Four Questions to Ask When Forecasting the Stock Market

When someone claims the stock market is going to collapse, it may be completely irrelevant depending on a variety of variables. This is an extremely important discussion within the topic of market forecasting because many fear-mongering con artists are constantly trying to scare investors with all kinds of nonsense in order to sell them something whether its their useless "newsletter," equally useless book, gold, silver, or something else.

Some of these shysters even have the nerve to claim that fiat currency is worthless or a bond bubble is imminent, yet they expect you to hand over your retirement funds to them so they can "protect you from the coming collapse." And guess what they do...the old bait-and-switch. Shocking, but true. 

We have previously exposed most of these con artists as well as their horrendous track records. 

In this unrehearsed audio, Mike discusses what you should seek to know from anyone who provides stock market forecasting.

Note this audio was an excerpt taken directly from one of the monthly market forecasting research presentations.

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