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Another Example Proving Mike Stathis is the World's BEST Market Forecaster

The following videos contain key excerpts from the January, April, July September and October 2014 Market Forecaster.  Are the results from these videos typical?  Yes. ......

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World's Leading Forecaster Warns About 1987-Style Market Correction Three Weeks Ago

If anyone knows what to expect from the stock market and economy, don't you think it would be the leading stock market forecaster in the world? If you want to hear the full 2 hour analysi......

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Mike Stathis Nails the Gold and Silver Trade Again (Jan-Feb 2015)

Real experts will tell you that precious metals should be traded in order to exploit the price volatility. This is the most prudent manner by which to minimize risk because it enables one to lower the......

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The Best Risk-Adjusted Trades Right Now

Make sure to check out our new MP3 Library, featuring random unedited, unscripted discussions on a variety of topics.    Below Mike has released Chapter 12 of his own 2007 book showin......

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Lessons on Short-Term Trading

We have released an instructional video where Mike Stathis shows traders some insider tips on short-term trading. In the presentation, Mike uses as an example a security that is on our recommended l...

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How to Set Limit Orders and Determine Stop Loss Pricing

We have just released a 30-minute video presentation where Mike goes through and shows you how to set limit orders and determine pricing for stop loss orders. The unique insight shared in this highl...

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Update on Video Presentation: 60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves

At the end of May, we released a 6-hour, presenation dividend into 9 different videos discussing the technical and fundamental aspects for 60 securities we thought would make huge moves over the next...

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More of Our Research Lands HUGE Payouts: Today MAKO

Recently, we discussed the huge move made by ARNA. Have a look. This was just one of 60 securities we profiled in a 9-video (consisting of 9 hours) securities analysis presentation focused on those...

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60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves: Master List

A few weeks ago we released a 9-hour video presentation discussing the analysis of 60 stocks we felt had a very good chance of significant price movement. In the video series, we discussed numerous as...

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How to Short Stocks: Critical Lessons from the Intelligent Investor

In The November 2010 issue of the Intelligent Investor, we listed 25 stocks with high short interest that we felt were of interest. These stocks were not necessarily those with the highest short in...

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Fundamental & Technical Analysis of Twenty Stocks Trading over $100

We have just released twenty (20) videos, each covering the fundamental and technical analysis of a select list of securities.    The theme of this research focus is stocks trading over $...

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Lessons in Active Management

Originally Published on March 13, 2012 Taken from March 2012 Dividend Gems   Most dividend investors make the mistake of using a buy-and-hold approach. Rather than being concerned about thei...

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A Look at Some Big Moves in Some Big Stocks

At AVA Investment Analytics, we cover a very large number of securities; many more securities than the 65 or so that we provide trading guidance for in our newsletters. The key to our success is knowi...

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LinkedIn Insiders Head for the Exit Gates

Several months ago, I wrote a short piece discussing what I believed to be illegal business practices used by LinkedIn.   In an earlier note, we released a detailed analysis of LinkedIn, focus...

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