Mike Stathis Nails the Stock Market Breakout Months in Advance

For several years we have been showing how the media’s so-called “experts” are at best, nothing more than broken clock contrarian indicators. At worst they are complete con artists.

Mike Stathis has been the first and still only financial professional in the world to have exposed this media scam. Stathis has demonstrated exhaustively how the Jewish-controlled media intentionally airs these clowns in order to command higher prices from advertisers.

By positioning broken clocks and idiots as experts, the audience ends up losing so much money they they eventually run in desperation to the advertisers (most of which are financial firms).

This conclusion has been presented in the endless articles, audios and videos published by Stathis for several years. His work on this topic alone is worth thousands of dollars for every investor because understanding how the media works can save each investor from losing massive sums of money.

Despite having spent thousands of hours researching the kosher media scam and thousands of additional hours creating content to alert the public, Stathis has provided this work at no cost as a public service. That alone should tell you what he's all about.

Keep in mind that despite the tremendous value of this information, it causes Stathis to lose more business than it generates because most people have been brainwashed by the Jewish media-entertainment complex and other components of the establishment to vilify anyone who dares to paint Jews in a negative light, despite the accuracy of the portral. But this does NOT concern Stathis, as his primary objectives are to expose the truth and help investors from being taken.

The kicker is that since the media is completely controlled by the Jewish Mafia, and because Jews have a very long history of working together against gentiles, only Jewish individuals, those who are married to Jews or who represent Jewish firms are permitted in the media.

Jewish media crime bosses understand that publicity translates into big money for those who receive it, regardless how foolish and wrong they are. So they restrict media coverage to Jews and those who are aligned with the interests of the Jewish Mafia. Stathis has also shown this in many publications and videos over the past few years.

How the Jewish Media Steals from Gentiles

We have previously documented the fact that Mike Stathis has been completely banned by all media ever since writing America's Financial Apocalypse. We argue this be the best and most accurate investment-related book ever written. But remember, Stathis is not Jewish.

Despite his world-leading investment forecasting track record, Stathis continues to banned while the same Jewish broken clocks, con artists and idiots are promoted as experts by their tribesmen in the media on a daily basis. This scam continues to mislead and defraud millions of investors who are naive enough to think they can obtain quality insight for "free."

Jewish Media Scam: Promote Jewish Losers and Ban Gentile Experts

Let’s briefly look at a few recent examples illustrating Mike Stathis' spectacular market forecasting track record.

Do you remember when China suddenly devalued the yuan in the summer of 2015, triggering a massive selloff in the global capital markets?

We actually nailed the bottom of this huge selloff and advised our research customers to buy at the bottom

Guess Who Advised To Go to Cash BEFORE the Market Collapse?

Do you remember when China suddenly rattled the global capital markets with yet another rapid devaluation of the yuan? Well, our reseach nailed the bottom and recommended investors to buy.

Our Clients Avoided Being Exposed to the Market Collapse

Do you remember in June of 2016 when everyone was panicking over the “Brexit” vote?

Do you remember when the global capital markets collapsed in response to the results of this vote that took nearly all investors by surprise? 

Even before the votes were made, Mike stated that while the Brexit would certainly cause short-term market downside, it would essentially be a minor event with respect to the US stock market. And over the longer-term it probably would boost the US stock market.



Moreover, in his June 2016 Market Forecasting presentation made in early June, Mike actually provided the buy-in levels for the US stock market, which came very close to nailing the exact bottom of the post-Brexit stock market selloff.

As a result, those who entered the market based on his forecast in June were rewarded with huge gains in just a few weeks.

In addition, during his July Market Forecast (prepared on July 10), Mike came out with a stunning revelation.

He stated that before 2016 had concluded, he believed the Dow Jones and S&P 500 could rise to 19,000 and 2200 (maybe even 2250) respectively.

At that time the Dow and S&P 500 were trading at 18,226 and 2137, respectively.



 If you want to know where Mike thinks the market is headed from here, you can either subscribe to the Market Forecaster or the Intelligent Investor.

In his August Market Forecast presentation, Stathis stated that those who failed to add money into the stock market during or shortly after the post-Brexit rally should NOT chase the market, but should wait for a selloff at around 18,100 or 18,000.

In fact, he specifically discussed that the market stood a good chance of a modest to sizable selloff over the next one to two months. At the time the August Market Forecast was prepared (August 5), the Dow was 18,543.



Next, while the US stock market had been largely flat for several weeks since coming off of its huge post-Brexit rally peak, all of the sudden on Friday September 8, 2016 the global markets sold off hard on interest rate concerns.

In the September Market Forecasting presentation (released on September 11, 2016) Mike Stathis stated that investors should for Monday September 12 as the day to begin adding to positions.





No matter what you want to look at, whether it’s his world-leading US stock market forecasts, or his equally accurate forecasts on emerging markets, individual stocks, currencies, gold, silver, oil, cotton, soybeans, milk, wheat, corn, cotton, or even his accurate forecasts on interest rates, inflation, macroeconomics in the European union, Japan, Brazil, India and China…

...Mike Stathis’ track record is unmatched by anyone in the world.

We are so confident of this that since August 2010 we have offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who can prove otherwise. We have even recently raised this reward to $1,000,000. 

Stathis even predicted the Chinese stock bubble and alerted his subscribers just months before it began, first in a research call to institutional clients, next to other research subscribers and website members in an audio (which can be found in the audio library of this website).

The list of his accurate forecasts is nearly endless and this article can't really do justice to it.

You can get a little better idea of his track record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.

We believe Mike Stathis is one of the world’s top two or three investment minds in the world today. His track record confirms that.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of his amazing research results is that he has managed to achieve his world-leading track record without the benefit of any of the very expensive resources utilized by all major funds, analysts and Wall Street banks; nor has he had the benefit of drawing on a team of colleagues to help him research the many areas he boldly takes on.

We have good reason to believe that there is no one in the world today capable of doing what Mike Stathis does to the degree of quality and accuracy that he delivers. Yet, he remains banned by ALL media, both so-called "mainstream" and "alternative." 

Once again, we want to emphasize this critial point.

Despite the fact that Mike Stathis holds the world's leading investment forecasting track record since 2006, the media continues to ban him. Instead the media continues to air con men, morons and shills as "experts."

The so-called "experts" promoted by the criminal media establishment (both so-called mainstream and alternative) continue to get most things wrong.

It's also quite interesting to note that nearly every single one of these "experts" are Jewish. The others are married to Jews or represent Jewish-run firms.

It might be somewhat acceptible for Jews to monopolize the financial media if they had excellent track records (although if the same situation existed with white gentiles, Jews would be clamouring for more "equal" representation). But when these Jewish media jug heads and con artists continue to get so many things wrong over and over again, the overwhelming dominance of Jews in the media becomes more than a coincidence. 

Once you realize that Jews comprise only 2% of the US population (as well as less than 0.1% of the world population) the fact that the Jewish-controlled media positions Jews as experts should begin to stand out as more than suspicious, especially once you realize these so-called "experts" have been a complete disaster for those who listened to them.


Mike Stathis' market forecasting track record is unmatched.

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Once you understand that the same filthy scum bags who control the "mainstream media" also control the "alternative media," you will be able to realize how the game is played. 

In the past we have specifically explained why each segment of the media has banned Stathis. In short, the Jewish crime bosses who control the "mainstream media" banned Stathis because he dared to reveal stunning revelations about the US economy and financial system, while issuing specific warnings about the imminent collapse in order to help the average investor.

But the Jewish crime bosses did not want the masses to be alerted to realities Mike exposed pertaining to: free trade, globalization, affirmative action, illegal immigration, America's healthcare disaster, Wall Street fraud (and much more) because the Jewish Mafia is behind these things and they want to continue these scams.

Instead, they positioned clowns, shills and con men to steer them into the gutter.

This explains why professional liars like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levine, Alex Jones and countless other filth have promoted con artists, disinfo agents, broken clocks such as Jim Cramer and the countless Jews on CNBC as well as the Jewish shysters promoted by Cramer and CNBC from Cramer's boiler room, Thestreet, and of course the "hyperinflation, buy gold, the dollar and stock market are going to collapse" crowd.

At the same time, the "alternative media" did not want its sheep to understand the full realities regarding precious metals because they make huge sums of money selling ads for precious metals dealers and in many cases even sell previous metals directly (such as Alex Jones who only advertises for Midas Resources which is run by the Jewish scum bag and liar Ted Anderson, who is also the owner of Jones' scam radio network, GCN).

Mike Stathis...

"The media keeps creating all kinds of alluring headlines featuring their experts which amount to little more than broken clock bozos and snake oil salesmen.

The media keeps telling you how 'great' their 'experts' are and always makes a case as to why you need to listen to them.

Of course the media rarely if ever reveals the full and accurate track records of these clowns."


The list of Stathis' accurate forecasts is nearly endless and this article can't really do justice to it.

You can get a little better idea about his track record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.

If you want to know where Mike thinks the market is headed from here, you can either subscribe to the Market Forecaster or the Intelligent Investor.

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