From Nurse to Self-Proclaimed Investment Expert: Greg Mannarino's Fake News and Lies Exposed

I don't want to waste much time on this really weird YouTube gold -pumping con artist by the name of Greg Mannarino.

The only reason I am even mentioning this clown is because I was asked about him privately a few years back. Today I wanted to revisit him to tie up a few loose ends and report to the public.

You see, back when Mannarino started his YouTube channel in June 2011, in addition to pumping gold (when it was at its peak) he claimed to have worked as a trader for Bear Stearns during the late 1990s.  He kept repeating this claim as a way to generate instant credibility (note that I rarely mention my Wall Street experience because I generate credibility by posting my track record which is what legit professionals would do). 

As a former employee of Bear Stearns who had access to several years of employee directories, when I was told about this guy claiming to have worked as a "trader" at Bear Stearns, I instantly knew he was lying because he displayed quite a few psychological issues (based on my observations). He would have never gotten past an initial screening interview.  

When I checked Bear Stearns employee directories, I confirmed what I already knew. There was no one named Greg Mannarino on the employee lists. 

As further evidence backing my claim that he never worked at Bear Stearns, Greg Mannarino also claimed that he started his "trading career" at Bear Stearns. But that's impossible because Bear Stearns never had a training program, unlike most firms. You had to already be experienced to work at Bear.

Upon checking one of his videos, I knew immediately that he had never worked at Bear Stearns or for any other major investment firm, at least as a financial professional. How was I so sure of that?  Because he was too stupid. I'm not being facetious. This is my honest opinion. 

Upon further investigation I learned that Mannarino was actually a physician assistant who claimed to "practice medicine" in his videos.   That made no sense whatsoever. 

It appears that Mannarino was fired from his job most likely after his employers discovered he was spreading bat shit crazy conspiracies on JewTube.

Ask yourself who goes from being a trader at a major Wall Street firm to a physician assistant?  

Why would be make such a drastic departure? He had to go back to school and get a P.A. degree. Why not stay in the financial industry? 

My (educated) guess is that (at best) Mannarino worked at some small boiler room where he pitched penny stocks by cold-calling. In the most optimistic of scenarios, Bear Stearns might have bought some assets from the boiler room and axed everything else.

So for a brief time Mannarino might claim to have worked at Bear Stearns, but not long enough to be included in the employee directory. Without qualifying the situation it's a lie.

Again, I did not find his name in any of the employee directories. That means he was never recognized as an employee of Bear Stearns. 

In conclusion, Greg Mannarino is a liar and con man who has no idea how to trade stocks or anything else. But I already realized he was a liar after watching his ridiculous videos. 

He has been trying to lure suckers into his bogus trading service for years by flip flopping constantly, removing his failed trades, and changing info on his website in order to hide the fact that he's clueless.

So why is this important anyway? 

Because Mannarino pushed this Bear Stearns narrative from day one as a way to build credibility. If I am right that he never worked at Bear Stearns, it means he has been generating income based on a false premise which equates to fraud. 

As well, Mannarino is a swindler because he began as a gold pumper. But after several years of being wrong while watching the stock market soar, he started posting trades on his pathetic blog in order to hook the low IQ dunces who are so stupid they can't even see through his constant lies. 

You see, Mannarino planned on earning a living by pumping gold. What he didn't realize is that you have to monetize your BS. That means you need to get paid by gold dealers to pump gold and endorse specific firms if you want to get paid to pump gold.

Unfortunately for him, it appears that no gold dealer wanted to have this weirdo endorse their firm or stock. Can you blame them? 

As I have been exposing for years, gold pumpers are all in the game to extract as much money as they can from the suckers who trust them and fall for their BS.

So while Mannarino constantly pitches the "fiat currency is a scam" and "the stock market is going to crash" lines, he also tries to lure the sheep into his useless trading service. 

More recently he has changed his tune and now usually calls for new record highs in most videos, as if this serves as a legit forecast. He's riding the bull market gravy train now because he's pitching his useless trading service. 

The bottom line is Mannarino is the typical gold pumper scam artist who will switch directions any time the flow of money changes. 

If you are like me, as you listen to this clown in the first video you'll probably be wondering what kind of mental issues he has.  In the second video I tear him apart like he deserves...

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