Blast from the Past - Stathis Foresaw Current Problems in the EU

In March 2009, just as the Dow Jones was hitting bottom, Mike Stathis not only advised to begin buying into the stock market, he also discussed his long-term view of the European Union.


Fair Value Is Here, But Watch Out Below


A couple of months later Stathis reiterates and expands on his views regarding the European Union in the first issue of the Intelligent Investor, published in May 2009.




Next, in 2010, Stathis issued a direct warning that the Europen Central Bank would need to slash interest rates down to 25 to 50 basis points immediately (from 150 basis points at the time). Otherwise, Stathis concluded there would be no way the European Union would be able to avoid deflation.



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After delaying to cut rates down to the levels recommended by Stathis, the problems became worse. This led to the initiation of quantitative easing by the ECB, which was predicted by Stathis.

Unfortunately, the ECB and other EU bureaucrats failed to act in a timely manner. Instead, they have focused on the wrong strategies.



 the following are brief excerpts from a 10-page report detailing Europe's dark future (one of several reports provided to all Members and Clients see here for Membership Resources)








Now, as you attempt to rewind several years into the past, can you recall the man who was being plastered all over TV with ridiculous claims such as:

  • the euro is much better than the US dollar (no one who has any credibility would make this claim; only an idiot or con man would)
  • if you stay in the dollar you are going to be as broke as Bernie Madoff’s clients (this might actually turn out to resemble those in the euro)
  • hyperinflation was coming to the US (the US faces the threat of deflation)
  • China has a more free market economy than the US (China is a communist nation)
  • gold will protect the value of the dollar (gold collapsed and the dollar soared)


This is a man who caused those who listened to his fear-mongering, broken clock snake oil pitches to miss out on the greatest stock market rally seen in decades. He has also caused the majority of people who listened to him to lose their ass in gold, gold stocks, the Valcambi gold scam, and his terribly performing mutual funds, two of which have already shut down due to terrible performance.

He has also continued to make what I would consider to be fraudulent claims that gold is money.

The clan of these charlatans is quite large. They are always at the same conferences promoting each other as a way to make them seem relevant and credible when the opposite is true.

Their fear-mongering nonsense and broken clock rants are pervasive in both mainstream and alternative media. You should know who they are by now.

This should serve once again as a reminder that the media airs con men and idiots, all with lousy track records. And the media does this intentionally in order to position its audience as a more likely customer for its advertisers. This increases the price the media can demand for ad space. 

Indeed, if you listen to the clowns in the media, you are likely to trade more often due to panic and confusion. This benefits online brokerage firms. Others will run in desperation to Merrill Lynch after their portfolios have blown up after they have listened to the various con men and idiots who have been positioned as experts by the criminal media.

If you aren’t patched into Mike Stathis, you’re probably going to get your ass handed to you. Most certainly you aren’t going to know truly what is going on until it’s too late.

In addition to the 300-page landmark research report which will remain relevant for years to come (provided at no charge to all Members and Clients) Mr. Stathis continues to remain ahead of the curve in all matters pertaining to global economics and investment research, as evidenced by his monthly research contained in the Intelligent Investor, the Market Forecaster, Dividend Gems and the Commodities, Currencies and Precious Metals Forecaster.


(one of several reports provided to all Members and Clients see here for Membership Resources)



Mike Stathis stands by his claim that he is not only the leading expert on the global economic collapse, but he also holds the world's leading investment forecasting track record since 2006. And he is the only person in world history to have backed this claim with a cash guarantee. 


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Mike Stathis holds the best investment forecasting track record in the world since 2006.

View Mike Stathis' Track Record here, herehere, here, here, here and here.


The Jewish media crime bosses prefer to simply ignore those who speak the truth and threaten to expose them as the best way to hide the scams from the public.

In contrast, the Jewish media crime bosses continuously promote Jewish con men and clowns who have terrible track records as a way to enrich them all while steering the audience to their sponsors, most of which are Jewish Wall Street and related firms. Figure it out folks. It's not rocket science.









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