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The Boston Blackout of 2023 - Porter Stansberry's Latest Fear-Mongering Scam

Unfortunately, most people have forgotten how critical it is to know the credibility and reliability of the sources they choose to follow.

Instead of checking credentials and track records, they go by the number of likes, fake comments, fake reviews, and hearsay from people they have no idea about. 

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The investment copywriting industry is responsible for the majority of clickbait ads posted alongside economic and investment-related news found on mainstream media websites.

Without exception, these scammy ads are sprinkled throughout what were once somewhat reputable financial news publications such as Bloomberg, Barron's, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and other well-known financial/investment/business publications. 

You can even find these scammy ads on the world's (formerly) most reputable news wires like Reuter's, Associated Press, and UPI. 

These deceitful ads are also littered throughout publications that were never too credible, such as Forbe's, Businessweek, Kiplinger, etc., although most people are unaware they are being lied to by these ads..  

Some of the most prominent websites today are essentially news aggregators.

Aggregator websites collect articles from external sources through syndication deals and other arrangements made with publishers.  

Just a few of the examples you’re probably familiar with include Yahoo Finance, Google Money, AOL, MSN, Huffington Post, as well as hundreds of smaller, newer, and less known websites.  

Although many of the largest and best-known aggregator sites also publish their own in-house content, a sizable percentage of this content is often created by volunteers who are happy to work for free in order to gain exposure.

Many of these individuals provide articles to aggregator sites in order to attract new customers to their investment fund or newsletter. 

Most often they are aspiring scam artists.   

To the unsophisticated investor, seeing articles from these websites published on larger more recognized sites is taken to mean the content and source are credible.

But nothing could be further from the truth.   

And then there are newer, scammy investment-related aggregator websites which use freelancers to pump out useless articles which are often misleading if not outright fraudulent. The content is specifically created  to sell ads and scammy services promoted by false and misleading claims. 

Other websites utilize phantom copywriting techniques when publishing investment-related news and other content designed to sell subscriptions to "special services" and reports labeled as "research," such as Zachs, Morningstar, Motley Fool, TheStreet, Seeking Alpha, and many others. 

There are also websites like Guru Focus and Insider Monkey, which try to sell you the ridiculous notion that you will beat the market if you follow what investment "legends" are buying. 

They also sell their own services using false and misleading marketing tactics.

These websites are running what I consider as scams.  

And then there's websites like TipRanks. This site basically claims you can beat the market if you follow recommendations from the best analysts, ranging from Wall Street analysts to bloggers. This claim is so outlandish I consider it to be a fraudulent business model.  

Incidentally, TipRanks was paying YouTube fake investment guru, liar, fraudster, and FTX Ponzi scheme shill Tom Nash as one of its "experts."  

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