World's Greatest Analyst Nails Another Huge Winner for His Clients - QCOM

UPDATED on May 11, 2019

A couple of years ago we pointed out that subscribers to the Intelligent Investor had been advised to own shares of Nvidia (NVDA) several years ago when it was under $15. 

Mr. Stathis continued to recommend NVDA ever since he first added the stock to the Intelligent Investor recommended list back in 2009. 

Prior to the time when NVDA soared a couple of years ago, very few investors even knew about the company. 

NVDA eventually soared to a high of just under $300 per share before breaking down. 

Incidentally, we advised investors to watch for the breakdown in the research publications. 

Today, we want to highlight another big winner from the Intelligent Investor recommended list, QualComm (QCOM). 

Now for the detailed chart showing you all of the recommendations made by Mike in the securities portion of the Intelligent Investor since September 2018.  You should examine this chart and the recommendations carefully so you can see the power and brilliance of our research.

Note that we release research publications on a set date once per month. This can make Mike's job of providing accurate forward guidance and recommendations extremely difficult. Regardless, as you can see he still managed to pinpoint QCOM price movements, nailing tops and bottoms and making sure subscribers were in the position for at least two months prior to the sudden unexpected pop in share price. 

The list of winning stocks Mr. Stathis has recommended for his research clients is quite large, ranging from predicting several stocks that would eventually file for bankruptcy, to recommending stocks for the long haul like Netflix (NFLX) which he first recommended at $3 per share back in 2008. 

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about his research is that he has a very high accuracy rate when guiding investors into and out of volatile stocks like NFLX, QCOM, NVDA and others. At the end of the day, this multiplies the total returns to an even greater degree.   

Do yourself a favor and spend sufficient time examining his research track record on this site. 

Once you do, you'll understand why he issued a $1 million guarantee backing the claim that he holds the leading investment forecasting track record since 2006. 

Professional fund managers already know that Mr. Stathis is atop in his field which is why they line up for his research.  

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