Trump's Trade Plan Guarantees More Outsourcing of American Jobs (More Evidence)

In the past we have pointed out many realities about Donald Trump.  See here, here and here.

Recently, it was even revealed that Trump paid no taxes for years as a result of his massive tax losses incurred in the early '90s which he carried through for many years into the future.

Several years ago Mr. Stathis stated that he believed one reason why Trump did not want to release his tax returns was because it would reveal that he paid little to no taxes as a result of his massive losses in his many business ventures, notably his casinos. Furthermore, Mike believed Trump's tax returns would reveal that he's not a billionaire as he often boasts about.

As Mike pointed out, Trump has used this false perception of being wealthy (which is now being used by countless internet hucksters) in order to generate sales for his various businesses, from steaks and water to condos and casinos. Mike also pointed out that Trump has lived off of these false perceptions since the 1980s.

Trump's business model is simple. Create the perception of business success and wealth, and then sell products to the public leveraging that perception. This approach might make Trump the very first in a long list of hucksters who have build careers based on smoke and mirrors.  Today, this strategy is known as the "fake it till you make it" approach. And I view it as fraud. 

In the video below you will finally learn the real truth about Trump's trade deal. 

What you're about to hear has not been discussed by anyone else in the world. But Mike has discussed this topic several times in the past. See here for one example.

The main focus of Trump's trade deal with China is centered on the protection of U.S. corporate intellectual property assets in China. This is the only reason for the hold up in trade negotiations with China. China has already agreed to purchase more goods from the U.S. to reduce the trade deficit. And we believe most if not all of the requirements for China to end unfair government subsidies for Chinese businesses have already been agreed to. Thus, the primary if not the only portion of Trump's trade deal that has not yet been agreed upon pertains to the agreement and adherence to protection of intellectual property owned by U.S. corporations operating in China.

As Mike discusses in the first video below, if Trump's intent was truly to "bring jobs back" to the USA, he would not need to worry about the theft of intellectual property assets by Chinese firms because U.S. corporate manufacturing facilities would be relocated to the USA using the "bring the jobs back" approach Trump repeated over and over during the presidential campaign. Isn't this what Trump promised voters?   

But it's always been about protecting corporate profits because the investor class runs the show. We already saw that when Trump floated his corporate tax cut bill through Washington.  See here.

Those who have been following us for a while now might remember in 2016 when Mr. Stathis predicted Trump's trade deal would only favor corporate America. This was apparent to Mike when he noted that Trump was filling his cabinet with the same Wall Street filth that were responsible for drafting trade deals that sent millions of American jobs overseas; the exact same trade deals that Trump was criticizing. 

As Stathis emphasized, these trade deals were not the result of stupid people in Washington as Trump claimed. Washington got the deals that it wanted. And these deals were written by Wall Street and corporate America specifically to benefit Wall Street and corporate America at the expense of working class Americans. See here

The fact that the masses have been fooled by Trump's claim that his trade deal will "bring jobs back to America" proves that no one in media, and certainly none of the so-called experts can be trusted. Perhaps you now understand why Mike has previously stated that 99% of the population is under mind control as a result of the media.  

If you weren't aware of this stunning revelation about Trump's trade deal before, don't feel too bad because after all, Mike was well in tune with the realities of U.S. trade policy in having written about it in his 2006 book. To our knowledge, Mike Stathis was the only man in the world to have detailed the misaligned trading arrangements permitted by corporate America before the financial crisis (see the second video below). 

Given that Mr. Stathis was the only person in the world to have made U.S. trade policy a core theme underlying America's long and gradual economic decline, given the fact that he predicted Dow 6500, advised investors to start buying at the bottom, predicted the collapse of the sub-primes as well as the investment grade mortgage lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as the bailout of these two firms, it should be obvious that Mike Stathis is one of the very top investment experts in the world.

But once you add his many other remarkable insights and forecasts into the picture, there should be no question that Mike Stathis is in fact the world's number one investment mind. 

That should make you wonder why the media continues to promote broken clocks, shills, idiots, con artists and useless mouth pieces while continuing to black-ball Stathis.

By now the answer should be obvious. The way the game is played is for the media to create the perception that you're getting credible insights from legit experts. This game is intricately designed in order to deceive, distract and lie to you in order to control your mind and to ultimately rip you off. The constant lies and mind control also function to create support for America's corrupt political system which answers only to corporate America. 

But you shouldn't assume that the other side of America's two-party system of corporate fascism (commonly referred to as "democracy") serves the interests of the people. While democratic senators such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren would have you believe they are for the working class, the fact is that they're really no different than Trump because at the end of the day, no matter what they claim, they all serve corporate interests. This is specifically why neither Sanders nor Warren have addressed the real problems with the U.S. healthcare system and runaway costs for higher education. Instead of clamping down on these criminally run industries, Sanders and Warren prefer not to ruffle the feathers of their campaign donors. Ironically, their proposed solutions seek to add even more money into these bloated industries. Unfortunately, the majority of voters who consider themselves democrats have fallen for this farce in the same manner that republican voters fell for Trump's lies.  

For those who truly understand how things operate in the U.S., there should be no question that America is the most corrupt nation on earth. And it's "democracy" is merely a very sophisticated hoax that appears legit only on the surface. Once you delve into the inner core and examine the details of how things really operate you will see that it's at least as corrupt as other nations. I argue it is the most corrupt system of government because the corruption is so well hidden that the people live in a fantasy world. As a result, because they will never truly understand how corrupt the system is, they will never pose a risk of tearing it down.   

The situation in overtly corrupt nations such as Brazil is much different. In Brazil the people realize corruption is everywhere so they're more informed and more alert. As a result, Brazilians take action. So if you think the political system in Brazil is bad, consider that at least Brazilians arrest the criminal politicians and corporate bigwigs and throw them into prison. Even the former president Lula da Silva, the nation's most popular and beloved president in history is now in prison for corruption. 

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