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Special Research Videos

Here we have included two video series, both of which are encrypted: Analysis of 20 Stocks Over $100 and 60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves. These landmark video series were published in early 2012. As you will see, most of the stocks analyzed in these series led to huge gains as forecast by Mike Stathis. 1

Despite the age of these videos, we have included them as part of the extra material available to Premium Members because we believe the educational content is very valuable.

1 Encrypted folders do not have links so there are no links to the videos to post. You should receive access to these videos once you log into your Screencast account so long as you have gone through the encryption process.

If you are a Premium Member and you do not see the these videos once you are logged into your Screencast account, please let us know and indicate the email that you use for Screencast and we will initiate or retry the encryption procedure. If you would like to upgrade from Lite to Premium, please email us for instructions.