Update on Video Presentation: 60 Stocks Poised for HUGE Moves

On May 30, we completed a special 7-hour, 9-part video presentation consisting of 60 securities we felt stood the best chance to make huge moves in coming weeks/months. 

While many of these securities were focused on for the short side of the trade, others were discussed as candidate for a short squeeze.

Finally, in many cases, we provided our short and longer-term guidance which we often concluded could lead to further downside (i.e. take a short position) followed later by a short squeeze (i.e. take a long position).

Below is the latest winner from this presentation. 




Would you like to know what this security is?   


If you want to find out what the ticker is for this security, as well as have access to the entire 6-hour video presentation covering 60 securities, you can either purchase the list (which also includes a shorting tutorial) or you can purchase access to the video series. 

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Is it too late to make money from this video series? Click here to find out.

Even if you have no intention of making these trades, the presentation is extremely educational.  

This series is a must-have for investors who are truly serious and dedicated to raising their skills and abilities.



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