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If You Expose Jewish Control They Will Come After You

That's what happened to Patricia McCalister. After she exposed the truth about the Jewish mafia and proposed a lenient remedy, she was fired from her teaching position at the Los Angeles country sch......

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Black Lives Matter: William Piece Realized the Jews Were Creating a Race War Many Years Ago

After listening to this speech you will understand the people behing "Black Lives Matter."  Dr William Luther Pierce Discusses How the Jewish Media Has Destroyed Gentile Minds and Societies......

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Mike Talks About Martin Luther King and More

The following video discussion was recorded on MLK day. You might want to review the previous article that was published on MLK.  See Remembering Martin Luther King: Communist, Fraud, Pla......

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Jewish Wall Street Scum Leon Black Steps Down After Strong Ties to Jewish Pedo Pimp Jeff Epstein Revealed

Is Leon Black a child rapist? Listen to what Mike has to say in the following video regarding the circumstantial evidence that's been revealed thus far, and you can decide for yourself. 

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Con Man, Fraud and Capitol Hill Riot Leader Alex Jones Should Be in Prison

Yes. Alex Jones should be in prison.  Take a look at the first video below and decide for yourself.  If Alex Jones Is not arrested for sedition you should take it as evidence that he......

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Jewish Criminals Running YouTube Promote Black Gutter Trash Culture

Is this the best of what black Americans have to offer? I don't think so. Why promote this victimization, gutter trash nonsense when so many black people are trying to lift themselves out of pover......

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Remembering Martin Luther King: Communist, Fraud, Plagiarist, Degenerate, Sociopath and Jewish Puppet

Decide for yourself what you think the truth is. One thing is certain. When the Jewish media portrays someone as a "great human being" you can bet it's far from the truth.  

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Jewish-Run Corporate America is Racist Against Whites

This is but one of countless examples of corporate America promoting black people in their sales and marketing materials. This behavior has been going on for years. And it's now being turbo charged......

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Mike Talks About the Capitol Hill Trump Riots

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