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Mike Discusses the Realities About Retiring in SE Asia

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Sydney Morning Herald is Confirmed Fake News Garbage

Apparently, everyone predicted the 2008 financial crisis, as evidenced by yet another newcomer. This time it's the BS artist and fake populist Elizabeth Warren. Not only did I, Mike Stathis predict t...

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It's Time for the Truth. White People Are Superior

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How to Get Our Research for Free

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Blast from the Past: Mike Stathis Predicts China's Stock Bubble and Its Collapse in Advance

As a legitimate provider of investment research focused on market forecasting, securities analysis and various trading strategies, we serve a very broad range of investors, from the average person loo......

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What Does a Business Grand Opening Look Like in Vietnam?

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World's Top Investment Analyst Discusses the Realities About COVID-19

The following videos were recorded on April 7, 2020 and are being released for the first time today.   Email us for republication requests. Click the box below and wait for the video to......

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Opening Statement from the March 2020 Dividend Gems

Opening Statement from the March 2020 Dividend Gems Originally published on March 15, 2020 Overview Over the past several months we have been gradually increasing our bearish bias on the stock ma...

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