Jewish Fear-Mongering Con Artists Presented by Fake News Scam Portal, YouTube

What do you get when you combine Porter Stansberry, David Morgan and Daniela Cambone, with a cheap car and YouTube? 

You get the typical gold-pumping, fear-mongering fake news disinfo horse shit spewed by a overweight and bloated Jewish con man, interviewed by a she male-looking Jewish faux reporter, published on a Jewish-run criminal organization by an infamous Jewish fraudster.

To me, it looks like a typical Jewish media wedding.

And we all know what that means. Lies, BS, and fake news. 

Note: I do not recommend wasting your time watching the full video unless:

1) You were already planning to waste your time watching trash TV, or

2)  You plan to take a long dump and you're hoping that laughter will help you defecate more rapidly. 

If you really want to laugh your ass off, read the comment section. There you will see praise from the mentally ill/low IQ gold-pumping cult members.   

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