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Michael Pento Scares Investors Out of Longest Bull Market in History

Were you scared out of the stock market over the past several years as a result of something you read or heard from one or more fear-mongering clowns?   

You know who many of these fear mongering clowns are. They're the guys who have been preaching doom and gloom for years.

And I'm willing to bet they'll be preaching the same bull shit until the day they die. 

How can I be so sure of this? 

Because doom and gloom is their sales pitch. They're in the (shady and arguably illegal) business of sales based on manipulation of your emotions using lies, exaggerations and many tactics too lengthy to mention here. 

People who paint a never changing narrative are far from credible. And they certainly aren't analysts. They're shifty hucksters seeking to prey off your fear and anxiety; fear and anxiety that they've injected into your mind. 

And once you've accepted this narrative, it's extremely difficult to break away from the web of deceit and mind control.  If you've fallen for the fear mongering narrative or any other theme based on sketchy claims, I have some bad news for you. You're in a cult.  The man made Climate Change narrative is another example of a cult. 

So why do some people pursue this route of creating a business out of fear and doom? 

Because they're dishonest, greedy, disgusting, money-grubbing SOBs. And they worship money so much that they have no regard for those they fleece and the lives they destroy.

These scum bags are the same people who preach unfettered capitalism as the best approach, but only because it means fewer options for legal recourse once they've scammed you. 

So if you've been fooled by their libertarian "get the government out of our lives" rants, you've been fooled again. 

At the end of the day most of these fear mongering hucksters are committing fraud because they're earning an income based on lies. 

Okay I get it. At the time you didn't realize they were clowns and cons looking to deceive and swindle you. Fair enough, but only up until a certain point.

If however by 2013 you were still stuck in this mind control cult of fear mongering charlatans, all I can say is God help you.

Hopefully by now you've been able to wake up. I like to think that my work exposing this huge racket has helped a good number of people wake up. I've sacrificed a huge loss in income as a result of this mission to expose these scam artists. But I've done so because it's something that needs to be exposed since so many people are being conned and steered into the gutter. 

My mission to expose these shysters is very much related to my overall objective to help average people become much better investors. And the process all starts with exposing the media, as well as the fear mongering hucksters.  

Let's get back to the main point. 

The bottom line is that you need to look at reality. The US stock market continues to enjoy its longest bull run in history.

But have you benefited from this historic run?

I know my research clients have because I've kept them in this bull market ever since having called the exact bottom on March 10, 2009. 

As well, I have helped my research clients navigate nearly all of the market selloffs and corrections since 2009, adding even more to their gains. 

Take a look at my track record and see for yourself.  [1][2][3][4]  

I state this not to boast. I only state these verifiable facts in order to give you some perspective as to what's going on so you will realize that the media is gaming you.

Imagine someone with my track record being black-balled by the media, while fear mongering con artists with terrible track records continue to be positioned as "experts" by the media.

Once you realize that this is in fact what's been going on, you'll begin to see things much differently. At that point you will at least know how not to proceed if you want to become a successful investor. 

Perhaps you have stayed out of the stock market as a result of so many of the media's "experts" who have been warning about hyperinflation, a dollar collapse, a stock market collapse year after year, while telling you lies such as gold is money and doing everything they can to get you to buy gold and silver.

I could rattle off a very long list of names of people who have been making these claims year after year. Here I'm going to focus on Michael Pento. 

You know folks, I find it really ironic as well as hilarious that the same clowns and charlatans who claim "fiat currencies" are "worthless" are also willing to exchange their gold and silver for your "worthless fiat currency."

If you feel for this scam I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you've been had. 

Keep in mind that if guys like Michael Pento were not provided with constant media exposure, the masses would have never been exposed to their nonsense. Hence, the masses would have most likely stayed in the stock market, enjoying this great bull market run.  

Instead, most people have been scared of the longest bull market in stocks in US history. 

If you are one of these individuals you have the media to blame. You should this criminal enterprise knows how you feel. 

So let's take listen to what Michael Pento was saying back in 2010, the year the video below was recorded.

As you listen to the video I want you to focus on his fear mongering lines.

And I want you to think about the entire crew of fear mongering clowns (Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Jim Rickards, Harry Dent, etc.) who are promoted by the media as experts on a daily basis and have been for decades.

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