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Mike Stathis' CCPM Forecaster Leads to Huge Profits in Gold AGAIN

Did you jump into gold once it broke $1300?

Did you ride the trade up past $1500?

Subscribers to the CCPM Forecaster did. 

For several years under the direction of Mike Stathis, we have been publishing accurate forecasts for gold and silver enabling research subscribers to make large sums of money. 

The fact is that if you haven't been trading gold and silver, you've been losing the game. If so, that makes you a loser. 

We like to win. And we have been providing accurate price forecasts for gold and silver for many years. We've been winning the game. And that makes us winners. 

Mike's success forecasting gold and silver price movements dates back to his first recommendation to buy gold in 2001 when he was still working on Wall Street. At the time, he realized gold was poised to enter a long-awaited bull market. And he was right.

Thereafter, he recommended investors buy gold and silver in his 2006 landmark book, America's Financial Apocalypse. 

Next, in 2009 he published an article (Fool's Gold) explaining the realities about gold and predicted it would swell into a bubble reaching $1500 to $2000. Thereafter, according to Mike, the bubble would pop and the price would decline for many years.  And he was exactly right.  

From that point on Mike would go on to publish hundreds of unique and highly valuable articles and videos revealing the truth behind gold, silver and the gold pumping con artists who were spreading all sorts of disinformation (perform a search on the site using the word "gold" and you will see a huge list of titles). Anyone who read these articles in a timely manner was no doubt sparred from massive losses once they realized how they were being conned by the gold disinformation circuit. 

Below is a small sampling of articles and videos published on this site.

Manipulation of Gold and Silver Prices

The "Greatest Transfer Of Wealth Opportunity" Hoax

Addressing More Myths About Gold And Silver

Deflation Hype

Don't Bet On Hyperinflation

Why Hyperinflation Isn't Coming To The U.S.

Understanding the Proper Use of Gold and Silver

Golden Dreams & Delusions: The Story about Gold You Haven't Heard (PART 1)

Golden Dreams & Delusions: The Story about Gold You Haven't Heard (PART 2)

Golden Dreams & Delusions: The Story about Gold You Haven't Heard (PART 3)  

Golden Dreams & Delusions: The Story about Gold You Haven't Heard (PART 4)  

Golden Dreams & Delusions: The Story about Gold You Haven't Heard (PART 5)

Golden Dreams & Delusions: The Story about Gold You Haven't Heard (PART 6)

Golden Dreams & Delusions: The Story about Gold You Haven't Heard (PART 7)

Debunking the Myth that China is Selling U.S. Treasury Securities

The Importance Of China To The US Economy

Understanding Manipulation of Gold by the Media

Gold Propaganda from Raymond Dalio

We Predicted The Market Selloff Yet Again

Gold Charlatans Strike It Rich While Their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 1)

Gold Charlatans Strike It Rich While Their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 2)

Gold Charlatans Strike It Rich While Their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 3)

Gold Charlatans Strike It Rich While Their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 4)

Gold Charlatans Strike It Rich While Their Sheep Get Fleeced (Part 5)

China Has Increased US Treasury Holdings By Over 2000%

Blast From The Past - Peter Schiff Was Wrong

After having debunked all of Peter Schiff's disinformation and nonsense, Mike sought to expose the wacky nonsense spread by the economist hailed by all gold bugs, gold dealers and libertarians, John Williams. 

You can and should read the article here

Mike was even praised by the head gold analyst at Kitco (one of the biggest gold pumping companies in the world) for exposing gold manipulation by an army of con artists.

Soon after his landmark Fool's Gold article was published, Mike launched the Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals Forecaster (CCPM Forecaster).

In the CCPM Forecaster Mike has been nailing gold and silver price swings for years.  

If you haven't familiarized yourself with the track record of Mike Stathis you are setting yourself up for failure because the con artists are everywhere filling the minds of gullible individuals with complete nonsense. 

Mike Stathis has proven to be the world's leading precious metals forecaster, with a 90% accuracy rate (estimated) with his precious metals forecasts.

Although we do not know what the future holds, we have delivered an 85% accuracy rate (estimated) with the entire CCPM Forecaster research based on the results of previous reports.  

The CCPM Forecaster provides monthly analysis and trading guidance for oil, natural gas and several commodities. 

We are not marketers, unlike the clowns you see in the media. Thus, we do not have sufficient time to publish a piece each month showing how we nailed the majority of forecasts in the CCPM Forecaster. 

But you can have a look at some of our previous results here

We are not fake experts like what you find in the media.

In fact, we have been banned by all media. Once you understand why, you'll realize that the media seeks to mislead its audience so that its advertisement sponsors (the financial industry) can more readily take your money.

We are a real research firm focused on continuing to provide the world's best independent investment and trading research. 

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