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More Jewish Media Tricks - "New York City rich and poor — the inequality crisis"

Take a look at this "documentary" created by the German public broadcasting company DW. Of course it's run by Jews as you can imagine.

Notice how they lure you in by the title which claims it's about income inequality.

As you watch the film you can clearly see it's really about "racial inequality." 

Much like the Jewish-sponsored gender pay gap myth, the Jewish-sponsored racial inequality narrative is largely a myth. 

Think about it. Why are they only showing low income Black people and high income White people?  Because they want people to think that the reason for the income disparity is strictly due to race. 

Well what about all of the white people who are low income? 

Since when did income inequality morph into racial inequality?

The fact is that Americas' longstanding trend of income inequality is largely due to more than two decades of outsourcing as a result of so-called "free trade agreements," just as I first detailed in2006 (America's Financial Apocalypse). 

More recently and linked to the outsourcing trend, the switch to high-tech has also contributed to the income inequality.  Today we see politicians protecting the interests of big tech by treating workers as contractors as they gut labor unions. America is really in a big mess.  


So now instead of identifying the real villan behind income inequality, the Jewish media and jewish-run corporate America want you to think it's due to racial inequality. Tell that to all of the men and women are now driving for Uber, working at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and other low wage jobs, while collecting welfare after their jobs were sent overseas. 

And who do you suppose is paying for their welfare?

It certainly isn't corporate America. 

That's right. If you're a taxpayer in the USA, you're actually boosting the profits of companies that don't pay a living wage because many employees who work for these companies qualify for welfare.

But don't think that raising the minimum wage across the board will resolve the problem. It will only cause inflation. The real remedy  is to bring back good jobs and job opportunities to America instead of sending them to lower cost nations. 


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