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Mike Unravels the Deceit and Disinformation from Wall Street and the Financial Media

Exposing Wall Street and Media Disinfo (November 4, 2019) ...

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USA Today is a Jewish-Run Scam that Publishes Fake News

The images below were taken from an article published by the Jewish-run newspaper USA Today proving it as a fake news publication.  None of the individuals below predicted the 2008 financial cr......

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The Most Valuable Investment Advice Ever

In this 40 minute audio, Mike provides critical investment related insights.

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Do You Recall the Narratives that Dominated Financial Media 10 Years Ago?

Does anyone remember this video we made about ten years ago?  Consider what's happened since that time.  Look at the US stock market, etc.   Now ask yourself why these same c......

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More Jewish Media Tricks - "New York City rich and poor — the inequality crisis"

Take a look at this "documentary" created by the German public broadcasting company DW. Of course it's run by Jews as you can imagine. Notice how they lure you in by the title which claims it's abou...

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Mike Exposes the Criminal Nature of the Financial Media

The following audio was originally published in 2015. ...

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Facebook, Google, Controlled Opposition and the Jewish Mafia

The following audio was originally recorded in 2014 (est.) but was never published due to an aversight. ...

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The Commenting Scam is Advertising Fraud and a Tax on Consumers

The following audio was unscripted, unrehearsed, unedited and originally recorded in early 2018.   ...

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Financial Crisis Coverup by Reuters Prick Dan Wilchens

Take a look at this email to Dan Wichens from Reuters regarding information I had regarding Washington Mutual. This is the same guy who yelled over the phone to me that my allegations regarding Delt......

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