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Mike Stathis Foresaw the Problems With US Trade Policy Back in 2006

By now if you're reading this then you probably already realize the fact that Mike Stathis holds not only the leading track record on the economic collapse in 2008, but also the leading investment for...

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Free Trade and Globalization: The Biggest Secret You're Not Being Told

As one of the world's foremost experts on trade, Mike Stathis has exposed realities about so-called free trade and globalization you will not hear elsewhere.  In the video below Mike discusses...

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Trump's Trade Plan Guarantees More Outsourcing of American Jobs (More Evidence)

In the past we have pointed out many realities about Donald Trump.  See here, here and here. Recently, it was even revealed that Trump paid no taxes for years as a result of...

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Mike Stathis Foresaw the Problems With US Trade Policy Back in 2006 (early release video)

By now if you're reading this then you probably already realize I, Mike Stathis hold not only the leading track record on the economic collapse, but also the leading investment forecasting track recor...

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How Is America's Open Borders Policy Linked to Minimum Wage, Affirmative Action and Free Trade?

See Also: Free Trade And The Suicide Of A Superpower (Part 1) Free Trade And The Jewish Mafia Ford As A Crystal Ball For America Ford: Playing Its Last Hand? GM Lines Up for Its Take Washin...

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The Death of America

In this article, you are going to see what has happened to America, what the future holds and who is responsible for the nation's decline. See Also: Free Trade And The Suicide Of A Superpower (Part...

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The Damaging Consequences of Free Trade

For over three decades, proponents of free trade have promised Americans more jobs. This promise has not been kept. Ever since NAFTA was signed into law in 1994, developing nations have been on the re...

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Free Trade and the Jewish Mafia

Among the various mechanisms of fraud carried out by the Jewish Mafia, the one most responsible for the economic decline of the United States has been its exploitative trade policy, otherwise known as...

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Free Trade and the Suicide of a Superpower (Part 1)

When President Bush was preparing to leave the White House during the peak of the financial crisis, he was instructed by his globalist handlers to preach the “we must guard against protectionism...

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Free Trade and the Suicide of a Superpower (Part 2)

This article was originally written in 2012 as a followup to the material I first wrote about pertaining to US trade policy in my banned 2006 book, America's Financial Apocalypse.  This book was...

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Record Profits and the Huge Sucking Sound of American Jobs

As a result of the financial crisis of 2008, U.S. corporate profits declined to the lowest level on record in the fourth quarter of that year, accounting for only 4.5% of GDP. The collapse in profits...

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Poverty in America: The Big Picture

In America’s Financial Apocalypse, a book that has been banned by the media, I discussed the many flaws in the calculation of poverty levels within the U.S. First, let’s have a look at som...

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America. What Went Wrong? (Part 1)

As I have detailed with extensive data and accompanying analysis in America's Financial Apocalypse (2006/expanded and 2007/condensed), America’s once great economy has been gradually transformed...

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