I Called Into Tony Robbins' Business Mastery Scam

I have been saving video advertisements from JewTube for some time now. Based on my analysis, 99% of these ads are complete scams run by slimy fraudsters. 

Note that each of the scam artists below "just so happens" to be Jewish. 

A mere coincidence? Nope.

Look at the numbers. Jews dominate in the creation of scams and fraudulent activities. 

In fact, whenever you spot a particularly audacious scam you should assume the person(s) involved are Jewish until proven otherwise.  I have found this rule of thumb to be extremely accurate over the years.  

In the future I will be publishing my full collection of JewTube scam ads.  

I find it striking that the criminal parasites running JewTube have no problem allowing users to promote scams, nudity, sexual gratification, illegal prostitution and even pornography.

Even more disturbing is the fact that JewTube is able to get away with allows content that promotes pedophilia. JewTube not only allows such despicable content, it also profits from it.  It's the Jewish media crime syndicate at work again. 

So how do I know this type of content inspires pedophilia?

Because I have been monitoring the comments section of similar videos for years. 

After finally receiving notable complaints and criticism (in part due to my own efforts) a couple of years ago YouTube created a "solution" to address this disturbing content. Instead of banning minors from posting videos and banning adults from posting videos containing minors (or at least filtering out videos that contain "pedocentric" content) YouTube merely disabled commenting from videos that minors post and/or are featured.

But all that did was hide the problem, similar to its recent move to hide the number of dislikes for all videos. 

These kinds of mind control tricks typical come from a particular group of parasites. We all know who they are.  

When it comes to filtering content, JewTube seems to only censor speech and ideas it deems constitute "hate speech."   

As you can imagine, claiming content to be "hate speech" represents a convenient way to selectively censor topics and speech that aren't aligned with the agendas of those who make the rules. 

After all, at the end of the day "hate speech" is a very subjective term at best. It can have a variety of meanings and interpretations depending on the eye of the beholder. In fact, the term "hate speech" isn't really a valid term. Rather, it's been created as another mechanism of control over the masses.  

Remember that JewTube is owned by its parent company, Google (Jewgle) which is involved in countless scams and illegal operations. And it has been allowed to set up and run numerous monopolies thereby stifling competition which reduces jobs and sends more illicit gains to the criminal scum that own and operate the company.

The various illegal activities seen in Google's search engine and android operating system are just a drop in Google's ocean of illegal practices, scams and other criminal operations.  I will get back to Google in the future. 

Today I wanted to focus on one of the advertisements I recently ran across from JewTube.

This ad is from the one and only lifelong con man, life coach, personal development, self-help huckster, self-proclaimed investment guru and cult leader, Tony "fake it till you make it" Robbins.

His real name is Anthony Mahavoric. But like many Jews he changed his name in order to hide his Jewish surname for obvious reasons. That is, having a Jewish surname automatically puts you on the radar for being a scam artist, fraud or cheat. This is the reason why so many Jews have changed their names. 

They want to hide. But all the really need to do is change their behavior and everything will be kosher. 

Robbins claims to be an expert in just about everything, from "personal development" (a scammy term pitched by MLM scam artists and life coaching cons, another scammy designation and one of Robbins' "claims to fame") and "self-help" (only professionally trained and licensed psychologists and psychiatrists are qualified to provide this kind of assistance) to relationships (even though Robbins has already been divorced once with a second divorce in progress) and investments (even though he has no professional experience or training in the investment world).  

Maybe you remember that Robbins came out in 2010 and warned the world that the stock market was in trouble. And he pitched the doom BS in order to lure suckers into his many scams.

Allow me to refresh your memory. 

If you had listened to Robbins' warnings back in 2010, you missed out on the longest bull market in U.S. history. 

As a top investment analyst and the only person who truly predicted the financial crisis and who also nailed the bottom of the collapse in the stock market by advising investors to start buying on March 10, 2009, I'm disgusted that scam artist Tony Robbins has the nerve to be advising people on investments. Remember, this isn't just restricted to his scam events. Robbins has appeared on network TV talking about investments. 

The fact that Robbins added the topic of investments to his long list of publications, products and events in itself constitutes fraud because he is absolutely unqualified to sell products and services or hold events based on this subject matter. And if he does so, I consider it as a scam because he claims to be an expert on topics he blabbers about. Normally, these topics are snake oil nonsense, so there are no real crednetials needed.

But when you add more legitimate subject matter which requires evidence of credibility such as investments to your tally of topics for which you position yourself as an expert, you had better have sufficient evidence that qualifies you as an expert or else you will be committing fraud. 

If you haven't figured it out by now, Tony Robbins is arguably the biggest scam artist in the world today.   

Mallouk charged by the SEC

If all of that weren't enough, Robbins is now claiming to be an expert in business.

That's right. And Robbins has actually instructed his staff to refer to him and his crew of snake oil carnival barkers as "business strategists."  

And he's advertising a virtual business mastery event on JewTube demonstrating how desperate he has become (video below). 

In case you weren't already aware, the entire "mastery" and "masterclass" pitch is a complete scam designed to lure naive, poorly educated, low-income, lazy and desperate people who think their lives will radically change for the better after taking one or more of these BS online "mastery" or "masterclass" courses.  You can see an endless number of these scam artists pitching their masterclasses on JewTube. 

People who fall for the "masterclass" and "mastery" scam pitch are typically the same types of people who have been sucked in by Robert Kiyosaki's ridiculously stupid, useless ghost-written books, his scaminars and other events marketed as "wealth" and "cash flow" seminars. These are also the same people who fell for the Trump University scam. 

At the end of the day, it's all about promotion. Sales and marketing which is strongly linked to media exposure.  The masses have become so stupid that they fall for any con artist who is promoted by the media. 

There's no doubt about it. Everyone who is selling a so-called "masterclass" or some kind of mastery event is a complete fraud. If you don't understand why this is the case, you have much to learn.    

There are essentially no barriers or qualifications for someone to hold a "masterclass." You can hold one on any topic yourself. And no one seems to question the credentials of these scam artists.

So long as someone is selling a "masterclass" or holding a "mastery" event of some kind, brain dead suckers seem to automatically assume the content is legit when in fact it's a scam.   

The term "masterclass" was created a few years ago from the MLM, life coaching, click funnels scam industry as a way for these parasites to suck even more money from naive individuals. Today, just about every scam artist has their own masterclass.

Many of the scam artists holding masterclasses never even graduated from college, nor have they achieved a high level of success or expertise. Yet they market themselves as experts in their field. That's precisely why they are spending most of their time selling stooges their "masterclasses" on how to "get rich" and so on, instead of practicing what they preach.  

Make no mistake. I repeat. Everyone who runs a "masterclass" or "mastery" event is a scam artist.  

Use of the word "mastery" or "masterclass" in itself is scammy because it implies you can take a fluff "online class" and become a master in that field. The entire wording is designed to get suckers to justify paying thousands of dollars for what is invariably fluff content. 

Nevermind that these masterclasses are not accredited by any legitimate industry trade group (beware though because these groups are often bought off for the right price) much less from an academic organization. If you bring this point to their attention, they are certain to claim that what is "taught" in these "masterclasses" cannot be found elsewhere or some other BS.  

The masterclass and mastery scam appeals to the lazy crowd (most are under 35) who actually believe that anyone without a higher education can become an expert in any field using Google search.

They want the quick and easy approach to success, so they convince themselves it's possible. And when they run across some scam artist who preaches what they want to hear, they line up just like the passengers who road on the Titanic.

They want a shortcut to years of hard work and lessons learned. These are the same people who have been convinced by scam artists like Robert Kiyosaki and others to think that obtaining a college education is a waste of time and money. 

But of course, frauds like Kiyosaki and many others (e.g. Patrick Bet David) who preach the nonsense that college is a waste of time and money do so because they want to keep their prey uneducated. That way, they can more easily sell them their overpriced and useless "educational courses," and books, or lure them into MLM scams since they will have few options in life without a college education. 

Make no mistake, even educated professionals have been fooled by these fraudsters. I've seen it myself. 

At the end of the day, no matter your level of formal education, if you have been fooled by frauds like Robbins, Kiyosaki and others who pitch this kind of garbage, you have a weak mind.  

The marketing behind the very scammy masterclass and mastery industry is also consistent with the preachings of another Jewish scam artist by the name of Tim Ferriss.  

I will be exposing Ferriss in the future. Without getting into too many details today, I'll give you a brief synopsis on Ferriss. Similar to life long frauds like Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, Tim Ferriss became wealthy by lying to and scamming people. That's right. Ferriss pulled the old "fake it till ya make it" scam. 

Ferriss' M.O. is to exaggerate and even lie in order to boost his public perception. And he actually thinks it's okay morally and legally. If you lie about something in order to generate profits, it's considered fraud. 

He started off pitching online garbage claiming it would boost your memory among other bogus claims. A few years later, Ferriss wrote a fictional "self-help" book that was filled with false claims and terrible advice. The book essentially encouraged people to lie and cheat in order to market themselves as experts in the field of their choosing. 

An example of one of the many a fairy tales in his scam book (4-Hour Workweek) involved making deceptive claims that his online mental supplements store (website) was bought by a private equity firm without disclosing that it was actually his friend who bought the website. He never disclosed the terms of the deal or the price of the sale. I'm willing to bet that his friend did not run a private equity firm, or else the firm did not buy his store.

Just like all of the other false claims he made in his book, this was made in order to boost his image of being a successful "entrepreneur" which would help validate his BS and lead to more money from book sales as well as future ventures. 

If Robert Kiyosaki comes to mind it's because it would appear that Ferriss copied his approach of creating fairy tales and claiming them as real in order to con their readers.  

In fact, this disgustingly weird and creepy book 4-Hour Workweek was largely responsible for spawning the digital nomad movement, which is based on lies, disinformation and resembles a pyramid scheme. 

Tim Ferriss is largely responsible for encouraging the army of kids and idiots you see online who claim to be experts selling overpriced and useless books and courses like masterclasses and other scams.

Furthermore, a large part of his "success" was the result of buying massive numbers of fake reviews on Amazon in order to pull the conformity scam which led to huge sales numbers. From the fake "success" of this really terrible book, he started a series of other scam books which leveraged more false claims.

If you want to get an accurate idea about the book, read the 1 and 2-star reviews (this is the general approach you should take for all books that have large exposure and hype because these books almost always have massive numbers of fake reviews and reviews from delusional cult members who post shinning reviews without having read the book or post amazing reviews regardless how bad the book really is). More on Ferriss in the future....much more. 

For now, I'd like to point out that Ferriss is Jewish. That's something to think about. 

Advertising on JewTube is a very good indicator that you're seeking out the most naive, confused, least educated, conspiracy-loving suckers. This is typically the crowd that gets most of their information from profiteering scam artists and bozos like Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, David Icke and many other disinformation fraudsters.

Given that Robbins is now heading to JewTube to find suckers for his latest gimmick implies his business isn't doing so good these days. Perhaps Robbins' cult following is in decline ever since he slammed the "Me Too" movement a few years ago to a crowd filled with a large number of females. 

The fact that Robbins' attacked the "Me Too" movement in front of a crowd that certainly included a significant percentage of females is rather interesting given the perception he has carefully crafted over the decades as being someone who has empathy for people.

In case you never realized this before, Tony Robbins is a complete fake and the only think he cares about is focusing on more ways to separate you from as much money as possible.

Perhaps Robbins was attempting to discredit the movement in order to shield himself from accusations of sexual harassment. Hmmmm.

Notably, not long after he slammed the "Me Too" movement publicly, Robbins was accused of sexual harassment by several women. This obviously made things much worse for the completely bogus public image he's spent many years and millions of dollars to create (see here and here). 

Has anyone else noticed that it seems 99% of high profile sexual harassment, molestation and rape allegations have been against Jews?  What can we infer from this observation?   

Part of Robbins' scam (aside from being a complete bullshit artist while charging suckers tens of thousands of dollars for his snake oil events) is based on his public image. Robbins buys off high profile figures to use as endorsements for his "methods" and ridiculously overpriced fluff "events" which are little more than pep rallies based on conformity and mind control tricks which he attaches fancy names to.

You might recall several years ago Robbins often bragged that Bill Clinton endorsed him and his "techniques." That was before the controversy came to light regarding inappropriate (illegal) use of funds from the Clinton Foundation.

I'm willing to bet a large sum of money that Robbins made a significant "donation" to the Clinton Foundation prior to Clinton providing endorsements to Robbins and... 

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