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Jim Rickards Wants to Sell You Easy Ways to Get Rich for Only $10,000

Is there a bigger financial charlatan in the world today than Jim Rickards?

That's a very good question that deserves some serious thought.

There's certainly no slam dunk answer to this question. After all, our Jewish friend Jim Rickards has an enormous amount of competition from his fellow tribesmen who seem to gravitate around jobs, industries and activities that do not require real and honest work.  

For instance, we have as finalists the following contrarian indicators: Peter "Gold-Pumping, Hyperinflation" Schiff as a frontrunner, as well as Harry "Flip-Flop, Doomsday Demographics" Dent, Jim "Never Been Right About Anything" Rogers, Marc "Asian Nightlife Expert" Faber, Mike "Bull Shit Artist and Conspiracy Loon" Maloney, Eric "Pump and Dump" Sprott and Doug "Move Everything To Argentina to Escape the Collapse" Casey.  

Gunning for the top spot is also Robert "Career Con" Kiyosaki, as well as Tony "Life Coach" Robbins. The list of financial charlatans is quite long. 

And we certainly can't leave Porter "End of America" Stansberry off the list of finalists.  

You may not have thought of Stansberry because he's been largely in hiding ever since his epic "End of America" fail. As you might recall, back in 2010 Stansberry paid Alex Jones to be the voice of Stansberry's "End of America" fear-mongering scam. The ads for the one-plus hour long video were spread throughout the entire media, from internet and broadcast to alternative and mainstream.

Although the ad campaign lasted through 2014, the video was run up until around 2015.  If you listened to the advice in his fear-mongering infomentary, you lost huge. 

Stansberry even followed up with a similar doom and gloom videomercial called "End of America 2020," which of course was just as pathetic and ridiculous as his prior attempt. 

You might recall that I have previously exposed the fact that like Stansberry, Jim Rickards also works for copywriting boiler room, Agora Financial.  Stansberry pretends he's not affiliated with Agora but he's very closely connected with this boiler room.  In fact, Porter worked for Agora Financial for several years after he had been previously delivering pizzas. That's right. Porter Stansberry was a pizza delivery boy prior to being hired by Agora where he "cut his teeth"" learning the tricks of the copywriting trade to game the sheep.  

Listen to the audio below as pathological liar and gold-pumping charlatan Jim Rickards reads off a script prepared by copywriting monkeys at Agora Financial. 

First of all, if you really have something of value to introduce, why are you readng from a script? 

You should note that all copywriting scams are scripted. 

After you listen to this ridiculous pitch from Rickards, I want you to ask yourself if you actually believe his bull shit. 

If you do, you're quite gullible not so intelligent (putting it mildly). 

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