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Can Anyone Match Stathis' Track Record and Insights?

Can Anyone Match Stathis' Track Record and Insights?

The answer to that question is a definitive NO.  

Mike Stathis is the top investment mind in the world. And we stand by that claim.

See here for some evidence

If you have more time, you should check here, here, here, here and here.

Moreover, we are willing to back this claim by a $1 million guarantee. 

See here

Now before you continue, you should pause and ask yourself who else in world history has even made such a claim? 

Furthermore, who else would dare to back such a claim with a monetary reward? 

Answer: no one.

Stathis has been banned by ALL media ever since he tried to warn the world about the financial crisis two years before it struck. This is a fact. And Mike has documented various counts of his mass censorship for more than a decade. 

This censorship includes not only all major publishing houses, but all TV and radio stations. He has even been banned by Google and all major email marketing services including iContact and Constant Contact. He has been completely banned by mainstream and alternative media.  His requests for publication of investment articles has been rejected by every major publication which allows even the most amateur investment writers such as Forbes. Ask yourself why. 

Remember, if guys like Juilian Assange and Wikileaks posed such a huge threat to the US government, why does the US media constantly line up to interview Assange?

Hopefully you understand how the game is played. Everyone in the media is either working for the establishment or else they have been bought and paid for by the establishment. Otherwise they would be banned by the media. 

Why has Mike Stathis been the only financial professional the world to back his claim of holding the leading investment forecasting track record in the world with $1 million?   

Those who are truly familiar with Mike Stathis and his amazing track record are likely to assume that he has backed his claim by a $1 million guarantee because he is in fact the REAL DEAL, so he wants to flaunt his achievements. However, this is actually not the reason. He only reminds people of his track record for the purposes of dissimination of the truth since he has been banned by all media.  

The reason why Mike decided to back his claim with a $1 million guarantee was to get people to constantly question why the media continues to ban him, while airing con artists and idiots.

This is in fact the key issue people should focus on, for if they truly understood the reality of the situation they would realize that the media specifically seeks to deceive its audience in order to boost its income in the form of advertising revenues as well as various forms of securities manipulation. 

Instead of airing real experts who have no agendas, experts who truly want to help Main Street, the media airs broken clock con artists and fools, most of which happen to be Jewish. This is by no means a coincidence, as Mike has explained ad nauseum. 

The various clowns plastered all over the media positioned as "experts" realize they're a joke, so they aren't likely to claim they have a great track record, much less the #1 track record in the world. 

And they certainly wouldn't back such a claim with money because they know they would have to pay up! 

Instead, the guys promoted as experts by the media rely on a naive audience of trusting dummies to believe everything the media claims about the credibility and track record of these "experts."

Think about it, You have every major publication, every broadcast network and every financial website discussing the same useless and inaccurate "forecasts," and dogmas of broken clock con artists and brainless clowns, from CNBC and FOX, to Barron's and Bloomberg.

And because the Jewish media is really one big monopoly of lies and criminal activity, you're likely to see these same con artists featured on PBS and BBC.  There really is no escape from disinformation unless you stay away from ALL MEDIA, from mainstream and alternative to social media.

You can bet your life that all content that's linked to advertisements is bought off propaganda. 

The fact is that these so-called "experts" in the media are usually con artists and/or idiots who rely on false perception in order to sell books which are always useless.

And the media helps these charlatans create these false perceptions.

Folks, we are talking about a huge scam which overlaps with the publishing industry. 

You Will Lose Your Ass If You Listen To The Media

For many years now Mike Stathis has been exposing this media scam.

The fact is that the media has done just as much if not more to steal wealth from Main Street as Wall Street.

He has also revealed the track records of the biggest charlatans in the media; you know, the guys the media claims are "experts." These are the same guys who usually get everything wrong. 

If you haven't patched yourself into this content, you are certain to lose loads of money indefinitely.  

Below is just one example illustrating why Mike Stathis' is the top investment mind in the world.  Note there are countless examples adding to this claim.   

Do yourself a big favor and spend some time checking Stathis' track record. 

Then try to compare his record with anyone else in the world.

Only then will you begin to get a sense of how great of an analyst Stathis is.   

And remember, if you can provide evidence that Stathis does not hold the leading forecasting track record in the world since 2006, you will receive $1 million. But if you cannot prove this, you would be wise to expose yourself to as much content from Stathis as possible.

Or you could filled your head with the "experts" in the media. 

Perhaps even better, you could swallow he fake news scams and other nonsense from the endless pool of liars, idiots and scam artists who pose as experts on You Tube, the world's largest portal for scams and scam artists. 

The choice is yours to make. 

Just remember this. Whether Mike Stathis is the leading investment mind in the world or not, one thing is for certain. He is surely one of the top minds. His track record demonstrates that.

So the question is this.

Why does the media continue to air so many con artists, broken clocks and idiots while claiming they are valuable sources of insight?  

View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.



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Mike Stathis holds the best investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006.

View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere, here, here and here.


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