Blast from the Past: Mike Stathis Predicted the Bankruptcy of Sears Many Years Ago

As the rumors of Sears' (SHLD) announcement of bankruptcy proceedings build, it's a good time to reflect on the past.

Below is a blast from the past whereby Mike Stathis not only predicted an eventual bankruptcy for Sears years in advance, he actually "guaranteed" it would happen (video excerpts below). 

Those of you who have been following Mr. Stathis for some time probably also recall that he made the same guarantee regarding RadioShack (RSH) several years before it's bankrutcy (video excerpts below). 

The chart below illustrates the immediate results after Stathis released his special video series highlighting 60 stocks he believed would move by a huge amount (up and down). 

The video series was first released in May 2012 and can be accessed with a Premium Membership.

Mike has also gone on record as early as 2011 having predicted bankruptcy (or an distressed sale) for JC Penny (JCP) during a time when "genius" fund managers such as George Soros, Bill Ackman and Kyle Bass were stockpiling millions of shares.

And then the CNBC bozo Steve Cortez went on CNBC and recommended both Sears (SHLD) and JCPenny (JCP).  

Mike Stathis Predicts Sears' Demise (along with Radio Shack and JC Penny) Years Ago While Exposing CNBC Idiots

Even Wall Street analysts were too thick (or too crooked) to downgrade shares of JCP in a timely manner. Please research this for yourself so you can see how ridiculous things are.

If you're paying attention to the "genius" fund managers and other "experts" in the media or even Wall Street analysts, you're going to get completely SLAUGHTERED. 

According to Mr. Stathis "Only a fool would have bought Sears, RadioShack or JCPenny anytime after 2003 when it became apparent these companies weren't going to make it without a miracle."

As subscribers to our research already realize, this was only one of many career-making calls made by Mike Stathis.

Stathis has made thousands of amazing calls, from his recommendation back in 2008 to short Blockbuster Video and buy Netflix (NFLX), his call to buy NVDA at $10 in 2009, as well as naming NVDA as his #1 stock for long-term growth in 2009, to his bankruptcy predictions with RadioShack, Circuit City, Bombay Company, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, as well as his recommendations to short Fannie, Freddie, the sub-prime mortgage stocks, GE, GM, the banks, and so much more (see America's Financial Apocalypse, original extended 2006 version and the Wall Street Investment Bible for details).  

In addition to the short calls on SHLD, JCP, RSH and several other brilliant shorts made by Mike Stathis, he also recommended shorting the prime lenders (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), the sub-primes, GE, GM, the banks and homebuilders. See here, here, here and here

His brilliant track record is by no means limited to securities analysis.

Mike Stathis has also achieved the world's leading stock market forecasting track record since 2006 (some examples here and here) and is certainly one of the top foreign currency, precious metals and commodities trading analysts in the world today (check our research publications track record).   

Those who are familiar with Mike's stock market forecasting realize his track record is legendary. 


Watch the video below to see why America's Financial Apocalypse is the greatest investment book of all time.

Now ask yourself why you didn't know about this book. Ask yourself why the only books you heard of are those written by charlatans who have been wrong for years and who do nothing but fear monger. Ask yourself why the media has never aired Miek Stathis or even mentioned his world-leading track record. Ask yourself why you cannot even find mention of him or his track record on the most shotty of blogs of websites that cover financial and investment insights. Figure it out folks. Everything out there is fake news designed to scam you. 

It is a fact that Mike Stathis has the best investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006. And although the title of world's best analyst is obviously subjective, we believe Mike holds this title. 

This claim can be demonstrated by a detailed examination of his track record, much of which can be found on this website. All of these claims are based on his published research track record which is reflected in research publications (written, audio and video) and his previous books.  

Again, the specific examples listed above represent only a tiny sample of his amazing calls. Yet, he has rarely made any bad calls.

Make no mistake. Mike Stathis is human and is not perfect. And it's impossible for anyone to get everything completely right all of the time. But we cannot think of a single major call he has missed that led to large losses. If there have been one or two bad calls we are not aware of, this doesn't really matter because his winning percentage is still extraordinarily high.  No one will ever be 100% right all of the time. Anyone who makes that claim should not be trusted. 

Stathis was also the only person in the world to have acccurately predicted the financial crisis and advised getting out of the stock market 18 months before the crisis, BUT THEN became bullish and advised buying into the stock market FOR THE FIRST TIME on the EXACT BOTTOM on March 10, 2009.

No one else in the world can make this claim. Mike Stathis is the only person on earth who achieved this amazing feat. 

As a result, those who following Mike Stathis' recommendations were able to sell the stock market at the highs and even short the various stocks he recommended which went bankrupt or near-bankrupt, and get back into the market at the exact bottom, ride the market up all while navigating the selloffs and rallies. 

Did I mention that Mike Stathis also recommended investors buy Netflix at $3 not as a trade but rather as a fundamental game changer, while shorting Blockbuster Video due to its failed business model and obvious demise? Stathis has remained bullish on NFLX since first recommending it more than 10 years ago. He has also accurately provided trading forecasts for NFLX, enabling investors to capture huge gains from the volaitility. 

Did I mention that Mike Stathis recommended NVDA in his first research publication in June 2009 at $10 stating NVDA as his best stock for long-term growth. Did I mention that he has kept NVDA on his recommended securities list all through it's current price of $260? 

Mike Stathis has kept his clients in the stock market since then while having also forecast nearly all of the major market selloffs, including nailing the bottoms. 

He has gotten just about every single major call right and his hit-miss ratio is extraordinarily high. But he does not offer a trading service. He provides research for investors seeking to actively manage their portfolios.

The fact is that Mike Stathis is the most remarkable investment analyst in the world today. The breadth of his research coverage alone is staggering. And when you add his accuracy to the large universe of research coverage, it's difficult to believe. But it's all true.

Stathis knows that no one can touch his track record, yet he was black-balled from the media upon the release of what is now the world's most insightful and profitable investment book ever written in 2006.

After seeing how he was being completely ignored by all media, Mr. Stathis issued a $1 million reward for anyone who could prove his track record is not the best in the world.

We know of no other person in history who has backed any claims of their track record by a monetary reward. Why might this be? Because all of the so-called "experts" promoted by the media who constantly make investment predictions realize they're frauds and idiots running a con game in order to sell books and newsletters based on TV celebrity rather than real results, so the last thing they'd do is mention their track record much less back it with money because they know they'd have to pay up.  And once news spread of this, their marketing gravy train would end as the sheep finally realize they've been fooled by TV celebrity rather results you can count on. 

Mr. Stathis offered this unprecedented reward of $1 million (see here for the extension) not to draw attention to his achievements in order to boast, but only as a way to get people to realize that the media engages in fraud by only airing clowns and con artists while banning real experts who are ready, willing and able to assist them, like Mike Stathis

You know who these clowns and cons are. They're the guys constantly promoted in the media as "experts."

They're the guys running pump and dump scams on CNBC, FOX and Bloomberg.

They are the guys constantly telling you the economy and stock market is always healthy, as well as the guys constantly telling you the stock market is going to collapse, the dollar is going to collapse and you need to buy gold. 

All of these clowns and cons are constantly wrong, yet they continue to be promoted by the media.

Mike has since exposed this media scam in hundreds of articles, audios and videos he has published on this site. 

Here is a tiny sampling of this content: here, herehere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, herehere, here, here here, here and here

Ask yourself why the world's leading investment forecaster and one of the world's greatest investment analysts  has been banned by the media while the media continues to promote con artists and clowns as "experts" despite being wrong most of the time. 

Mike Stathis Predicts Sears' Demise (along with Radio Shack and JC Penny) Years Ago While Exposing CNBC Idiots

Do yourself a big favor and spend some time checking Stathis' track record. 

Then try to compare his record with anyone else in the world.

Only then will you begin to get a sense of how great of an analyst Stathis is.   

Or you could fill your head with the "experts" in the media. 

Perhaps even better, you could swallow he fake news scams and other nonsense from the endless pool of liars, idiots and scam artists who pose as experts on You Tube, the world's largest portal for scams and scam artists. 

The choice is yours to make. 

Just remember this. Whether Mike Stathis is the leading investment mind in the world or not, one thing is for certain. He is surely one of the top minds. His track record demonstrates that.

So the question is this.

Why does the media continue to air so many con artists, broken clocks and idiots while claiming they are valuable sources of insight?  

View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.



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Do you want to see how you could have made a fortune shorting the sub-prime mortgage stocks, banks, houmebuilders, GE and GM?  Check here to download Chapter 12 of Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble

This is the chapter that shows where Mike recommended shorting Fannie, Freddie, sub-primes, banks, homebuilders, GM, GE, etc.     

In fact, Stathis predicted that Fannie and Freddie would be bailed out by the US government. NO ONE IN THE WORLD PREDICTED  THAT. 

Remember that Michael Lewis the idiot and liar claimed that NO ONE except a few people could have made money shorting the sub-primes.

Oh really?

Not only was it possible for anyone who read Mike's books to have made a fortune shorting sub-prime mortgage stocks, they could have also made a fortune shorting the PRIME mortgage stocks, Fannie and Freddie...something that NO ONE DID because no one other than Stathis realized how bad things would get.

Mike actually showed people how to short stocks and guided readers what to look for prior to entering short positions.    Why isn't this book being celebrated as one of the greatest investment books of all time?   

Remember that prime mortgage companies hold debt that's similar to AAA-rated bonds, while sub-prime mortgage stocks hold debt that's junk bond status, so shorting sub-prime mortgage stocks was a VERY EASY CALL to make if you REALLY knew what was going on.

Only Stathis advised people to ALSO short the primes, Fannie and Freddie. For him, the easy call to make was shorting the sub-primes and he made this call by recommending specific stocks to short. But he also advised shorting Fannie, Freddie, GE, GM, the banks and homebuilers. And he put it in a book.

Anyone can make a trade and no one will know if it blows up. If your trade does well and you let the media know, does that mean you are a genius? Of course not. It means you got lucky.

Why doesn't the media show all of their trades and show their complete track record? 

Because the people that the media celebrates as great investors aren't so great, which is why every single fund manager who shorted the sub-primes has since performed poorly. 

Wake up people. You're being swindled by the media and its so-called "experts." 

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