The Hidden Dangers of Lax Immigration Policy and Open Borders

This article was originally written in 2010 as a followup to the material I first wrote about in my banned 2006 book, America's Financial Apocalypse.  This book was not only the ONLY book in the world to have accuractely forecast nearly every major event related to the blow up of the real estate bubble and stock market, but also detailed numerous wide ranging topics that promised to adversely impact the US if not corrected, including the nation's healthcare system, soaring college costs, pension underfundedness, Social Security, illegal immigration, and of course, US trade policy. 

America’s former greatness was created by the hard work of struggling immigrants, who earned their right to become U.S. citizens. They did not ask for nor receive handouts. And they certainly didn't have the audacity to protest against federal immigration law.

They did not cheat the system. Most came to the United States with little money or formal education. Many came without fluency of the English language. But they worked hard to overcome barriers. They fought wars for this nation. They built this nation. They sacrificed many things for the chance that their children could live the American Dream.
But for many years, the route towards U.S. citizenship has been an easy one for illegal aliens, who have been permitted to cross the U.S. border by Washington. As discussed in America’s Financial Apocalypse, this was arranged by Washington as a manner by which to mask the three-decade period of declining living standards. 
Today, illegals organize protests against any mention of the nation's intention to protect its borders. This is a disgrace. These individuals should be round up on the spot and deported. How dare illegal aliens; individuals in direct violation of federal law, protest the established laws of the U.S. 
That friends, is a direct slap in the face of all U.S. citizens of every race and ethnicity. Yet, most U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent line up with their illegal counterparts to take part in these rallies because they see themselves as Mexican first and American second. In my opinion, such a mentality represents a threat to national security.
Washington insists that illegal aliens do the work that Americans refuse to do; of course, because employers have lowered the wages for construction, farming and other industries so low that Americans cannot make ends meet. And they have lowered these wages because they know illegals will take the work. The only beneficiaries of this are contractors and businesses, who become very wealthy in exchange for slave labor.
Meanwhile, the downward pressure on wages has displaced millions of Americans, who have been forced into welfare. Why work for slave wages when you can sit on your ass and collect welfare, right? Can you blame them? 
Washington’s misguided immigration policy is of course related to other destructive policies such as affirmative action, which has severely damaged America’s competitiveness, as discussed in America’s Financial Apocalypse.
How can any nation expect to remain competitive with the rest of the world when it’s handing out jobs and academic scholarships to less qualified individuals based on race?
The laws of the universe dictate that you cannot cheat the system. As it applies to this situation, America will pay a huge price for Washington’s criminal negligence. Already, we are seeing this materialize. Congress has authorized inclusion of illegal aliens into the nation’s fragile social Security system.
This is just the tip of the iceberg I can assure you. The contingent liabilities faced by future generations due to this irresponsible policy by Washington is certain to drag the United States further down on a more permanent basis in exchange for short-term benefits.
As many of you are aware, foreigners have been crossing the Mexican and Canadian border for decades in order to ensure their offspring are granted U.S. citizenship. Many women even cross the border while pregnant. 
This has not been restricted to Mexicans. In Canada, it is well-known that many others cross the border prior to giving birth so that their children will receive U.S. citizenship. Many times, these births occur at the expense of tax payers.
It won’t be long before the voting majority will be largely comprised of American citizens whose parents were in violation of federal laws. These will be the people who determine elections. This will result in the theft of America. 
With an estimated 12 to 18 million illegal aliens in the U.S. (some estimates are higher), you can imagine the potential transformation that is likely to occur over the next few decades if something is not done. Just recently, we saw a prelude to this when the U.S. Census made a push to encourage the participation.  
Hispanic communities across the nation organized their own push to encourage participation so as to ensure they received more economic benefits. In many parts of the country, they even ran televised ads that basically said, “the more of us that are counted in the census, the more money we will get.”  I don’t know about you, but to me, something’s very wrong about that message.  
Understand that the vast majority of illegal aliens and even naturalized Hispanic citizens over the past two decades bring with them a mindset that is damaging to the U.S. Rather than learn English so as to better integrate into society, they choose not to. And corporations have been more than willing to facilitate this by offering bilingual services.
Today, if you happen to visit your local bank, you are likely to see a large majority of Hispanic employees. This is no coincidence. Employers are looking for bilingual workers in order to better communicate with a large population that refuses to learn English. In my own personal experience, I have seen banks where every single employee is Hispanic. You’ll find the same situation with many other entry-level jobs.
The U.S. government is engaged in the same activities, federal all the way down to local. If you visit your local IRS branch for instance, you will notice signs written in Spanish. And in some states, tax payers are paying for teachers to learn Spanish. In other states, school officials are actually going to Mexico to recruit teachers.
What’s the point of school if the kids don’t know English? Should U.S. schools be spending the time and money learning Spanish so they can communicate with children who don’t know English? Why were immigrants of the past willing and able to learn English and not the new generation of immigrants? What’s remarkable about this situation is that the Spanish to English transition is the easiest of all languages.
Perhaps most unfortunate of all is the fact that Hispanics, both legal and illegal, are actually contributing to their own economic demise when they refuse to learn English and make better efforts to assimilate into mainstream U.S. society. Instead of utilizing all of the vast resources this nation provides, they live pay check to pay check.
Assimilated Americans of Hispanic descent understand this because they worked hard to learn English. They worked hard to better themselves through education. They took the traditional route of U.S. immigration.
Finally, there is now a debate brewing in Washington regarding the 14th Amendment, which grants automatic citizenship to anyone born on U.S. soil. Leading the charge to repeal the amendment are several republicans.
What’s truly needed is not only to repeal the 14th Amendment, but to rescind the citizenship of every person born in the United States to parents who were in America illegally.
After all, how can one make a legitimate claim as a U.S. citizen due to a birth right if their parents were in violation of federal law when they were born in the U.S. to begin with?
It’s unfair to those who gained U.S. citizenship according to the laws. When the 14th Amendment was added, Washington was protective of the U.S. border.
Today, Washington turns the other way when illegal aliens enter the country. The recent lawsuit by Washington to fight Arizona’s proposed immigration law should make it clear where Washington stands.
America is being run by corrupt individuals who answer not to the American people, but to corporate interests. A small portion of these corporate interests have facilitated the huge wave of illegals from Mexico and other nations. The motives behind Washington's long-standing border policy should be clear. Allowing illegals into America provides cheap labor for businesses.
What’s needed are jobs for Americans. America needs to restore equal opportunity based on merit rather than quotas.
Given the fact that more than 26 million Americans are without jobs (my own estimates are about 33 million), it seems to me that more than ever, Washington should create a nationwide taskforce with each state to aggressively locate illegals and send them out of the country. 
Jobs in America need to go to Americans, especially during what will be recorded in history books as a depression. 

Below is a brief excerpt from the material discussing the impact of illegal immigration in my 2006 banned book, America's Financial Apocalypse.  This points to one of many examples confirming that I was way ahead of the curve.  Yet, I remain black-balled by all media while they promote con artists, idiots and shills (nearly all of which are Jewish) as experts.  

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