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Equities Research


We provide general equities research, distressed securities analysis, asset allocation, investment strategy, risk management, market forecasting and trading assistance to institutional investors. We provide market forecasting to retail clients.

We utilize proprietary risk management and market forecasting algorithms developed by Mike Stathis. Mr. Stathis has a proven track record of consistently forecasting major market declines and rallies. 

Our results have a very strong track record when used as recommended.  
We offer customized research and investment/trading strategies, market and economic forecasting for our institutional clients. Our analyses to institutional investors are delivered by formal written reports and phone consultation. Please email us for rates and coverage.

Our family office clients are protected by very strict confidentiality agreements.

You can be assured that no one will know what was discussed or recommended. We sign NDAs with all institutional clients to ensure complete confidence in protecting your privacy.

Our research is comprehensive, covering fundamental and technical analysis of individual equities, relevent macroeconomics, as well as industry trends.

We also provide asset allocation and hedging strategies utilizing proprietary risk management techniques, many which fall under trade secret law.

We cover the following securities types as a part of our normal research activities:

  • High-tech
  • Cyclicals
  • Growth
  • Value
  • Income
  • Commodities
  • Precious Metals
  • Risk-adjusted Securities (weighted for market risk)


We cover the following types of investments:

  • Common Stocks
  • Preferred Stocks
  • Closed-end funds
  • Oil & Gas Trusts
  • Mutual Funds
  • Private Equity


We also cover emerging markets, specifically in Asia and Latin America.