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Fear-Mongering Jewish Clown Harry Dent is Up to His BS Scare Tactics Again!

Perhaps you recall Harry Dent's "Safe Asset Slaughter" marketing pitch. You might not be surprised to learn that Dent has recently released a new video pitch (see below).

It seems that Dent and his copyrighting monkeys pump out new marketing gimmicks every day while releasing new video pitches each month. It's no wonder why Dent has no idea what's going on with the economy and stock market. He's spending all of his time creating fear-mongering videos, copyrighting pitches and other sales and marketing tactics.

If you're thinking this focus on sales and marketing of fear and greed reminds you of Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and the rest of the Jewish marketing clowns, I was thinking the same thing. 

With so many pitches released so often it might seem difficult to keep up with Dent's latest gimmick unless you're a dedicated follower of his nonsense. There's no reason why you should be confused as to which pitch Dent is rambling about. It's really pretty simple. All you have to remember is that Dent changes the name of monthly video pitch while the content pretty much stays the same.

Typically his pitch goes something like this....

"Economics has failed in its promise to predict the markets. Back in the 1980s when I studied at Harvard..."

First he makes the false claim that economics was intended to predict the markets and then he wants you to know that he studied at Harvard hoping you'll think that gives him credibility. You know Harvard right?  It's where many of the economists who "failed to predict the markets" also studied.  

"We use demographics to predict consumer behavior and this allows us to predict the economy which enables us to forecast the markets..."

Next Dent lays into his demographics voodoo nonsense. Not only has demographics been proven over and over again as a failed indicator of market performance, Dent's approach to demographics is laughable. 

"Hello, My name is Harry Dent [proceeds with more false logic and lies about his track record]....here at Dent Research [more bull shit]....[now for the one hour pitch]." 

Of course, as flawed as the field of economics is, even the most enthusiastic economists, if they are credible and honest, have never claimed economic tools enable them to predict anything.  And it doesn't matter where you went to college Harry.

All that really matters is your track record. And you track record completely sucks which is why you are a copyrighting clown posing as an analyst and economist.  Have a look at Dent's track record here

Today's pitch is yet another spin on Dent's Safe Asset horse crap. 

You may be wondering why I would take the time out of my busy day to post this material and to record Dent's pitch and post it when I could be devoting my time to more productive activities. At the very least I could use this time for leisure, right?

The reality is that (with the exception of the audios I make) this particular post is actually one of the least-time consuming that I've made in a long time. It took me only a few hours. In total I spent around five hours reading Dent's email, watching and recording his video, reformatting and uploading it, annotating the images (shown below) and publishing this post.

If that sounds like a good deal of time for such a small amount of content, you have no idea how much effort it takes to create completely original content that's of unique value.

What few people realize is the fact that many of the videos I create consume a huge amount of time. In the past I've mentioned that some of my longer articles and even videos can take several hundred hours to complete. For instance, the recent video I made exposing Paul Watson took me more than 40 hours to make. That's pretty typical for a video of that length.

Now imagine how many of those types of videos I've created over the years...hundreds.

In fact, I've gone on record as stating that I spend the majority of my time creating content to expose the financial media charlatans and the tricks of the media versus actually creating investment content and research. Why? Because understanding the tricks and deceit of the media is the single most important thing you can do as an investor. 

So relatively speaking, the effort I put into creating this post was close to nil.

Some of you might be thinking that I could have devoted the time I've spent making these videos and writing articles exposing financial media charlatans towards investment related projects; projects that would provide you with more investment insight; projects that would directly boost my sales and fatten my wallet.

After all, I've never made a single penny from any of these videos or articles so isn't it an enormous waste to be spending so much of my time and effort on projects that do not directly provide investment insight and resources all while boosting sales?

Before I answer this by the way, I'd like you to identify anyone else in the world who has spent so much time, energy and money making content that reveals the truth and that doesnot generate any income. 

My answer to this is the following will be addressed in two portions.

First of all, the time and effort I spend on this type of content does raise the intelligence of investors. In fact, this facet of education is found no other place in the world other than this website. 

There are many components required prior to gaining an advanced understanding of complex fields. Investing is a complex field. Although virtually no one else in the world addresses the importance of understanding how the financial media works as a vital part of the process involved in advancing your prospects as an investor, without this component you are likely to do much worse.

Second, the objective here is not to run a business. My objective is to expose the truth so that you become a much better informed, sharper, wiser investor, consumer and individual.   

The bottom line is that everything I do at AVAIA...all of the content I produce is specifically focused on helping you become a better, more independent investor, from the audios, videos and articles to the investment research. 

So if you've often wondered why I seem to spend so much time on projects that do not provide investment insight and resources, you fail to appreciate the importance of understanding the enemies of investors. As an investor your enemies are Wall Street, the financial media and the so-called "experts" promoted by the financial media. 

As you watch the video below ask yourself how the typical person would react to the statements made by Dent. Think about how the typical person might react to the statements made by Dent. 

Ask yourself if you can spot the lies, deception, faulty logic, and psychological trickery that's characteristic of this army of copyrighting cons. In short, watching the following video serves as an exercise in raising the portion of your intellect that's devoted towards detecting charlatans. 

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