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World's Leading Forecaster Warns About 1987-Style Market Correction Three Weeks Ago

If anyone knows what to expect from the stock market and economy, don't you think it would be the leading stock market forecaster in the world?

If you want to hear the full 2 hour analysis as well as gain access to the next 11 months of forecasts, you're going to need to subscribe to either the Intelligent Investor (see here) or Market Forecaster (see here). 

View Mike Stathis' Track Record herehereherehereherehere and here.

Don't you think if anyone knows what to expect from the capital markets it would be the person who predicted the 2008 financial crisis, stock market collapse, real estate collapse, the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and much more)?

If you're going to risk your money in the capital markets, don't you think you should arm yourself with the best possible research? 

View Mike Stathis' Track Record herehereherehereherehere and here.

Mike Stathis not only predicted the financial crisis, he was also the only person in the world who turned from being a stock market bear into a stock market bull at the exact market bottom in March 2009, and has remained bullish since then. 

But he has also accurately forecast just about every major stock market selloff since 2008. Moreover, has has achieved the amazing feat without having issued countless false negatives (unlike what the broke clocks do so they can eventually claim they were right). 

Mike Stathis is also the only person in the world to have written a book which predicted the collapse and bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, recommended readers to short these stocks as well as the sub-primes, banks, homebuilders and even General Electric and General Motors.   

Consider that if Mike had not been banned by the media, everyone in the world could have made huge sums of money shorting these stocks.

So why is Mike not being featured in the media?? Because the media is a criminal organization which only promotes Jewish clowns and cons. 

See here for chapter 12 of Mike's Amazingly insightful book, Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble

Since launching the Intelligent Investor and Market Forecaster 10 years ago, Mike has forecast just about every major stock market selloff since 2008 with stunning accuracy. 

View Mike Stathis' Track Record herehereherehereherehere and here.

His securities recommendations over the years have been equally impressive.

For instance, did you buy Netflix (NFLX) at $3/share like Mike recommended? 

As of February 10, 2018 shares of NFLX are selling for $250.

Did you buy Nvidia (NVDA) at $12/share like Mike recommended?  

As of February 10, 2018 shares of NVDA are selling for $232. 

Did you buy Heinz BEFORE Warren Buffett and Kraft, as Mike recommended? 

If so you would have nailed around 40% gains in less than a year. 

Did you short JC Penny (JCP) at $35 as Mike recommended? 

As of February 10, 2018 shares of JCP are selling for $3.

Did you short Sears Holding (SHLD) at $40 as Mike recommended? 

As of February 10, 2018 shares of SHLD are selling for $2.

Did you short Radio Shack (RSH) at just over $5 as Mike recommended? 

RSH went bankrupt a few years ago.

The list of amazing calls from Mike is endless. 

Mike's commodities, precious metals and foreign currency forecasting record is equally impressive.

View Mike Stathis' Track Record herehereherehereherehere and here.

Some of the more naive individuals reading this might be asking the following questions...

"So if Mike is really as good as you claim, why haven't I heard about him?"

We don't want you to believe our claims. We want you to research these claims for yourself. If you are unwilling or unable to verify our claims then you lack the most basic intellect required to interpret and utilize investment research. 

"Surely if he was so good he would be featured in the media, right?"

If you really think that the true experts are featured in the media I hope you don't mind losing large sums of money because apparently you have no idea how the media operates.

In short, the media is a criminal organization that seeks to rip off its audience for the benefit of its advertisers as well as its criminal buddies.

For many years Mike has been exposing the various tactics used by the media to deceive and rip off investors. Mike has also documented the track records of the clowns positioned in the media as experts. 

In fact, Mike's insight on the media alone is worth the price of his investment research. 

Why is an understanding of the media so critical to investors?

If you understand how the media operates you will save yourself from huge losses over your life time. 

Because Mike was banned by all media (so-called mainstream AND so-called alternative) upon the release of his 2006 landmark classic, America's Financial Apocalypse, most investors have no idea who he is.

Instead they know who the professional marketers are who are always wrong.

Most investors rarely come across legitimate investment research because the media floods the investment public with con artists, shills and broken clock fear-mongering clowns. And the media claims they have great track records. This is a huge lie.  

Many of these con artists  are from the copywriting industry. Copyrighting is a boiler room scam industry that's closely linked with internet marketing. 

By now you might know who these con artists, broken clocks and shills are. We have exposed most of them on this website.

If you are lucky you might get access to real research from top full service brokerage firms. But even this research is biased, usually useless and often flat out wrong.

And let's not forget that Wall Street GIVES AWAY ITS RESEARCH because they know NO ONE WOULD PAY FOR IT BASED ON POOR RESULTS. 

AVA Investment Analytics is one of the only legitimate investment research firms in the world outside of Wall Street that allows retail investors to become research clients.

We serve both retail and professional investors. That alone makes us unique.

But it has been the unique insights and outstanding results are what have positioned Mike Stathis as a world leader in investment research and forecasting. 

AVA Investment Analytics is run by Mike Stathis, a former Wall Street and venture capital professional.

Over the past decade Mike has established himself as one of the world's most accurate, sharpest and most reliable analysts.

His track record serves as his testiment.   

View Mike Stathis' Track Record herehereherehereherehere and here.

Mike has also been the only investment analyst in world history to have backed his claims of owning the leading forecasting track record by a monetary reward. 

This reward is now $1,000,000.   See here for more details. 

You aren't going to find many financial analysts who are even capable of forecasting so many different things, much less with reasonable accuracy.

Keep in mind that Wall Street analysts only cover one sector and usually no more than 4 or 5 stocks within that sector. That means that have no clue as to the bigger picture. 

Make no mistake. It's extraordinarily rate to find a financial professional who is able to forecast a variety of categories, from US and global macroeconomics, interest rates, US and emerging stock markets, precious metals, commodities and foreign currencies. 

So if you have identified a financial professional who is able to forecast these categories with such high accuracy, you have found a true gem. 

Mike's forecasting accuracy in emerging markets (China, India and Brazil) the US stock market (Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq), commodities, precious metals and foreign currencies is unmatched in the industry. 

View Mike Stathis' Track Record herehereherehereherehere and here.

In closing you should remember this.

If you allow the media to determine your perception of who the real experts are, you're going to lose huge sums of money because the media only promotes con artists with terrible track records and agendas.  This is a fact which we have proven ad nauseam.

Meanwhile, the media constantly lies to its audience claiming that their experts have great track records.

And because most people are either too lazy to check the claims made by the media or else lack the basic logic skills and understanding required to check these claims,  they get suckered into falling for the likes of guys like Peter Schiff, Harry Dent, Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards, Marc Faber, Jim Cramer, Doug Kass, Doug Casey, and so on.

Note that every one of these men are Jewish. That's also a requirement to be promoted as an expert by the media. because the media is of course run by the Jewish mafia. 

If you want to believe what the media claims about its so-called "experts" rather than researching their track records and agendas for yourself, you're going to end up in deep trouble. 


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