationship with corporate America.  
By positioning its audience with clowns, extremists, and others who have no real credibility, the media pleases its financial sponsors by confusing its audience, and keeping them in the dark.
This makes it much easier for Wall Street to take the money of Main Street.