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Fear-mongering Profiteer Adam Taggart Promotes Broken Clock Con Jim Rogers

Click on the empty box below and wait for the video to load.  ...

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Jim Rogers (2011): "Farmers Will Be Driving Lamborghinis"; a 10-year Followup

Jim Rogers has been praised as a top "commodities expert" by countless media outlets for several years. Indeed, Jim Rogers is a "legendary" investor according to the media. Despite the fact t...

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Jewish Fear-Mongering Con Artists Presented by Fake News Scam Portal, YouTube

What do you get when you combine Porter Stansberry, David Morgan and Daniela Cambone, with a cheap car and YouTube?  You get the typical gold-pumping, fear-mongering fake news disinfo horse shit...

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Lynette Zang Pitching Disinfo and Fear-Mongering in Order to Sell You Gold

Sit back and listen to the typical disinfo claims, bogus analogies, and scare tactics pitched by gold hucksters. As you listen to Zang explain why you should be scared out of mind holding stocks and...

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Peter Schiff's Terrible Track Record Exposed by the World's Top Investment Analyst

Mike's videos exposing the gang of fear mongering, doomsday con artists are legendary. No one else in the world was making these types of videos several years ago. Even today there is no one else w...

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Gold Pumping Snake Oil Specialist Lynette Zang Preaches the Hyperinflation Hoax

I was perhaps the first person in the world to explain why it's virtually impossible for the US to experience hyperinflation. Even today many years later, I still have never read or heard anyone expla...

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CNBC Trading "Expert" Jon Najarian Promotes "Crypto King" Ponzi Scheme Crook John Caruso

Folks, you really don't even need to do any research on Jon or Pete Najarian to realize they are used car salesmen. Just look at their cheesey clothing and jewelry. And once you hear Jon Najarian's...

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