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Two Images Illustrate Why Gold is Owned by Dummies

Over the past decade, I've debunked every single myth pumped out by the gold and silver "experts" (i.e. pumpers) explaining why gold and silver are terrible investments, and why neither is any more of...

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Gold and Deflation (part 2)

The following audio was misplaced when first recorded in 2015 but is now being released. It's a followup to the first audio with the same title, Gold and Deflation (Part 1) which can be found here.&nb...

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Lost Audio Archives: Gold is NOT Insurance They are Lying to You

The following audio was created sometime in 2014 or 2015. 

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Everyone Pushing Junior Mining Stocks is a Scam Artist

I explain the details how these scam artists are fleecing their cult members in the audios below. 

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Mike Stathis' CCPM Forecaster Leads to Huge Profits in Gold AGAIN

Did you jump into gold once it broke $1300? Did you ride the trade up past $1500? Subscribers to the CCPM Forecaster were instructed to.  For several years now, under the direction of Mike St...

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Gold Has NO Intrinsic Value. This is a FACT Based on Finance and Economics.

Over the years I have been exposing the countless lies and myths spread about gold and silver by gold dealers, paid off precious metals promoters and delusional minions who have been hoodwinked by the...

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Seek Justice Againt Gold and Silver Con Men and More (originally recorded on Nov 6 2014)

We want to encourage everyone to copy this MP3 and repost it where suitable. You should also add our logo or anything else that is appropriate in order to transform this audio into a video and post i...

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Top 20 Gimmicks and Lies of Gold Charlatans - 100 pg e-book

Among his other amazing forecasts, Mike Stathis is the ONLY financial professional in the world to have timed the gold and silver bull and bear market, starting with recommendations to clients to...

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Gold and Deflation (Part 1)

Update January 4, 2016: We have added a “Part 1” designation to this audio because Mike realized that it failed to include explanation of a critical point, which will be discussed in Part...

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