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Did You Own the Best Stock of 2016? Intelligent Investors Did

A few years ago, we pointed out that the Recommended Securities List created and managed by MIke Stathis, the chief strategist and analyst of AVA Investment Analytics, included the best performing stock in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 

The stock was McDonalds (MCD).  And it returned 31% in 2011.

Since then, Mike has successfully navigated research clients in and out of MCD, enabling significant reductions in the total cost basis of the stock.

Did You Own the BEST PERFORMING Stock in 2011? WE DID

Ever since we have been publishing our Recommended Securities Lists, in addition to the accurate active management guidance contained in the research, numerous securities have provided bonus returns for subscribers after having been bought out.  Just a couple examples have been listed below. 

Warren Buffett Follows Our Lead on Heinz

Dividend Gems Subscribers Treated to ANOTHER HUGE BUYOUT - Kraft

Fast-forward to 2016, and the Recommended Securities List from the Intelligent Investor contained the best performing stock in the S&P 500, Nvidia (NVDA) which has thus far returned nearly 250% for the year. 

It is important to note that this Recommended List containing NVDA was comprised of only 12 securities, so having nailed the best performing stock out of the 500 contained in the S&P with only 12 in the list is quite impressive.

As well, it is also important to keep in mind that this Recommended List is comprised of securities with different investment and risk features (such as compellig value, safety and trading predictability) and that only 3 of the securities on the list were added for their long-term growth prospects.

If you are not a subscriber of one of our world-class research publications, perhaps you have opted to pay excessive fees (without realizing it) to have your money "managed."  If so, chances are high that you aren't getting much for the fees you are paying. 

Here are a couple of reminders.  WSJ Airheads Accidentally Reveal the Managed Money Scam

Read This to Understand Why You Should Manage Your Own Money

Others may be using the somewhat dangerous and often marginal "set it and forget it" investment strategy by investing in index funds.

Or perhaps you have been getting your investment "ideas" from the various clowns and con artists promoted as "experts" by the financial media establishment (CNBC, FOX Business, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, etc.).  If so, you're not likely to have fared very well.  How Jim Cramer, CNBC and Other Jewish Con Men Screw the Sheep

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Want to learn more how Agora Financial and MarketWatch scam suckers?

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MarketWatch is USELESS Media Whoring for Jewish Con Artists

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The Financial Media is a Huge Kosher Scam

Mike Stathis Explains the Media's Role in Deceiving Investors

Although many of the charlatans plastered throughout the criminal media establishment are perma-bulls, a good deal are perma-bears. You see, the media makes sure to include a predetermined mix of both of these extremes in order to ensure that it covers the entire spectrum of naive investors. Doing so maximizes the number of views which boosts advertising dollars. And that's really the only thing the media cares about.

Remember, you aren't paying for the media so they don't serve your needs. Advertisers are paying the media so it is the needs of advertisers that are met. As Mike Stathis has shown countless times, the media certainly doesn't give a damn about you. The media is a criminal organization whichh seeks to exploit its audeince for the benefit of advertisers.  Free versus Paid Content

As you can imagine, the majority of the hacks in the so-called financial "mainstream media" take the perma-bull argument because Wall Street firms, mutual fund and insurance companies represent the main advertisers found in the financial media.

In contrast, the perma-bear stance (which includes doomsday nonsense) is by far the leading extreme position promoted by the so-called "alternative media" because this segment focuses on conspiracies like UFOs, Big Foot and many other wasteful topics.

As you can imagine, most of the advertisers in "altenative media" are gold and silver dealers or vendors of other things that counter the goods and services sold by the "establishment." So instead of Kraft advertising for one of its cheese products, the so-called "alternative media" features nut jobs and con artists advertsing their seeds, water filters, iodine drops or similar nonsense after Alex Jones devotes an entire segment convincing his low IQ audience that the New World Order adds toxic chemicals to the food and water supply because they want to kill 90% of the population. 

If you want to be ripped off, all you need to do is send your money to advertisers found in the "alternative media."

If you have been listening to the broken clock perma-bear clowns, it's safe to assume that by now you have lost out big by having missed out on one of the greatest bull markets in decades, and/or having directly lost money through the nearly endless terrible recommendations from these clowns.  

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What about Jim Rogers?  Is he also part of the Jewish cabal?

Well, although we cannot confirm that he is in fact Jewish, we do know that he has worked for the very Jewish and criminal George Soros. 

As well, his wife is Jewish. This makes him part of the Jewish cabal which explains why he continues to receive unlimited promotion by the media despite his abysmal track record.

What about Harry Dent? Is he part of the Jewish cabal?

We are willing to bet Dent has a Jewish bloodline. However, the fact that Dent's trash is published by Agora Financial means that he is definately part of the Jewish cabal.

This explains why Dent continues to benefit from constant media exposure despite his terrible track record.

Moron of the Month: Harry Dent (Take 2)

And we all know the about the history of the name "Schiff."  Mike Stathis has exposed Peter Schiff's shockingly alarming track record better than anyone else in the world.  Index of Articles and Videos on Peter Schiff

Keep in mind that the "geniuses" at the very JEWISH Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs just added NVDA to their "Conviction List" on December 20, 2016 at a time when NVDA was already trading over $100/share and had returned nearly 250% for 2016. That doesn't sound like such a "brilliant" call to me.

Getting back to Goldman Sachs...

So why did Goldman Sachs wait until NVDA had already soared well above 200% for 2016 prior to having added it to its "famous" conviction list?

Can you say "late to the party"?

[By the way, the recent surge in shares of NVDA on December 20 over the next few days was specifically due to Goldman having added it to its Conviction List]

How is it that one man, a man who uses no special resources and has no access to any information other than what is available from the internet was able to spot NVDA as a great company long before the share price soared, while Goldmans Sachs (supposedly a world powerhouse in equities research) a company with an unlimited access to an unprecedented level of insider information, a company that employs hundreds of the world's "best" and "brightest" analysts, all with "top" university degrees,  only recently figured things out?

Are the analysts at Goldman Sachs really that behind the curve? Apparently so.

Perhaps now you can understand why We Sell Our Research, while Goldman Sachs  and every other Wall Street firm gives their research away for free to their customers.

Anyone who thinks the views of Goldman Sachs' analysts, economists and strategists are relevant for retail investors  hasn't examined their track record. What has happened is that they have been fooled by the media's bogus claims. Remember, the media aways tells us how "brilliant" disasters are. For example, they made these claims for decades about Alan Greenspan and Bernie Madoff.

And regarding Goldman Sachs, it is important to understand that this firm is so heavily involved in insider trading and other forms of securities fraud that I find it shocking the company is not much more "profitable" than it is.

 Let's take a brief look at one Goldman Sachs "expert" featured in the media. You may have heard of Charles Nenner. He is often touted by the Jewish media crime syndicate as a great stock market forecaster.  As evidence of this, the media highlights that he was formerly at Goldmas Sachs.

Let's take a brief look at the value of Mr. Nenner's forecasting skills.

It should be obvious to those reading this article by now that the media airs complete idiots and con artists as a way to exploit its audience for financial gain. So if you are paying attention to the criminal media, you are not likely to have any idea about who Mike Stathis is because he has been completely banned by ALL media ever since he exposed the truth and predicted the global financial crisis in detail.

As a result, if you are like most people, you have been exposed to the media's hand-picked cabal of clowns and con artists in order to ensure that you will be exploited by financial parasites which advertise with the criminal media establishment. And that friends is the object of the criminal media...to only provide the sheep with a very limited selection of "experts" so that the sheep will choose who to listen to based on the selection provided.

If the media isn't providing its sheep audience with real experts, how will the audience ever realize that their choices can never be beneficial since the range of selection of these "experts" has been restricted to clowns and cons by the very crooked and very Jewish financial media?

In essence, the media ensures that its audience maintains a VERY LIMITED PERSPECTIVE because the media crime bosses realize that most people make their decisions based on relative choices. So if all of the choices are useless, you are less likely to realize that so you will go with one or more of these useless "experts." That friends is how the media causes you to get wiped out.

We see the same situation in the so-called "alternative media" (which is an even bigger joke that so-called "mainstream media").

Think about it. Why else do you think so many sheep keep talking about whether the broken clock clown Peter Schiff will be right about gold versus the clown Harry "flip-flop" Dent, who apparently copied Mike Stathis' long-term gold forecast made in 2009 and has been preaching gold $400 since 2015? 

This latest achievement by Stathis - having nailed the best-performing stock in the S&P 500 for 2016 - is of course in addition to the countless wins he has assembled over the years, from trading guidance on individual securities, commodities, currencies and precious metals, to his world-leading stock market forecasts.

And I haven't even made mention of his accurate macroeconomic forecasts.

You can get a little better idea of Mike Stathis' track record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.

In addition to having nailed nearly every major US stock market sell off and bottom, in addition to having forecast consistently accurate trading entry and exits for WTI and Brent crude, natural gas and most other commodities for many years, Mike Stathis has accurately guided readers of our CCPM Forecaster through the recent movements in gold and silver, by accurately nailing the upside in the rally and identifying technical supports below which pointed to a bear trend.

He even warned a year before the 2016 breakout in gold (which he forecast) that gold would most likely experience one or two bear traps, or short-term bull markets lasting 1-2 years before continuing its long-term bearish trend down to the $300-$400 level he first forecast in 2009, which at the time he expected to be reached within 15-20 years.

If you haven't been patched into the world-leading research of AVA Investment Analytics, headed by the world's leading investment forecaster Mike Stathis, you have been missing the boat.

As a serious investor, you need to ask yourself the following question...

Would you prefer to listen to blabber-mouthed BROADCASTERS in the media whose specific purpose is to sell useless self-promoting books filled with comedic dogmas and broken clock forecasts, newsletters and scare you into sending them your money to invest (lose)...

...or would you rather listen to a world-leading FORECASTER who is specifically in the business of providing unbiased research, does not sell gold, silver or securities, and does not even sell ads for gold or silver or anything else, but teaches what he knows to help empower investors? 

One thing is guaranteed. If you pay attention to the media (including so-called "alternative media") you will lose your ass.

The media is a criminal organization designed and permitted by law to lie, deceive and rip you off, all while brainwashing you to accept ideas that threaten your future and the future of your homeland. 

You can get a little better idea of Mike Stathis' track record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.

We believe Mike Stathis is one of the world’s top two or three investment minds in the world today. His track record confirms that.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of his amazing research results is that he has managed to achieve his world-leading track record without the benefit of any of the very expensive resources utilized by all major funds, analysts and Wall Street banks; nor has he had the benefit of drawing on a team of colleagues to help him research the many areas he boldly takes on.

We have good reason to believe that there is no one in the world today capable of doing what Mike Stathis does to the degree of quality and accuracy that he delivers. Yet, he remains banned by ALL media, both so-called "mainstream" and "alternative." 

Once again, we want to emphasize this critial point.

Despite the fact that Mike Stathis holds the world's leading investment forecasting track record since 2006, the media continues to ban him. Instead the media continues to air con men, morons and shills as "experts."

The so-called "experts" promoted by the criminal media establishment (both so-called mainstream and alternative) continue to get most things wrong.

It's also quite interesting to note that nearly every single one of these "experts" are Jewish. The others are married to Jews or represent Jewish-run firms.

It might be somewhat acceptible for Jews to monopolize the financial media if they had excellent track records (although if the same situation existed with white gentiles, Jews would be clamouring for more "equal" representation). But when these Jewish media jug heads and con artists continue to get so many things wrong over and over again, the overwhelming dominance of Jews in the media becomes more than a coincidence. 

Once you realize that Jews comprise only 2% of the US population (as well as less than 0.1% of the world population) the fact that the Jewish-controlled media positions Jews as experts should begin to stand out as more than suspicious, especially once you realize these so-called "experts" have been a complete disaster for those who listened to them.


Mike Stathis' market forecasting track record is unmatched.

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Once you understand that the same filthy scum bags who control the "mainstream media" also control the "alternative media," you will be able to realize how the game is played. 

In the past we have specifically explained why each segment of the media has banned Stathis. In short, the Jewish crime bosses who control the "mainstream media" banned Stathis because he dared to reveal stunning revelations about the US economy and financial system, while issuing specific warnings about the imminent collapse in order to help the average investor.

But the Jewish crime bosses did not want the masses to be alerted to realities Mike exposed pertaining to: free trade, globalization, affirmative action, illegal immigration, America's healthcare disaster, Wall Street fraud (and much more) because the Jewish Mafia is behind these things and they want to continue these scams.

Instead, they positioned clowns, shills and con men to steer them into the gutter.

This explains why professional liars like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Alex Jones and countless other filth have promoted con artists, disinfo agents, broken clocks such as Jim Cramer and the countless Jews on CNBC as well as the Jewish shysters promoted by Cramer and CNBC from Cramer's boiler room, Thestreet, and of course the "hyperinflation, buy gold, the dollar and stock market are going to collapse" crowd.

At the same time, the "alternative media" did not want its sheep to understand the full realities regarding precious metals because they make huge sums of money selling ads for precious metals dealers and in many cases even sell previous metals directly (such as Alex Jones who only advertises for Midas Resources which is run by the Jewish scum bag and liar Ted Anderson, who is also the owner of Jones' scam radio network, GCN).

And if you don't realize where gold pricing is headed in coming years, you haven't read this 2009 article because Mike tells you. Mike Stathis isn't wrong too often. 

Mike Stathis...

"The media keeps creating all kinds of alluring headlines featuring their experts which amount to little more than broken clock bozos and snake oil salesmen.

The media keeps telling you how 'great' their 'experts' are, and always makes a case as to why you need to listen to them.

Of course the media rarely if ever reveals the full and accurate track records of these clowns."

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