Mike Stathis Foresaw the Problems With US Trade Policy Back in 2006

By now if you're reading this then you probably already realize the fact that Mike Stathis holds not only the leading track record on the economic collapse in 2008, but also the leading investment forecasting track record since 2006. 

Much of Mike Stathis' track record can be accessed here, herehere, here, here, here and here.  

Hello everyone. Mike Stathis here.

First, I want to make sure you understand that I mention my leading track record not as a way to boast, but in order to demonstrate that the media is involved in massive fraud having banned me from day one back in late-2006 when I tried to warn the world about what I believed would be a historic collapse in the financial system.

As many of you realize, I was exactly right. 

Ever since having nailed the details of the financial crisis and stock market collapse in two books written nearly two years before the fallout, I have continued to face perhaps the most widespread and pervasive ban by all media in US history despite having added to my impressive investment forecasting track record. 

I even backed my claim of holding the leading investment track record with a $1 million guarantee to the first person who could prove this not to be the case.  See here.   

I believe it's noteworthy to understand that no one else in the world has ever backed claims like this with any type of monetary guarantee.  

Ask yourself why I continue to be banned by ALL MEDIA (including the so-called "alternative media" which is a bigger joke than the "mainstream media").

Once you truly understand why I have been banned, you will then realize how the game is played by ALL MEDIA to lie, con and distract you. 

All ad-based content is a complete scam designed to get you to play the patsy by creating demand for content that's linked to ads.

And the content ranges from slanted to complete bull shit.

The fact is that if you're paying attention to any media, you're being lied to, deceived, distracted and conned.  

I'm not going to write much here because the video below is quite long and self-explanatory.

In essence, I claim that my 2006 landmark book, America's Financial Apocalypse as the single best investment-related book ever written based on the detail, scope and accuracy of the predictions, the complexity and accuracy of insights, and the number of problems that have since come to the forefront some 12 years later.

I intend to prove this claim by publishing some excerpts from this landmark book, which again was first published in 2006. 

I know of no other investment-related book ever been written that comes close to the measuring stick I have defined here. Yet, the book was barred by the publishing industry.

And I have since been black-balled by all media (including so-called "alternative media).  Hence, very few people have read the book.

Some who may have read the book might have been unable to fully interpret the full relevance of the material in a comprehensive manner due to confirmation bias after having been indoctrinated from the intake of years of nonsense from the media's so-called "experts," all of which have continued to be wrong, none of which has any real credibility, some of which have been involved in fraud, all of which are only experts in sales and marketing.   

Even after watching or even studying the video below, I am quite confident that some who are not so familiar with me or my work will still be unable to understand the relevance of this book. Consequently, this merely points to the sad state of the intelligence level of the masses. 

In short, if you ever find anyone who has read the original extended version of America's Financial Apocalypse (2006) but does not speak of it with nothing but the utmost praise, you can be assured that you have run across an individual who is clueless about investments, suffers from some form of mental illness, cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, or some other disruptive mental process which stands in the way of objective thinking.

As a final note, I have recently confirmed my suspicions that certain members of the Trump administration have in fact used the book as a reference for issues pertaining to US trade policy.

Once you read the excerpts from the book (in the video below) you will realize that it's very possible (if not highly likely) that Trump obtained many of his talking points from the book. 

Remember folks. The media is a criminal organization that seeks to screw its audience by delivering deceptive content designed to please its financial sponsors (i.e. advertisers).

I have proven this over and over in hundreds of articles, videos and audios for more than a decade.

But when serious individuals including industry leading professionals want world-class insights and research they come to me. 

Do you really think serious professionals seek out the clowns in the media who are promoted as experts? 

Even the most credible Wall Street firms come up short when stacked against my track record. 

This might explain why some of our research clients are from Wall Street. 



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