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Con Man Robert Kiyosaki Claims You Can Survive the Market Crash if You Buy His Board Game

Robert Kiyosaki continues to push the limits of stupidity.  Kiyosaki's latest pitch shows how confident he is that his cult members are brainless idiots.  His message is basically that "I...

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Ron Paul Has a Stroke. Let's Hope That Con Man Goes Down Soon.

Through his fear-mongering, disinformation and wild conspiracies, Ron Paul has caused countless numbers of his emotionally unstable, low-IQ cult members to lose tremendous amounts of money over the ye...

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Max Keiser Creates Fake News in Order to Run Scams

Max Keiser has been in the business of creating fake news for well over a decade, but not by accident nor due to ignorance. Keiser is in the fake news business. Keiser entered the into the business...

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Nobody in His Right Mind Would Listen to Jim Rogers

For more than a decade as part of my mission to expose the various tactics used by the financial media to fool main street, I have published numerous articles and videos exposing Jim Rogers as a clown...

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More Proof Ron Paul is a SCAM ARTIST

I exposed Ron Paul as a huge scam artist many years ago when he was fooling the masses with his complete pointless and distracting "End the Fed" message.  Why is the "End the Fed" rant pointless...

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Valuable Lessons from the Kolfage-Bannon Fund the Wall Scam

For background material on this piece, please refer to the following link Mike Stathis Was Right AGAIN When He Exposed the Build the Wall GoFundMe Campaign as a Scam When it comes to exposing fr...

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Ricky Gutierrez is a Huge Liar and Scam Artist Duping Naive Suckers Using Internet Marketing Fraud

Says who? The world's leading investment analyst and forecaster, who happens to also be an Ivy League educated scientist as well as a very experienced Wall Street trader and world-leading inves...

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Meet Jim Cramer: Failed Investor, Charlatan and Hypocrite

Jim Cramer has been manipulating securities and misleading the sheep who watch CNBC for many years. Yet, no one calls him out on his securities manipulation or horrendous calls, so you shouldn'......

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