How Jim Cramer, CNBC and Other Jewish Con Men Screw the Sheep

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Jim Cramer has been manipulating securities and misleading the sheep who watch CNBC for many years. Yet, no one calls him out on his securities manipulation or horrendous calls, so you shouldn't expect anyone to point out the various levels of fraud that constantly show up on the scam network, CNBC.







Meanwhile, I tried to warn everyone about the financial crisis and economic collapse.

I provided the most accurate forecasts pertaining to the financial crisis of anyone in the world.

And, if I had not been banned by the Jewish media, even the biggest idiot could have made a SHIT LOAD of money following the recommendations I made in the books I wrote in 2006 and 2007.


View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.



This is the chapter that shows where Mike recommended shorting Fannie, Freddie, sub-primes, homebuilders, GM, GE, etc.





To this day, Cramer swears up and down that he never told millions of sheep who tune into CNBC to buy or keep Bear Stearns stock.

According to Cramer, his advice was to not move your money from Bear Stearns. Newsflash: Bear Stearns was NEVER A BANK so why would he be telling people to keep their money at Bear Stearns?

The fact is Cramer was referring to the Bear Stearns stock. I even found a clip a couple of months prior to his infmaous Bear Stearns plea where he begs the sheep to buy Bear Stearns (see the videos at the end of this article).


Typical "Good Cop/Bad Cop" Routine staged by Jews. Have you ever noticed that Jews create the problems but are always the regulators, solution providers, critics, etc.?  Think about it. The financial crisis, the dotcom bubble, the S&L crisis...the list goes on. Why do you think the fraud and exploitation continues? 


In short, CNBC is involved in front running, pump and dump schemes and much more. 



To make matters worse, CNBC and Cramer are promoted by various websites which display summaries of Cramer's stupid show and the other useless shows on that scam network, like Fast Money and other nonsense that amounts to ranting by Jewish pinheads and con men.

Think about that for a minute. When you see website after website promoting something, doesn't that give the impression that the website that hosts the content approves of it and feels it's valuable? 




The tactic is referred to as "validity by consensus."

I argue that in reality, all of the commentary and shows on CNBC are extremely dangerous for investors. 

The Jim Cramer propaganda machine has even entered into college campuses broadcasting webinars in order to indoctrinate gullible kids whose priorities have already been derailed.  

Folks, this disinformation is precisely why so many people lose their ass in the stock market. And no one is exposing what a scam CNBC and the rest of the Jewish-run media is.

In addition, Cramer constantly uses his airtime to promote morons that work for his scam company, The Street, all while making sure to land other Jews from this useless "investment newsletter" publishing company spots on CNBC.

You might recall an article I wrote a few years ago which discussed how Cramer pitched baseball Hall of Famer, Lenny Dykstra as "one of the great ones" (referring to him as an investor). Once you observe Dykstra's behavior it's not difficult to see that he is clearly suffering from some type of mental "slowness" perhaps caused by all of those hits he took to the head. Hence, it should also be obvious that Cramer intentionally positioned Dykstra as some investment "great" as a way to mislead those who are foolish enough to waste time with The Street.

You might also recall that I have also pointed out that Cramer actually hired a "psychic" (Jewish of course) to provide subscribers of one or more of the BS publications from The Street with crystal ball predictions. You can imagine how that panned out.

One of the biggest jug heads and losers from The Street who receives constant promotion on CNBC is the fat Jew, Doug Kass.

I exposed Kass a few years ago.


CNBC, Making Stars Out Of Idiots: The Case Of Doug Kass












For more than a decade, Kass has appeared on CNBC as a “hedge fund manager.”

But why would a legit hedge fund manager be spending each day on TV and blogging?  It just doesn’t make sense.

Having worked in the industry, I knew that no legitimate hedge fund manager would give up several hours each day for TV interviews much less make constant blog and Twitter posts. But that’s precisely what Kass does, so what gives?

First of all, real hedge fund managers highly value their time because they have very little of it. They are usually attending some kind of marketing or sales event because the need to constantly raise capital is essential to the success of a hedge fund. That means they travel a great deal. But they also have daily meetings with staff (the guys who actually do the research). There are many other responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of a fund manager, but it all varies on the fund’s size, number of employees and control of the lead fund manager.

Moreover, I knew legit hedge fund managers never reveal their investment ideas and insights to a media audience on a daily basis. This is all common knowledge to every seasoned financial professional working in a major Wall Street firm.

Hence, I knew from day one what Kass was up to. It was all too obvious to me. He was there to give the sheep the impression that he was some "in the know guy" so he could get the sheep to send him money to manage.

Think about it folks. No legit and successful hedge fund manager would disclose his investment ideas or analysis to the public. This is a fact that anyone in the industry will confirm.

Of course there are some hedge fund managers who disclose select holdings to the media in a variety of ways. For these fund managers, this tactic represents part of their investment/marketing strategy (Icahn, Ackman, Eihhorn, Loeb, Bass, etc.). But these guys have real funds with substantial assets under management (AUM).

The question is why hasn't Kass ever mentioned his fund's AUM?  



Kass' schtick is similar to another fat, ranting Jewish loser who is paraded as some investment expert on CNBC - Dennis Gartman.

[If you were thinking Barry Ritholtz, I'll give you credit for a right answer, but Ritholtz had a falling out with his tribesmen on CNBC and is now promoted as an expert on Bloomberg. Meanwhile, Ritholtz used his close kosher ties with CNBC producers to shuttle his partner and fellow fat, ranting Jewish pinhead, Josh Brown as an expert on CNBC.] 

One of the things they share in common (besides being fat, ranting Jews who are almost always wrong) is that they both act like they are distinguished and important investors. And their tribesmen in the media go along with the act by calling them "gurus," etc.

They do the same with Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, etc. All of these guys are disasters. The deception involved constitutes fraud in my opinion.


Moron Of The Month - David Stockman


Kass may have had a hedge fund set up legally years ago when he claimed, but my guess is that it wasn't a legit hedge fund with substantial assets from third party investors. In other words, he may have had some meager assets in the fund, but I'm willing to bet most of these assets were from F&F (friends and family). If this is the case (and I am willing to bet that it is) it points to what I believe could be considered FRAUD because Kass was projecting a certain image to millions of viewers’ an image that was not representative of reality.





Finally, Kass was also actually violating SEC regulations (Reg D) which specifically prohibits advertising of hedge funds and other private investment funds like venture capital and private equity. Only recently has the SEC allowed these funds to advertise. Yet, CNBC and the various hedge fund clowns on that network got away with violation of securities laws for years. Could it be because they are all Jewish and the SEC is run by Jews?

Aside from the scam of promoting clowns as experts that CNBC has been facilitating for two decades, this scam network is also involved in all kinds of securities manipulation.

I don't have time to get into the details of that right now, but just from the atrocious calls made by Cramer, you should be able to realize that if you Watch CNBC, You Will Lose Your Ass. 







Gartman Gets Free PR from the Wall Street Journal for Being WRONG Because he is a JEW











Nice bio Barry (laughs).

Now I can see why Ritholtz is featured daily on CNBC (previously) and Bloomberg (currently).

What a Joke!

Folks this is Jewish entitlement and it illustrates why you need to stay away from the Jew media as well as anything run by Jews! 

Folks, when you have a bunch of clowns who are filling spots on CNBC, Bloomberg and other Jewish-run media outlets simply because they are Jewish, it's not difficult to see why the financial media is a complete scam.



Brodsky is a Jew who entered the gold pumping circuit as via Jew con man Max Keiser, as a way to lure unsuspecting idiot gold bugs to send him money for his fund, which wasn't really a legit fund. Brodsky used the typical Jew scam of claiming to have a fund in order to get assets into his fund.

Notice how Ritholtz the fat Jew pinhead loser is promoting Brodsky.

Folks, I have some really valuable advice. Stay away from Jews unless you want to get scaammed, ripped off, screwed over and lied to.



You are judged by the company you keep.




Jewish pinhead losers getting their daily dose of free promotion compliments of the criminal Jew media.



Two Jewish losers unite to form a Jewish parasite machine to suck the wealth from you.

Brown worked at a boiler room that was shut down, then he went to his tribesmen in the media to cut him a book deal and a spot on CNBC despite him being a washed up boiler room stock broker from a no name firm.

Ritholtz was just a blogger and loud mouth who ranted with his tribesmen on CNBC. Together, they are offering to manage your money.

If you are foolish enough to send these Jewish jug heads your money, good fucking luck!



This is what children and idiots do...argue on twitter.


And of course we have Jim "Bow Tie" of the best contrarian indicators after Peter Schiff and Marc Faber.



















































































Here CNBC shows you how to get the sheep to forget about the crimes of their tribesmen and to focus on sensationalism BS, all while promoting crooks as heroes.







Just one more example how the Jewish media makes Jewish clowns out to be experts as a way to enrich them at the expense of the sheep who are foolish enough to pay attention to the kosher media.








So how does Robert Kiyosaki fit in with the Jewish Mafia? 

First, he spends huge amount of money on ads for his cash flow seminars, real estate and wealth seminars and other SCAMS, most of which he doesn't even attend. This money goes to all major Jewish-run media networks and newspapers, from ABC and CNBC to the New York Times and the Washington Post. So obviously the media has a financial stake in Kiyosaki and wants to make sure he is promoted as much as possible since he feeds a good deal of the money he TAKES from gullible sheep back into the media crooks in order to advertise for more of his scam events and stupid books which are not even written by him.

Second, Kiyosaki's former "business partner" was Jewish. She actually wrote his useless fictional books (which advise readers to do illegal things and provide other terrible advice).

From what I understand, Kiyosaki shafted his Jewess business partner and she sued him in order to recover money owed to her.  













Why do you think Tony Robbins (who is Jewish by the way) got into the financial con artist business? 

He saw how lucrative it was and realized you could be clueless like Kiyosaki and make bundles of money so long as you spent enough money buying off the kosher media with ads.

Hopefully now you can see why Robert Kiyosaki is always promoted as some financial and investment "guru" despite being a complete idiot and con man.



Yahoo has formed close business arrangements with CNBC over the past few years as the network's ratings have collapsed in order to lure more sheep into CNBC's scams.




The fee issue with 401ks has been known for many years by most investors and for a much longer time by industry critics like myself.

So the question is this. Why has Tony Robbins been selected to discuss this issue? 

Why wouldn't the media get a top financial pro to discuss it? 

The fact is that Robbins realizes that there are still many people who are not aware of the fee issue and those people who hear his BS will think he is knowledgeable about investments. These will be his next sheep.

Clearly, Robbins has spent a great deal of money for these paid placements throughout the media. And the fact that neither Robbins nor the media has openly disclosed this constitutes fraud in my opinion.









I exposed the pump and dump penny stock scam below several years ago (this is the first time I have publicly disclosed this). I submitted complaints to the SEC (of course they did nothing because Jews were behind this penny stock).

CNBC promotes penny stocks frequently directly (as in this case) and indirectly (via Jewish-run firms that are promoted on CNBC like The Street).








And of course we can't forget about Harry Dent. This is a man who works with Jewish copyediting publishing boiler rooms such as Agora Financial. 

As a result of his strong business relationships with Jews, Dent has been pumped by CNBC for two decades.

Below you can see an example whereby the CNBC crooks allow Dent to once again CHANGE his market "collapse prediction" date. Previously, Dent was claiming the Dow would collapse to 3000 by 2012. Now he pushed his ridiculous con artist pitch to 2022.







Once again, the Jewish media serves to protect its Wall Street tribesmen by convincing the sheep that their crimes were not crimes, but the result of "greed" or "drug abuse" because these causes cannot be prosecuted as fraud.






Oh and did I mention that the scum bag below previously worked for Cramer? 



You can find this pseudointellectual loser and pinhead boosting his ego on his You Tube channel, as he brainwashes preteens with various displays of "knowledge." This guy is not only a piece of garbage, he is a complete fraud and loser. 

Have a look at his You Tube channel and notice how he pretends to understand freshman level chemistry after he watched a few videos and read a few chapters from a book. And his preteen audience eats it up. This is a typical tactic con men use. 




Has anyone ever wondered why David Einhorn is constantly pumped in the media as some investment legend?

If you have ever tracked his performance, then I'm sure you have.

Is Einhorn promoted in the media constantly as some investment genius because the media wants to help you make money by highlighting his investments?  

If you think so, you are a damn fool.














Why does the media tout Einhorn’s latest stock pick without pointing out his recent disasters?

The fact is that the media's objective is to con its audience into clicking its scam articles so the media crime bosses can generate advertisement revenues.

You should also note that the media is constantly promoting several of these fund managers…Ackman, Icahn, Loeb, Einhorn, etc. The fact is that these guys use the media as a primary part of their “investment strategy.” That is, they make sure the media is notified AFTER they have taken positions in stocks so that the sheep audience will be encouraged to buy after the media con men have pumped the stocks of these fund managers, thereby pumping up the share price for the benefit of the fund managers.

Ok, so why doesn’t the media simply promote real experts who have great track records so it can actually deliver value to its audience while generating ad revenues?

Because the other angle within the strategy of the Jewish Mafia’s media segment is to maximize the fees charged to advertisers. Top dollar can be demanded by the media if it in some way deceives its audience by causing these sheep the exact opposite result that these sheep thought would occur by tuning into the media.

That is, instead of making money by paying attention to the media and the “experts” it highlights, the audience that is foolish enough to trust these con men will actually lose money.  

In that way, the sheep will then be desperate for professional assistance. Many will run to full services brokers like Merrill Lynch or JPMorgan. Others might run to discount brokers like Fidelity, E-Trade, TD Waterhouse or Charles Schwab. Some might send what’s left of their investment funds to insurance companies or mutual fund companies.

Of course, discount brokers always benefit because the sheep trade their investments frequently as they become confused and scared paying attention to the media and its con men. This explains why discount brokers are the number one source of ad dollars to the media.













One final question. Why are virtually all of these so-called experts promoted by the media Jewish?

Whether its boiler room analysts, small firms that have no real credibility nor a decent track record (despite being hyped up by the media, including false and/or misleading claims about their track record), or fund managers, the fact is that you will rarely see any of these so-called "experts" in the media who is NOT Jewish.

You should note that the rare exceptions to this nearly invariable observation still link to Jewish parasitology through business ownership or interpersonal relationship.

In other words, in the rare instances that you might notice that the so-called “expert” promoted by the media is a gentile, I have determined that these rare individuals almost always serve as the spokesman for their Jewish-run firm or they are married to a Jew.

For instance, Jim Rogers is married to a Jew (we have not ruled out the likelihood that he is also Jewish; research is ongoing in this matter).

As well, Bernie Lo (CNBC moron who looks Asian) is also Jewish.







Meet One of CNBC's Contributors: Jewish Plastic Surgery Bimbo, Airhead and Scam Artist





Notice how the financial media always resembles a JEWISH WEDDING.




Schiff feels comfortable living out this fictional role as a guy who predicted the financial crisis since he receives support and credit for this inaccurate claim to fame from his Jewish tribesmen.

How can a financial adviser claim to have predicted the financial crisis, yet his clients ended up getting steamrolled during the financial crisis?

All one has to do is examine his 2007 book, Crash Proof and they will see why that book did little to protect readers from the crash.

In this regard, Schiff is not doing anything illegal because he knows better than to come out and claim he has a good track record or point to specific calls he made that materialized. It's the media that is commiting fraud by supporting this illusion about Schiff.

In the process of allowing air time to be wasted on his played out, broken clock, contrarian indicator sales pitch, the media continues to allow Schiff to present his worn out, open-ended, irresponsible predictions as if he actually has a great track record.

After he rants his predictable irrelevant broken clock lines, he then tells the sheep to buy his book.

After all, this is what Schiff's rants and scare tactics and appeareance are all about anyway; book sales!

Time to wake the hell up people!

Remember, this is the same man who keeps insisting hyperinflation is coming to the US, and has been making this ridiculous claim for close to ten years now.

Remember, this is the same man who keeps insisting that the US dollar is going to be worthless and has been saying this for nearly ten years now, despite the fact that the dollar has blown past 12-year highs.

Remember, this is the same man who has been insisting that investors stay out of the US stock market despite the huge gains it has made.

Remember, this is the same man who insists that gold is "real money" and that gold is headed to at least $5000 and probably $10,000. Yet, he wants your worthless dollars to trade for his gold?

Remember, this is the same man who insists that gold will preserve the value of your currency and he even marketed this Valcambi gold scam as a form of money and claimed that it would protect the value of your dollars!!

The instant you bought his Valcambi gold, you immediately lost 8% of the value of your currency due to commissions alone.

But that's the good news.

Ever since Schiff started selling the Valcambi gold dog shit, it has lost more than 30% due to the decline in gold alone. 

Once you add in the 8% fees charged by Schiff, you could be looking at a 38% loss.

Remember, that's from something Schiff marketed as a form of currency that he claimed held its value relative to the dollar.







If you feel for this shit, YOU'VE BEEN HAD!

Thus, it should be obvious to everyone with a decent memory and some common sense by now that Peter Schiff focuses on trivial talking points as a way to avoid providing specific forecasts because he knows that when has tried this in the past he has looked like a complete fool. 


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You do know who Martin Weiss is don't you? I exposed this con man years ago.

More Vultures


Similar to ALL kosher-run media firms, Forbes has many ways to lure kids into the stock market. They want more dumb money for their Wall Street tribesmen to take.




















Liek all kosher media, MarketWatch promotes PAID ADS as "research." This is FRAUD. But since the Jewish Mafia runs the legal system, they get away with it.






























































Have you ever noticed how all of the media con men promote Matt Drudge and his establishment website (disguised as an underground source of credible media) as some credible source? 

Haven't you ever wondered why the neo-con propaganda mouth pieces like Sean Hannity and Mark Levine are always promoting Drudge (a Jew of course) but Alex Jones is also promoting Drudge? 



Did you also know that  Jewish CIA operative Larry "cocaine" Kudlow (if you don't know what the cocaine refers to, check this website for an article I wrote about him a few years ago) also promotes Drudge? 



It's like I have been saying. There is no "alternative" media. It's all the same shit with a different spin.




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In this video, Mike shows you how the media is involved in penny stock scams, how the scams work and why to always stay away from all penny stocks. Note: the following video was originally creat...

Moron of the Month: John Williams

What more do I need to say about Williams that I didn't already cover in the 2011 article I wrote, revealing how clueless he is? Click here to read the landmark article that steamrolled the rid...

Peter Schiff is Pitching His Ridiculous Broken Clock Garbage to Conspiracy Nuts

Although one could argue Peter Schiff has been focusing his marketing rants (i.e. when he is on TV and radio pretending to be some sort of economic and investment expert) on conspiracy wackos for a ve...

Max Keiser is the Lowest Form of Scum

It is a fact that Mike Stathis holds the leading investment forecasting track record in the world from 2006 to current. Ask the media why they continue to ban the world's leading investment expert.......

Stathis Continues to Expose Mike Rivero and the Jewish Mafia

Rivera's content is designed to benefit his scam artist advertisers, which is why he preaches the same doomsday bull shit as Alex Jones and virtually everyone else in the so-called "alternative media....

Can You Spot a Con Artist?

As you watch this video, I want you to keep in mind that this is the guy the media has positioned as a credible expert for YOU, the audience. One of the easiest ways to get a good sense of how...

MarketWatch Jewish Crooks Promote Jewish Robert Prechter as an Expert AGAIN!

In the past I have discussed ridiculous inaccuracy of Robert Prechter's track record. Once you become as familiar with the entire investment copyediting industry, you will realize that all of the...

Peter Schiff Has a Terrible Track Record But Gets Daily Air Time from the Media

The main stars of America's financial trash TV are broken clocks and contrarian indicators who deliver the same sales pitch day after day, week after week, year after year. That is what salesmen do af...

Paul Singer, ANOTHER Jewish Parasite Celebrated by the Jewish Media

It’s the same song and dance from the Jewish Mafia. When are people going to rise up and put an end to this global parasitic behavior?            ......

Definitive Proof that Jim Rogers is a Contrarian Indicator

Doomsday, broken clock charlatans seem to spread the same message that never changes unless they want to deceive their sheep. 

Ron Paul: Paid Whore for Scam Artist Porter Stansberry

I’ve already exposed Ron Paul as an agent of controlled opposition working for the Koch brothers. I’ve also previously exposed him as a proponent of the military-industrial complex. That...

Max Keiser is a Filthy Con Man Working for the Jewish Mafia

I have documented some of Max Keiser's biggest scams since the financial crisis as a way to warn those who would be his suckers. In this article, I present a brief review of some of these scams...

Paul Craig Roberts, Enemy of the People and Gold Pumping Charlatan

You might want to have a look at the images below as you listen to the audio. I will be exposing Eric Sprott in the near future.   The Roberts and Celente Circus Show     ......

NEVER EVER Forget Who the Charlatans Are and Who the REAL EXPERTS Are

One of the easiest ways to get a good sense of how stupid and naive the general public has become is to note how close financial media resembles trash TV. For instance, instead of credible experts w...

Money Show Con Men

In the audio below, Mike talks about how the Money Show is the largest collection of the biggest losers and con men in the world today. You can think of the Money Show as a “brick-and-mortar&r...

Mike's Message to the Sheep

Warning: If You Are Offended by Cursing and Criticism, please DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO.   ...

EXPOSED: Jim Rickards (Part 1)

For the past two or three years now, a new charlatan has risen up from the ranks of the trash bin. Oh and he just happens to be Jewish. Coincidence?  You decide.  This egghead has been get...

Peter Schiff is the Person Most Responsible for the Doomsday Movement

This claim has drastic implications for Schiff, the media and everyone who pays attention to the media.    

Mike Rivero Exposed as Con Man, Giggles in Panic and Hangs Up

You might recall that I previously exposed Mike Rivero as a con man and gold pumper.

Free versus Paid Content

I think it is important to remind people about the price and quality of content. It’s really quite simple. No content is truly free. You pay a huge price for that content. Unfortunately, the p...

Moron of the Month - David Stockman

UPDATED Note on March 9, 2018: As I have previously demonstrated, the so-called "experts" in the financial media are little more than professional marketers who promote a ridiculous doomsday narrati...

A Message to Those Who Deny the Existence of the Jewish Mafia

Can anyone offer any evidence that there is someone who is any better than Mike?     If so, you would have already landed our $100,000 prize.   Below Mike has re......

Greece is Being Run by the Jewish Mafia

Below is a recent audio regarding the control of Greece by the Jewish Mafia.   Background reading: The Rape Of Greece By Jewish Bankers  

Moron of the Month: Harry Dent (Take 2)

The second take is always better than the first, but you decide!

Send in the Gold-Pumping Clowns

The title says it all. Enjoy.

Broken Clock Moron of the Month: Harry Dent

Long before Peter Schiff entered the broken clock circuit, Harry Dent was the media's go-to guy for marketing bullshit.

Jim Rogers Claims to Own the Dollar Now that it Has Soared!

If this doesn't offer enough evidence that these talking heads are full of shit, I don't know what does. Wake up people. STAY AWAY FROM ALL MEDIA, unless you like being deceived, lied to and ripp...

American Greed - Precious Metals Con Men

      Moron of the Month - David Stockman EXPOSED - Jim Rickards (Part 1) Moron Of The Month: Harry Dent (Take 2) EXPOSED: More Doomsday Charlatans (Agora Financial Pt 1......

Mike Exposes the Grand Scheme of Gold Pumpers and Other Con Men

Mike recorded this 32-minute messege a few months ago. It was unrehearsed and unedited. He felt it was too long to release as a single audio so he divided it into 4 parts. These parts have previously...

Yahoo Calls Peter Schiff a Charlatan in His Absence Then Promotes Him a Few Days Later

Have you ever wondered why most people get screwed in the stock market? Most who lose their ass in the stock market rarely blame the real culprits. So who are the real culprits? Well, if you pay a...

Leading Investment Expert Mike Stathis Exposes Massive Fraud (Part 4)

Start making a list of every single blog, website, you tube channel, radio show and TV show that promotes these gold-pumping doomsday con men. Get the names of everyone involved because I can g...

Mike Stathis Explains the Media's Role in Deceiving Investors

Have you ever wondered why most people get screwed in the stock market? Most who lose their ass in the stock market rarely blame the real culprits. So who are the real culprits?

Leading Investment Expert Mike Stathis Exposes Massive Fraud (Part 3)

Read your way down to the bottom where part 3 of this video series awaits you.   Start making a list of every single blog, website, you tube channel, radio show and TV show that promotes these......

The Financial Media is a Huge Kosher Scam

Have you ever wondered why most people get screwed in the stock market? Most who lose their ass in the stock market rarely blame the real culprits. So who are the real culprits? Well, if you...

Leading Investment Expert Mike Stathis Exposes Massive Fraud (Part 2)

Read your way down to the bottom where part 2 of this video series awaits you.   Start making a list of every single blog, website, you tube channel, radio show and TV show that promotes these......

Mike Stathis Offers Irrefutable Proof that Jim Rogers is a Complete Idiot

These doomsday, broken clock charlatans all seem to spread the same message and that message never changes, does it?   The reason for their obsessive repetition is due to the fact that they......

The Climate Change Scam Continues

Mike reminds you (in the video below) about the realities on so-called "Climate Change."

The Best Video Ever Created Exposing the Gold Pumping Scene

Can anyone offer any evidence that there is someone who is any better than Mike?   If so, you would have already landed our $100,000 prize.   Below Mike has released Chapter 12......

Leading Investment Expert Mike Stathis Exposes Massive Fraud (Part 1)

Read your way down to the bottom where a video awaits you.   Start making a list of every single blog, website, you tube channel, radio show and TV show that promotes these gold-pumping doomsda......

Mike Stathis Delivers His Most Valuable Message for 2015

If you do not want to hear cursing please do not listen to this audio.

Two Financial "Experts" Discuss Bangkok Discos Demonstrating their Lack of Credibility

Over the years, the media has turned financial news and commentary into trash TV. Have you noticed that the clowns the media calls “experts” resemble many of the inept goofballs from one o...

You Will Be Judged by the Company You Keep

Can anyone offer any evidence that there is someone who is any better than Mike?   If so, you would have already landed our $100,000 prize.   Below Mike has released Chapter 1......

Fear Mongering Mind Control

Can anyone offer any evidence that there is someone who is any better than Mike?   If so, you would have already landed our $100,000 prize.   Below Mike has released Chap......

Blast From the Past - Peter Schiff Was Wrong

Peter Schff receives more media exposure from the financial media than anyone else in the world. He calls himself a "chief global strategist" and is the CEO of a small brokerage firm and gold com...

EXPOSED: Jim Sinclair and (Select) Gold Pumping Websites

I want to remind those who have not yet signed up and paid for a Membership or have become a Client via subscription of one of our investment newsletters that we have amassed the most detailed an...

Mike Stathis' Statement About the Jewish Mafia

Please listen to this video (especially if you are Jewish) in order to understand our viewpoint. ...

Don't Shoot the Messenger


Mike Stathis Offers to Show Peter Schiff How to Invest Successfully

Another educational video.    

Stathis Exposes Broken Clock Jim Rogers and the Media (Extended)

Just a few charts added since the video was released...              Below Mike has released Chapter 12 of his own 2007 book showing that he was......

Financial Media Promotes Boiler Room Brokers as Experts (Part 1)

Media = Liars, Crooks and Idiots   CNBC, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance DOGSHIT MEDIA EXPOSED.   See the video below for Mike's analysis of these boiler room scumbags who have been...

Special Release: Doomsday Douchebag Dance Mix

That's right people. We have put together a 31-minute dance mix featuring some great tunes along with the doomsday lines you've heard from some of the biggest douchebags in the world. 

The China Superpower Myth & The Best Investment Advice You Ever Heard

Background articles   Debunking The Myth That China Is Selling U.S. Treasury Securities   The Importance of China to the US Economy   ...

Jewish Mafia's Banking, Investment and Economic System Exposed

In this podcast, you will learn how the economic and financial segment of the Jewish Mafia’s operates. Although there is a great deal to this topic, Mike keeps the discussion simple and brief by...

How to Determine if Your Sources Can be Trusted

Before I begin, I will tell you this with complete confidence. If you see anyone in the media frequently, you won’t even need to waste your time checking to determine whether you can trust them...

Top Six Questions to Ask BEFORE You Trust Investment "Experts"

Before you even think about listening to what anyone has to say about investments, including subscribing to an investment newsletter, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Always remember that...

The Rape of Greece by Jewish Bankers

As the propaganda continues to be churned out by the Jewish media monopoly regarding Greece, take note of the idiotic comments confirming just how much the Jewish media controls the minds of the popul...