Blast from the Past: Jewish Con Greg Hunter (Promoter of Gold-Pumping Con Artists) Said Gold is Cheap on Aug 11, 2011

Greg Hunter ran a ridiculously scammy fake news YouTube channel for several years until it was (apparently) shut down after publishing hundreds of videos promoting gold-pumping con artists, lies, fake news and weird conspiracy garbage. 

During the decade in which Hunter ran his YouTube channel he promoted just about every single gold and silver kingpin clown, con artist and fraudster you can imagine, and then some.

In fact, I frequently pointed to Hunter's channel as a quick way to spot the majority of the gold and silver pumping kingpins and cons.  Make no mistake, everyone interviewed by Hunter for his YouTube channel should be assumed as a con artist or clown.  

Fortunately, I recorded some images (and videos) of Hunter's channel, USAwatchdog showing some of the clowns and cons he featured over the years as evidence of my claims (below).  

More so than anyone else Hunter featured a particularly moronic clown, who as it would turn out is actually a huge fraud and pathological liar by the name of...

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