Blast from the Past: Proof that America's Financial Apocalypse is the Single Best Investment Book in History

When people purchase investment books they do so for one reason and one reason only. They want to learn how to make money by investing.

Given that obvious objective, I find it remarkable how so many completely useless books have been written over the years (many which have sold millions of copies due to media promotion) which do nothing more than dramatize the financial crisis, pitch disastrous fear-mongering nonsense or conjure up some other way to create a buzz in order to market the author and his boiler room business. 

When it comes to investment books, it is a fact that America's Financial Apocalypse has empowered investors with specific ways to profit from the financial crisis than any other book written. This is quite simply a fact. 

Moreover, we believe that America's Financial Apocalypse to be the most valuable investment book written before or since. The only other exception might be Mike's other pre-crisis book, Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble or Mike's post-crisis book The Wall Street Investment Bible. 

If you decide to spend your time reading an investment book, it should teach you how to make money or else you should trash it along with the author.

And if you read an investment book thinking it showed you how to make money but you later lost money because the book was completely off base, you need to update people on that reality.  

How many books were written before the financial crisis that provided such a comprehensive assessment of things that they helped investors profit from the real estate collapse, financial crisis, stock market collapse?

Can you honestly name another book that helped investors profit from the real estate collapse, financial crisis, stock market collapse other than America's Financial Apocalypse or Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble?

If you think you can I'd like to see the proof.  

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