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Greg Hunter Runs a Fake News YouTube Channel Filled With Jewish Charlatans

The following video was first released back in 2014. It represents a quick and unscripted analysis of the fake news BS artists featured on Hunter's fake news, fear mongering JewTube channel.

First, I want you to spend some time to look at each guest Hunter has had on his fake news JT channel.

You might be interested to know that nearly every single person Hunter (who is himself Jewish) has interviewed happens to be Jewish.

Next, it's important to consider how or why this might be the case. With Jewish individuals comprising a mere 2% of the U.S. population, the fact that (at least) 99% of his guests are Jewish is quite strange. In fact, it’s statistically impossible for this to happen by random chance.

Therefore, we must consider whether Hunter seeks only to feature Jewish individuals on his fake news channel, or whether Jewish individuals comprise the vast majority of gold pumping liars, fear-mongering broken clock idiots and scam artists. I'll let you think about that and come to your own conclusions.  

It should also be noted that Hunter often makes false claims about the clowns he interviews, including lying about and/or cherry picking their past statements and predictions in order to make them seem credible and reliable. No one with a decent memory and a normal functioning brain would be fooled by his predictable spins on the truth. That gives you a rough idea about his audience.   

For instance, when Hunter interviews Martin Armstrong he always points out how Armstrong is sought out by fund managers and so forth, and that he has been right about most things. Of course this is utter nonsense. Martin Armstrong is an uneducated idiot, liar and former Ponzi scheme criminal. He constantly dances around questions looking for ways to tell you how important (he wants you to think) he is.

And let’s not forget that he started a Ponzi scheme in order to cover-up for massive losses he sustained while trading commodities. Hence, he’s a failed trader. It should be obvious that no sane investor would even listen to what the man has to say.

Hunter also claims Peter Schiff, Jim Rickards and many other broken clock, fear-mongering, gold-pumping clowns have been right in most of their predictions. I have previously demonstrated in hundreds of videos and articles this is not even remotely true. These guys have some or the worst track records I have ever seen. Moreover, Rickards is one of the biggest BS artists, liars and charlatans in the entire gold-pumping, fear mongering syndicate. And Peter Schiff has turned into a laughing stock.

The constant litany of false claims made by Hunter about his various Jewish guests is intentional. The purpose is to cause his uneducated nut job audience to believe the ridiculous claims made by these charlatans.

Today, many people are simply either too lazy or too stupid to assess an individual's credibility or to even determine whether or not they have a decent track record. As a result, they most often rely on what others on the internet claim about these hucksters.

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