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More Proof Ron Paul is a SCAM ARTIST

I exposed Ron Paul as a huge scam artist many years ago when he was fooling the masses with his complete pointless and distracting "End the Fed" message. 

Why is the "End the Fed" rant pointless and distracting?

Because one should focus on things they might possibly affect change rather than obsessing on things that they have no chance whatsoever in changing.

Focusing on things that stand zero chance of changing actually serves to distract from real issues that matter and that might be changed.

For instance, Ron Paul could have focused on the constant failures of securities regulators to prosecute billionaire criminals who commit various forms of securities fraud.

He could also focus his attention on the fact that the hedge fund and private equities industries are stealing massive amounts from pension plans.

But Paul wouldn't go after Wall Street because his purpose is to pretend to want to help the people. The past thing Ron Paul would do is bite the hand that feeds him.

You see, Ron Paul has turned into a penny stock, copywriting scam artist working for the world's biggest copywriting boiler room and scam center in the world. 

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to review the details of the psychological tactics behind his "End the Fed" campaign here. But a review of the following video might refresh your memory. Ron Paul and Many Other Frauds EXPOSED

Ron Paul has also been aligned with the gold pumping syndicate of con artists and frauds for decades. As a part of his duties, Ron Paul has been scaring his naive cult members out of the longest stock bull market in U.S. history from day one.

Moreover, as a paid employee of boiler room operation Agora Financial and Porter Stansberry, Ron Paul has even lied many times about Stansberry, claiming he has a great track record.  This represents pure fraud by both Ron Paul and Porter Stansberry. 

I will show you direct evidence of this claim shortly.

The following article is a follow-up to one that I published a few years ago.  Ron Paul: Paid Whore for Scam Artist Porter Stansberry

Even before I wrote the aforementioned article, I exposed Ron Paul and his various disinformation statements regarding healthcare and the economy several years ago. 

Ron Paul: Wrong on the Economy, Wrong on Healthcare (Part 1)

Ron Paul: Wrong on the Economy, Wrong on Healthcare (Part 2)

I also exposed Ron Paul's "End the Fed" and "The government is bad" con game soon after.

I never fell for Ron Paul because his tactics were too obvious to me.  

If you fell for Ron Paul, you've probably fallen for many other con artists.

By the way, if you would like some help clearing your mind, the single best way I know of is to become a member of this website.  I cannot tell you how many times members and clients have emailed us sharing their story of how our content has made them a better, smarter and more aware person.

And as much as Ron Paul has served as a gold pumper throughout the years, one would have assumed that at least some of his supporters would have checked into his investment performance to see whether he was at least a reasonable investor given that all members of congress are required to reveal their investment holdings.

But of course, sheep never seem to ask the right questions because they lack the most basic human ability that sets us apart from wild animals.

Critical reasoning.  That is why they are sheep. 

I checked Ron Paul's investment performance several years ago published an article revealing that it's been a disaster. His investment portfolio has consisted only of precious metals. And they've all been losers.  Ron Paul, Investment Disaster

As far as I know, I was the first person to expose Ron Paul. That isn't something to boast about.

Instead, it points to a very problematic society that's filled with people who are fooled by hucksters like Ron Paul as well as more rational people on the other side of the fence who know he's a charlatan, but can't pinpoint specifically why or else refuse to point it out.  

A simple search on our website will reveal numerous articles and videos I've published revealing Ron Paul's disinformation, his various fear-mongering con games and his motives.  

One thing I will point to as a key focal point of many scams and scam artists is their affiliation with the so-called "libertarian" mindset.

If there is indeed a bigger farce today than the libertarian pitch, I cannot identify it. However, so-called man-made climate change narrative is certainly a worthy contender.

Now if you aren't sure of what I mean by the "libertarian pitch" as well as the various scams associated with it, you should search through our website because I've covered it quite a few times.  

Imagine if you were to build your entire political career based on telling the people that the government is bad.  Do I need to point out that this pitch is designed to get suckers to vote for you so you can be part of the government!  

That's what I call exploiting a bunch of gullible saps.   

This article continues.

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So why does the media continue to BAN Stathis? 


Why does the media constantly air con men who have lousy track records?

These are critical questions to be answered.

You need to confront the media with these questions. 

Watch the following videos and you will learn the answer to these questions:

You Will Lose Your Ass If You Listen To The Media





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