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Dividend Gems Subscribers Treated to ANOTHER HUGE BUYOUT - Kraft

The streak of huge buyout deals continues for subscribers of Dividend Gems.

Last year, Dividend Gems subscribers were rewarded with a similar 1-day premium of around 40% when Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway agreed to purchase Heinz. 





Today’s buyout deal of KRFT seeks to take the company private and merge it with Heinz.

Notably, Warren Buffett was involved in both deals. Could Warren Buffett be a mystery subscriber to Dividend Gems? If he’s smart, he’s a subscriber.


NOTE: At any given time we could have several fund managers and/or high-profile investors as subscribers to our research, but we are prohibited from revealing the names of specific investors or funds.


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Dividend Gems Scores ANOTHER Huge Payday

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