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Looking for Hookers? YouTube is the World's Best Guide

Are you planning a trip to Bangkok? Okay, great. 

Are you a loser?  If so, you might be looking to pay for sex with a prostitute.

Note that prostitution is illegal in Thailand. In fact, it's illegal in every Asian country I am aware of. 

If you happen to be one of these losers seeking to exploit females your best source is YouTube.

On YouTube you'll find out where the best whore houses are, the prices charged by these "ladies of the night," and what the girls look like.

Note: there are hundreds of channels like the one below on YouTube. YouTube also promotes sexual acts and attracts pedophiles. There are even more channels on YouTube that promote the prostitution lifestyle of filthy scum bags living in Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia. And the channel owners beg for money from subscribers in order to continue their pathetic existence. Many of the viewers send them money in return for fulfillment of their perverse sexual gratification.

Today, the big money is being made by livestreaming beer bars where you can meet hookers. Often the recorded live streams are not published on the channel so the channel owner can hide the content from YouTube. I've seen these types of livestreams bring in as much as $1000 per stream. If that's not an incentive for an immoral scum bag to keep doing it, I don't know what is.  

Make no mistake. Prostitution leads to human sex trafficking. But I suppose it's just fine with the criminals who run YouTube because it brings in advertisement dollars. 

This shit has to be stopped. Below are just a few of the ways you can help clean YouTube up.

First, report the video below to YouTube.  You will see for yourself that YouTube will not remove the video. If the video is reported by several people it has a much better chance of being removed. 

Second, create groups on social media to organize reporting of all videos showing hookers, content that's posted for the purpose of obtaining views from losers seeking sexual gratification, and all content that attracts pedophiles.

Third, contact Fortune 500 firms and let them know their advertisement money is funding this disgusting behavior. Form social media groups to help increase awareness. 

Fourth, boycott all corporations which advertise on YouTube. Form social media groups to help increase awareness. 

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