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Who it’s For: Entrepreneurs, startup companies, early, mid and even late stage executives.

Overview: Based on his wide range of experience on Wall Street as a financial adviser and merchant banker, as well as his experience working with private equity and venture capital firms, Mike is equipped to assist in virtually every aspect of getting an early stage company where it needs to be in order to satisfy customers and investors. 

As a part of this package, Mike and his team will contribute up to 20 hours in order to analyze all data, materials and conduct interviews with the entrepreneur and his team as well as others in order to formulate a needs analysis and make preliminary determinations regarding strategic direction, business viability, and to help improve the overall chances of success of the venture. This initial assessment is required before we can even begin to assist the client and is in addition to the 30 additional hours of phone and research support discussed below.

How it Works: Once the initial assessment and recommendations have been made, the client will receive a consultation package consisting of a total of 20 hours of phone support and 10 hours of research for you and your team of executives.

Mike will provide you with assistance in the selection of board members, officers, legal and accounting personnel, help make performance assessments, provide recommendations regarding your business model, business strategy, marketing strategy, and help you understand, select and help you negotiate deal terms, assist in negotiations with vendors, investors (angel and venture capitalists) and more as time permits. We will not directly make any negotiations on your or your company’s behalf, but we will provide recommendations in order to assist you and your colleagues with negotiations. 

Cost: Please inquire with the details about you and your firm and we will provide you with a quote. 

Note: Your business must meet certain criteria prior to acceptance into this program.

We reserve the right to reject any applicants we believe could use our research in a manner that violates our Terms of Service. Due to time constraints, this program is extremely limited on a first-come basis.

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Mike’s work in the private markets includes valuation analysis, deal structuring, and business strategy, with a technology focus in biopharmaceuticals, healthcare IT and telemedicine.

Mike has advised numerous multi-billion dollar hedge funds, venture capital firms and pension plans.  He has advised countless entrepreneurs, startup, early and middle stage companies. He has structured and negotiated financing terms for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital. Finally, he has structured business spin offs, analyzed and written hundreds of business plans for entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 corporations and venture capital firms. His first book, The Startup Company Bible for Entrepreneurs has been used in business schools as a required text for completion of the MBA program.